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Information about കേരളപ്രശ്നോത്തരീയം(Kerala Quiz)

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: SreejeshSarachandrakumar

Source: slideshare.net

Rules • It’s a general quiz based Kerala. But if you find more questions based on movies, that is quite deliberate. • In dry rounds, if you know the answer straightaway, shout ‘I AM THE ANSWER!!’ and show your answer to QM. No other cries are accepted..  The bounce system in conventional quizzes also runs along.

1 • "It had all begun this way: in 1956 my sister got a teaching assignment in the village of X. This was part of a State scheme to send barefoot graduates to man single-teacher schools in backward villages."Since it was hard for a girl to be on her own in a remote village, my parents had rented a little farmhouse and moved in with my sister. Meanwhile I had been sacked from the college where I taught. Jobless and at a loose end, I too joined them in X to drown my sorrows.... Destiny had been readying me for _______.” Who is the speaker? What is he speaking about? Id X too..

X- Thasarak in Palakkad

2 • “ ”

3 He served in British Army for 8 years before Independence. He was a sentinel at Birla House when Gandhiji’s body was on public display. He debuted as a playback singer in Thikkurissi’s (who gave his more popular screen name too) first directional venture Sheriyo Thetto. Before appearing on the screen , he had sung around 60 songs and had dubbed for Satyan and Prem Nazir, before Malayalam movie became ‘professional’ in 1960’s. Identify this actor known for his, sometimes type casted, yet iconic roles.


U A Khader

5 • Following a lawsuit, it was missing for a long time. Finally, it was located in an abandoned room in Xavier’s Lodge near the Secretariat, Trivandrum in 1974. It was kept in a thick box and people were scared to handle it, fearing that it contained dynamite. What am I speaking about?

Print of Marthanda Varma

6 • - ർ -

• ർ -

7 •

Moydeen and Kanchana

8 • Gluta travancorica (Tinnelveli Red wood tree) a near threatened species in IUCN Red List is a tree native to Southern India. The name of a river and hence a Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala has been inspired from the colloquial name of this tree. Id the Wild life sanctuary.

Shenthurney wildlife sanctuary •

9 • Identify the popular South Indian instrument having similar constructional feature to the following. Specify the peculiarity too.. • • • • • • • • Bassoon Sarussophone Oboe Heckelphone Duduk Taepyeongso Dulcian Sopila

Nadaswaram- double reed instrument

10 • ‘Varum varunnu vannu’ is a Malayalam movie released in 2003. Written by Balachandra Menon and directed by Ramdas, this was the comeback movie for actor, Gouthami. • A person, popular in some other field tried his luck in movies by playing the character named Kandamparambil Maani, a rival character of Balachandra Menon in this movie. Id this person who is a ‘house’hold name in Kerala.

• Wait.. More to come!!

11 • Recently, P J Cheriyan(pic in the next slide), a visiting fellow of Oxford University had submitted a project to the State Govt. to convert a region of Kerala into an organic garden of spice and medicinal plants. The project aims at transforming the region into an eco-friendly heritage site. It proposes to prevent use of chemical fertilizers and other chemicals and to avoid deep-rooted trees. It also want the Govt. to promote bicycles in the region to reduce Carbon footprint. Which is the place?

‘Pattanam’ site.. P J Cheriyan is the Director of KCHR As a follow up, id the people in the below pic . Say, half of normal points for id each person. No points for the rightmost person

Shashi Kumar, Tariq Ali, Paul Zachariah and P J Cheriyan

12 • In 1973, a song from the movie Enippadikal was banned by AIR alleging explicit lyrics. G Devarajan composed for the 200 year old lyrics and P Madhuri rendered the song. • The song was reconstructed(not remixed) in 2010 and was repeatedly used in the last known film until date for a popular actor, released in 1999. • Id the song and the lyricist.

• “Prananathan enikku nalkiya...” by Irayimman Thampi.

13. Connect these places to Kerala.. (bigger images to follow)

• Galveston and Barcelona- twin cities of Thiruonthoram!!

14 • Shikarangal was a 1979 movie starring Jayan, Sheela, Sukumari etc. • Yakshaganam is a horror movie released in 1977 starring Madhu, Sheela, Adoor Bhasi and co. • Which Malayali in Guinness Book of World Records had directed the movies??


15 • Poonilamazha is a 1997 Malayalam movie starring Sanjay Mitra(Vaishali fame), Thilakan and Srividya to mention a few. Who composed the songs for this film(Sole Malayalam movie)?? • A nice song in the next slide

Video removed • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKW9NG S19JY


16 • 2001 ർ BJP • 1980-ർ ർ 2009-ർ ർ ർ ർ ർ ർ ർ ർ ർ ർ ർ

17 • “ ” ർ .

Tomin Thachankary IPS

18 • In the movie adaptation of a critically acclaimed Malayalam novel in 1968, Satyan plays the protagonist(image in next slide). This is regarded as the first psycho thriller in Malayalam. • Id the novel on which the movie is based upon and the writer.

Yakshi by Malayattoor (Remember that Akam also based on the same novel)

19 Put funda??

Kuravan mala and Kurathi Mala prior to construction of Idukki Dam

20 • Talkhiyan(Bitterness) is a 2012 Pakistani art drama serial that aired on Express Entertainment. Directed by Khalil Ahmed, it is based on which novel? • The next slides show some stills of Sanam Saeed who plays the pivotal role.

21 • - • (Image on next slide-a screenshot from the serial)

Roopa Ganguly

22 • Coccinia Grandis • X .

(Ivy Gourd)

23. Id the name of the website (The clue is in the LHS) Bigger image to follow


24 • There is a particular scene which features in the movies like Rowdy Rajamma, Hridayam oru kshetram, Kaadu, Hridayathinte nirangal etc even if the scene have no specific purpose as the movie plot is concerned. • The scene shows a boy driving cocks(Ahem! The non flying creature with beak and feathers.. ) away. • What does these scenes imply??

These are Merryland movies. And they spare no chance to troll Udaya Studio. Remember that the logo of Udaya studio features a cock.

25 • In 2008, she was conferred a Doctorate for her thesis on the rehabilitation of rural woman in Karnataka by Bangalore University, thus becoming the only actress in India to achieve such a feat. Id her. • (image)


26 • Which person, associated with the structure in the next slide was featured in a movie starring Prem Nazir in 1966 and a popular TV Serial?

Kadamattathu Kathanar

27 • In African-American culture, X refers to an amulet consisting of a flannel bag containing one or more magical items. It is a "prayer in a bag," or a spell that can be carried with or on the host's body. • X may also refer to a board game and a Marvel Comics supervillain. • What in popular culture of Kerala inspired its name from X?

Music Mojo

• Connect these exhaustive clues to a common theme. • 10 points for id each slide and the points for theme differs in each clue. • Write down the answers to the individual questions. • For every slide, the region/country goes into the clue for theme.

Id the dog species Peculiar to a particular country.(40/-20)

Id the leader in the Western Hemisphere(40/-20)

Id the monument.(30/-15)

Home and away football jersey for which national team?(30/-15)

• Person who said to have inspired many forms of art. Sudheer played him in his new gen avatar last year. Id the person on the right(20/-10)

Official name of a country in their official script. Id the country(20/-10) •ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព

10/-5 • Cricket association of

Flag of?(10/-5)

Mo Yan!!(5) • Id the flag


• Let me show the answers first. The chance for guessing the theme is still open for each team for the same points as in the last slide.

Id the dog species. Peculiar to a particular country.

Komondor/Hungarian guard dog

Id the monument.

Kumsusan Palace of the sun in Pyongyang

Id the leader in the Western Hemisphere

Daniel Ortega • of Nicaragua

Home and away football jersey for which national team?


• Person who said to have inspired many forms of art. Sudheer played him in his new gen avatar last year. Id the person on the right

Vlad Drakule • Who inspired a humbly presented movie in the last year.

Official name of a country in their official script. Id the country •ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព ព

Cambodia- Khmer script

• Cricket association of


Flag of?


Mo Yan!! • Id the flag


THEME tharikida thom!! 

And the theme is.....

Video removed(Sandesham Poland scene) • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU8bUc cTojs

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