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Information about Keeping the Cofee Count

Published on September 15, 2014

Author: VirtualCityKe


All RIGHTs reserved COFFEE Keeping the coffee count Mobility Solution plays a key Role Coffee is a critical cash crop, both for Kenya as a country and for the individual farmers who spend their days growing the precious beans. Every bean is important, both because of the amount of work that goes into its production and the fact that farmers deserve compensation for their efforts. In the past, this compensation could easily fall under threat. Mobility Solutions See more Mobility Solution articles See more of our innovations. [VIRTUAL CITY LIMITED] Contact us today 0703091337

All RIGHTs reserved Fortunately, new technologies that come in the way of mobility and automation solutions are making the entire process a far easier and fairer one. Promoting coffee farmer loyalty The process of planting, nurturing and harvesting coffee is difficult enough already. The last thing a farmer needs is to transport an entire crop to the factory and be shorted due to theft or unscrupulous practices by clerks. Regardless of how much detail a farmer puts into his or her record-keeping, a clerk's records can still end up at odds with the farmer's record. This places unnecessary stress on the farmer, who has to either accept an unfair amount of money for his or her inputs, or go elsewhere and risk earning nothing for an entire harvest. While it would seem that using technology that makes the farmer's life easier is far from the factory owner's best interests, the opposite is actually the case. When the farmer's haul is easily quantified and recorded in a way that cannot be altered, this produces a better relationship with the farmer and greater ease of record keeping for the factory owner. When the factory owner's employees can be put to work doing constructive labor instead of attempting to reconcile a large number of disparate records, the overall production process can move along more smoothly. With the old fashioned scales, the measurement of coffee beans would often need to be truncated and rounded off. This led to irritation on the part of the individual being rounded against and difficulty with ultimate factory records. After all, if one pound comes in today and another pound comes in tomorrow, it seems strange that three pounds might be here the day after with no further additions. The nature of rounding is to be imprecise, and this imprecision costs everyone eventually. With the newest technologies now available in the market, the weight of the coffee beans can be accurately recorded. This leads to impeccable records. A less often considered side benefit of having the highly accurate data recording ability that modern technology such as that, which Agrimanagr can provide, are better relations between farmers and factory owners. It is a well-known fact that when people know that their efforts will be fairly rewarded, they work harder and go the "extra mile" to accomplish as much as they can. Now that farmers know that every bean they produce counts and that they will be fairly compensated for all of their work, there is a very good chance they will produce to their maximum ability. As their incomes grow, farmers may even be able to experiment with new techniques that will further increase their production capacity. For more information on how Agrimanagr mobility solution works, contact us today.

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