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Published on May 5, 2008

Author: KB.S


Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe : Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe By KABIR SHARMA Read This before installing---Service Pack 2 IndexClick and you will reach your slide : 1. AntiVirus 2. AntiSpyware 3. Firewall 4. Internet Cont… 5. Utilities 6. Services 7. Measures --------------------------------------------- 8. Windows Update IndexClick and you will reach your slide 1. AntiVirus : 1. AntiVirus Some computer viruses like Worms, Viruses and Trojans attack the computer. These viruses come from File and Printer Sharing, CDs, Floppies, Internet, Internet Files and Removable Storage Devices. So, we need an antivirus program which is trusted because untrusted antivirus programs may contain viruses. Remember Windows does not detect some antivirus programs. Some antivirus programs which Windows detect are Trend Micro Online Virus Scanner, Kaspersky Antivirus, Platinum Internet Security 2005, PC-cillin Internet Security 2005, BitDefender Professional Edition, ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and Norton Anti Virus. These programs become a very strong wall against threats. If we shut down antivirus program in Windows XP, a bubble appears on which states ‘Your antivirus is turned off, please click the balloon to fix it.’ Keep the antivirus program up to date. If take the above precaution which is written, your computer will be protected from viruses. 2. Anti-Spyware : 2. Anti-Spyware An anti-spyware program is used to detect spywares in the computer. Spywares come from the internet. Web pages, Music, Freeware licensed softwares and Word and PDF files. Spywares also are softwares which cannot be removed and they install useless programs and they also cannot be removed by the computer. Adds like Free Screen Savers, Smiles, Wall Papers and Temperature softwares (like 33c or 43c) . These softwares send your private things to the people who have made this software. These spywares also slow the speed of the computer. If you run these spywares, these will take your personal things of your computer. Anti-spyware is a programs which delete spywares. Eaxmple of spyware – Smily Centre and a eaxmple of anti-spyware is – Windows Defender (Beta 2). Install one anti-spyware program and update it every day. If you follow the above precaution , spywares will not take your personal things. Read this carefully ‘Microsoft has released a beta version of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware. This beta release is built from technology that was acquired from Giant Company Software. You can use Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) to help detect and remove unwanted software, to help prevent its installation, and to help you see what software is running on any computer that is running Windows AntiSpyware (Beta). Together with security technologies in Microsoft Windows XP that help improve the security of browsing, Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) will help protect customers on the Internet.’ 3. Firewall : 3. Firewall Firewall is a control which does allows hackers to hack the computer. Windows Firewall is a built in firewall software. We can install many firewalls to protect our computers. Hackers also hack and save viruses on the computer. They also take personal things like spywares. Many Hackers take programs and talk friendly through chat by messengers. Chat is a thing through we can talk to some people and 60% of people are Hackers. Always keep the firewall ON. Never keep the firewall turned OFF while working on the net. Hackers can hack the computer (like spywares) . 4. Internet : 4. Internet Setting the internet is a tough job but it can easily be done by knowing- Q. What is TCP/IP? Ans. TCP/IP is a set of protocols developed to allow cooperating computers to share resources across the networks. The TCP/IP establishes the standards and rules by which messages are sent through the networks. The most important traditional TCP/IP services are file transfer, remote login, and mail transfer. Q. What is “Client for Microsoft Networks” Ans. Group Policy settings use the remote access API. Group Policy settings have only a single bit available to store the settings for both Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks. These features are a pair from a programmatic point of view. Therefore, you cannot use the remote access API to change settings for only one of these features. Q. What is a router? Slide 7: Ans. A router is a instrument of network which can connect many computers at a time wirelessly or with wires (it is a option). An expert can help you out. Internet – Continued…….. 5. Utilities : 5. Utilities Utilities are those programs which close internet ports (eg. 80). Utilities can also help you in 6. Services : 6. Services 7. Measures : 7. Measures Be aware, Be protected : Be aware, Be protected Happy Computing Thank You Read This before installing---Service Pack 2 My Computer 8. Windows Update : 8. Windows Update Now install and upgrade. This is the best time to update. Take a Backup in a C.D or a storage device. Do not download foolish programs from the Internet. They can have Viruses or Trojans.

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