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Information about Kemoim - Social Credit Card Wallet

Published on November 10, 2016

Author: TaejinYiCFACAIAFRM


1. Kemoim( ): Koreantraditional creditunion. WWW.KEMOIM.COM 계모임

2. Convenience Better rates No entry barrier Flexibility Profit On-demand sharing economy in transportation PROFESSIONALS USERS(DRIVERS) (RIDERS)

3. PROFESSIONALS USERS On-demand sharing economy in finance (WEALTHY) (EVERYDAYPEOPLE) Convenience Better rates No entry barrier Flexibility Profit

4. HOWITWORKS WWW.KEMOIM.COM Use crowd funding to facilate payments. We directly link lenders & borrowers. Lenders open credit lines. Borrower pays for goods using the credit lines. Merchants get paid by individual lenders not by faceless banks. FEE direct to lenders

5. Obtaining a financial business license is notoriously expensive & difficult

6. as a result, 7 banks earn 80% of credit card revenue

7. of the total transaction for providing funds in a month advance. (up to 60% per annum and capital) Credit card companies charge merchants 1.5 to 5%

8. WWW.KEMOIM.COM USD154B Banks USD31B PoSProvides USD21B CreditCardNetworks ANOLIGOPOLY CREDITCARDMARKET USD206Bpaymentfeerevenueintheworld 206 billion USD is the size of the global credit card payment fee earnings this year. Only several banks in each nation earn 80% of each nation’s fee revenue, forming a credit oligopoly market. Coinluck is the unique FinTech startup empowering individual lenders to participate in this market. An on-demand credit marketplace.

9. OURJOURNEY 2014- 2015 2016 2016 2016Q2-Q3 Q4 Applied for patent. Tested prototype. Hosted booth at 2015 Websummit in Dublin. Won top 10 in Startup Bootcamp Fintech Singapore, among 350 Startups in Asia. Develop Kemoim iOS mobile application and Django web API server. Hosted booth at 2016 Singapore FinTech Festival. Integrate NH Bank smart finance API. Launch Kemoim iOS application for closed beta Q1

10. MILESTONE Q12017 Q22017 Q32017 Q42017 2018Launch Kemoim Android application and begin open beta test. Raise crowd-funding from individual investors and promote them to build their own credit unions. Launch and stabilize Kemoim instant loan service. Launch Kemoim for businesses linking foundations to SMEs. Launch Kemoim instant payment service. Open international Kemoim service beyond Korea.

11. We are aimed at democratizing banks and credit rating system. Our goal has always been to serve the underserved and to fill the market where there is a need. Thank you

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