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Published on August 8, 2007

Author: Mahugani


The Obesity Conundrum: Is There A Food Solution?:  The Obesity Conundrum: Is There A Food Solution? Eileen Kennedy, D.Sc. Three Key Questions:  Three Key Questions Globally why do we have positive energy balance that is driving overweight and obesity? Why are the biological mechanisms that have guarded against obesity for centuries apparently failing? What is the role of the food and drink in modulating energy balance? IFT Summits:  IFT Summits Summarize what is known from the scientific literature Identify research gaps and how these might be filled Planning Committee:  Planning Committee Claude Bouchard Bill Fry Gilbert Leveille Julie Jones Guy Johnson Ricardo Uauy Eileen Kennedy, Chair The Worldwide Obesity Epidemic – Dr. Claude Bouchard:  The Worldwide Obesity Epidemic – Dr. Claude Bouchard Key Points: Overweight and obesity have increased throughout the world, even in some of the poorest countries of the world 1.1 billion people, including 25 million in the USA A series of behavioral, biological and environmental factors have been associated with obesity Behavioral Factors:  Behavioral Factors Intake of high caloric foods High fat diets High sugar intake Low calcium intake Low protein intake Large amount time in sedentary activity Biological Factors:  Biological Factors Infant birth weight Maternal and post natal nutrition Rise in use of high fructose corn syrup Low resting metabolic rates Low leptin levels Viral infections Genetics Environmental:  Environmental Urban environment – less opportunity for activity- security, TV watching, computers Environmental pollutants – organochlorines Key Conclusion:  Key Conclusion ' Over the past 20 years, the rapid rise in overweight and obesity can not be explained by changes in the genome.' Diet, Nutrition and Prevention of Chronic Disease – Dr. R. Uauy:  Diet, Nutrition and Prevention of Chronic Disease – Dr. R. Uauy Key Observations: Education is protective against obesity Insulin and leptin are 'center stage' in regulating weight As the energy density of foods increases, energy consumption covertly increases WHO/FAO Report 916:  WHO/FAO Report 916 Some of the strategies suggested to prevention and/or retard overweight and obesity: taxes on foods limits on advertising to children outright ban on certain foods -Need interventions targeted to children and their families -Entire spectrum of causes need to be addressed Key Issues Of Disagreement:  Key Issues Of Disagreement Level of evidence needed for policy options Move strategy from general to specific in a country Appetite, Satiety, Energy Balance – Dr. S. Woods:  Appetite, Satiety, Energy Balance – Dr. S. Woods Some evidence suggests that under normal circumstances, meal initiation is based upon learned associations, convenience or social settings Meal stimulating peptide – ghrelin exists and has a role in satiety Evidence for meal cessation strongly indicates that meal size is controlled by preabsorptive GI signals with CCK being one Is There a Food Solution –Dr. A. Drewnowski:  Is There a Food Solution – Dr. A. Drewnowski Eating behavior is driven primarily by economics 40% of energy in US diet is from added sugars and fats * Sugars and fats are cheaper sources of calories than fruits and vegetables Conclusions from the Summit:  Conclusions from the Summit Prevention is critical What is the extent of lifestyle change needed – small, meal-based, larger, longer term Identification of effective interventions for prevention Predictive Biomarkers:  Predictive Biomarkers Reliable, long term behavioral and biological indicators of obesity risk Biomarkers for dietary compliance, energy intake and energy expenditure Behavior Modification:  Behavior Modification Understanding what drives food-related behavior is at the crux of the obesity issue 'Real life' investigations into motivations of lifestyle choices Communication and Education:  Communication and Education How do we use communications to change behaviors What are the 'hot buttons' for learning Harness the marketing expertise of private sector Food Solutions:  Food Solutions Identifying whether successful, sustainable weight control interventions, however modest, can be achieved through food formulation Can specific foods or combination of foods be used to manage energy intake to decrease obesity? Can food mfgs. make small changes in energy density of foods that contribute to weight loss? Integration of Research Efforts:  Integration of Research Efforts Need for a clearinghouse for research outcomes applied to obesity Clearinghouse-interface between regulatory agencies, industry and academia Validated successful interventions Conclusion:  Conclusion ' The big issue is to find ways to incorporate efficacious changes into transparent, sustainable actions within our everyday lives.' Eileen Kennedy, 2004

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