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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: 9mawj


Kerrang! Magazine Deconstruction the front cover

The barcode is in the bottomright corner. It contains the usual things a barcode would, such as: Issue number Date Price URL This would give this individual magazine it’s own identity.

The masthead, Kerrang!, is written in white, which is a contrast to the background that is red. It is placed behind the main images to connote that the people of the main image is more important. Also, it could mean that this rock magazine is so famous that is doesn’t need to prove itself!

There are This is to draw the reader in. In this case it is: ‘Win’ is also a buzz word, to stand out to the magazine’s audience. There are more examples of buzzwords. In the top left corner there is another puff ‘Exclusive makes the reader think they are invited into a secret!

There are 9 more smaller images on this front page. 6 of which are ‘AMAZING POSTERS’ There is an image of Miles Kennedy, lead singer of Alter Bridge next to his puff which anchors down his image. The last image is a disabled stick man putting his ‘horns up’ allowing a broader audience. There’s a caption next to an image of Metallica along with their sub line. METALLICA:THE FILM

Strips! + MALLORY KNOX PEARL JAM BRING ME TO THE HORIZON At the very bottom there’s a strip.This is to inform the reader that there is a more information to give and more articles to read. The contrast of yellow and red make it stand out There is also a plus sign to show there is extra to see! ALTER BRIDGE ON SLASH, CREED AND THE NEW ALBUM! As mentioned before, Miled Kennedy had a photo and puff; this is all in the strip at the very top of the cover! This is to offer more to the reader.


the contents page

The first thing that caught my eye was the cartoon dinosaur skeleton. It also has people, and who I think may be Ben Stiller, around thing dinosaur. The caption below says ‘A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM TO REMEMBER, OH YEAH.’ This is a play on words which can be funny. ‘A night in the museum’, referring to a popular movie, and ‘to remember’ is from a metal band ‘A Day To Remember’. Beneath are 3 columns, which have at least one picture. 2 of which are of article numbers and explanation of the body copy. The last column has 2 blocks of text; and editors note and a note from a band member. There is a banner to separate these.

‘Contents’ is written as if it was written by hand. This makes it seem as if it is a sincere letter or gift to the reader, making this magazine something personal. The numbers of the pages are written in colours that are a contrast to the background they are on. This makes reading this more ascetically pleasing to the reader. It also adds more variety onto the page. The yellow-on-red contrasts stands out, as if they are the more important articles.

the double page spread

On this page there is a clear example of a drop capital. This would also be appropriate as the drop capital is the first letter of the lead singer Miles Kennedy. This would connote that this article is about him and his band, but his story in particular. It is orange which matched the colour scheme of orange, black and red. Miles, as seen taking up the majority on the left page, is holding a more-or-less orange and black striped guitar. This is probably where the colour scheme came from as the colours would fit together.

The title of the story is: The name of this band is ‘Alter Bridge’ making his title a play on the words of their band. Alter Bridge went on hiatus not too long ago, and the term ‘building bridges’ often refers to people coming back together and forgetting the past. So this article would be the points of views of the band members and how they have come back together. A quote used by Miles ‘It feels like I’m coming back to my family’ suits the title and has everything to do with the story.White on black print would stand out, making the reader possibly read the quote first therefore influencing them to read the article. Is the quote is an anchorage to the picture above.

The ‘stand first’ of this article is appropriately place next to the orange and white subheading which is an introductory to the article. Miles is seen separate from the rest of his band, this could connote that he is still getting to the other side of the bridge, getting back to them. The titles of this could act as the bridge as it is slightly curves like a bridge. Here is another example of a drop capital.

Here is a caption of a photo of Miles himself with Slash! There are no picture credits as it would look to busy. Usually in Kerrang! the captions have a humourous mode of address so they wouldn’t be any room for picture credits. The band’s logo is at the very top right hand corner.This is to officialise this article. There is a faint glimpse of a by-line.

By MaddieWilliams :D

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