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Published on July 8, 2009

Author: kentucky.arby.s.fried



Find out your local Kentucky Fried Chicken Menu... As Seen on TV - Official Secret Restaurant Recipes...

Kentucky Fried Chicken menu <click here> to GO Official Secret Restaurant Recipes AS SEEN ON TV

• CHICKEN: • Original Recipe: KFC's Secret Recipe • Extra Crispy: So crunchy... • Strips: Tender, crispy chicken strips. • Popcorn: Bite-sized KFC flavor. • Pot Pie: A warm home-style favorite. • Wings: Juicy bone-in or boneless wings. • Variety Bucket: Build your own • Boneless Variety Bucket: Something for everyone

• SANDWICHES: • KFC Snacker: Big taste. Small price. • Honey BBQ: Smothered in KFC's famous sauce. • Double Crunch: Extra crispy on the go. • Tender Roast: Slow roasted to juicy perfection. • Crispy Twister: Extra Crispy, all wrapped up. • Oven Roasted Twister: Roasted and wrapped.

• PLATED MEALS: • 1 pc. Breast Meal: White meat favorite. • 2 pc. Breast & Wing Meal: All-white meat variety • 8 Wings Meal: A great flavor • 3 Colonel's Strip Meal: 100% boneless white meat • 2pc. Meal: Choice of Drumsticks or Thighs. • Half Chicken Meal: Four juicy pieces.

• SALADS: • Roasted Caesar Salad: Caesar with oven- roasted chicken. • Crispy Caesar Salad: Crisp lettuce. Crispy chicken. • Caesar Side Salad: A classic Caesar. • House Side Salad: A crisp, green side. • Roasted BLT Salad: BLT and oven- roasted chicken. • Crispy BLT Salad: BLT and crispy chicken

• DESSERTS: • Chocolate Chip Cake: A family-sized chocolate treat. • Apple Pie Minis: An all-American dessert. • Littlebucket Parfaits: Delicious spoonfuls. • For more information, please visit:

Kentucky Fried Chicken menu <click here> to GO Official Secret Restaurant Recipes AS SEEN ON TV

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