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Published on March 7, 2014

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ABOUT P.G WODEHOUSE      P. G. WodehouseAKA Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Born: 15-Oct-1881 Birthplace: Guildford, Surrey, England Died: 14-Feb-1975 Location of death: Remsen burg, Long Island, NY Cause of death: Heart Failure Remains: Buried, Remsen burg Cemetery, Remsen burg, NY Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Author Nationality: England Executive summary: Jeeves novels Father: Henry E. Wodehouse (a Hong Kong magistrate) Wife: Ethel Rowley (widow, m. 1914, until his death, d. 1984, one daughter)

ABOUT:-P.G WODEHOUSE  Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, KBE ; 15 October 1881 – 14 February 1975) was an English humorist, whose body of work includes novels, short stories, plays, poems, song lyrics, and numerous pieces of journalism. He enjoyed enormous popular success during a career that lasted more than seventy years and his many writings continue to be widely read. Despite the political and social upheavals that occurred during his life,


KEEPING IT FROM HAROID Mr. and Mrs. Bramble were immensely proud of their son Harold  Harold was ten years old, a prodigy and an exceptional child by all standards. 

 An intellectual, he won prizes in competitions. He was very classy and so superior that even his parents developed a complex. Harold was a model of excellent behavior and he respected his parents a lot. Mr. Bramble was a professional boxer and had been proud of his fame but ever since Harold was born, he had kept this as a secret. Harold was told that his father was a commercial traveler.

 Mr. Bramble who had thrived on his feats in the boxing ring, trembled to see his name in print now. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bramble were secretly a little afraid of their son and did not wish to fall in his esteem. Mr. Bramble was already thirty-one years old and he had decided to have his last boxing match and then retire.

 A week away, Bill Bramble was scheduled to have his last fight, the twenty-round contest with American Murphy at the National Sporting Club, for which he was training at the White Hart down the road.

 Mrs. Bramble sends Harold for a walk but she is surprised to see her husband and her brother, Major Percy Stokes in the doorway. She is shocked to know that Bill has decided not to fight and there is lot of discussion regarding his decision with Percy Stokes. Mrs. Bramble makes it clear that this step was unacceptable to her, even if she did not like her husband's profession. Bill Bramble was supposed to win five hundred pounds, and one hundred and twenty, even if he lost. This money was very much needed to cater to Harold's education. The trainer, Jerry Fisher, enters at this juncture and he is also shocked to discover that Bill has decided to back out at the eleventh hour.

 Jerry begs, pleads, cries and tempts Bill but he is steadfast in his decision because this fight will be covered by all newspapers and Harold will discover this secret. Tempers are running high, and at this critical moment, Harold makes his entry. Mr. Jerry Fisher feels cheated, he wants his revenge. So he spills over the entire story to Harold, despite all opposition. Bill feels let down in front of his son and tells him frankly that he was not a man of wrath but just a professional boxer and he is withdrawing from his last match. Harold who had been watching all, suddenly surprises everyone.

 He is angry with his parents for hiding this secret but the content of his speech takes everyone's breath away. Harold reveals that he was betting > By P.G. Wodehouse

 his pocket money on the defeat of Jimmy Murphy and his friends would have been awfully proud of him, had they known that his father was 'Young Porky'. He even requests for a photograph of his father to impress his friends. This talk encourages Jerry Fischer and Bill also goes to complete his training.

 Harold reverts back to playing games with his mother and continues with his affectionate chat.

QUESTION & ANSWER  What sort of a domestic creature was Mrs. Bramble? Mrs. Bramble was such a domestic creature whose life was meant and spent for her very popular husband and her very genius son Harold. She was often lost in reveries meditating on her family‟s sound future.

 What did Harold dislike of his mother? Harold disliked his mother‟s referring to him in third person, that is, addressing herself „mother‟ rather than I and calling him dearie or precious which sounded rather against his impressions of himself. In fact Harold liked to be considered as a young man of ten years.

 What was a constant source of amazement to Mrs. Bramble? The constant source of amazement for Mrs. Bramble was that her son Harold had no character traits of his father, the nationally acclaimed Young Porky, the boxer. Unlike his father, Harold was a model student for his class.

 Why was Harold’s perfection a trouble for his parents? Harold was perfect in everything, right from his studies to his behavior. Because he was very precise and that an evasive answer could not satisfy his questions, his parents could not simply mix their definition of a boxer. They had to, therefore say that Mr. Bill was a commercial traveler.

 What was to be kept from Harold? Why was it to be kept from Harold? The fact that his father was a boxer was to be kept from Harold. It was so decided by his parents because they feared that the child would be hurt to know that his father was a man of wrath and made a living by injuring people. Harold had already become a model student in his school and a model of goodness and intelligence among his friends and teachers.

QUESTION       How was Bill‟s normal life different from his life in the ring? Who was Young Porky? How did Harold defy the law of heredity? How was it found later that he had not defied the law after all? “He would have to be chucking the game before it chucked him.” What did Bill mean by this? What were Bill‟s plans after retiring from his profession? Why was Mrs. Bramble amazed to see Percy Stokes when he was supposed to be at White Hart? Who else was with him?

         Why did Mr. Bill at first blame Jerry Fischer? How did Percy and Mr. Bill try to escape Mrs. Bill‟s wrath? Why was Mrs. Bramble not glad to see her husband‟s return from boxing? What was the real reason for Bill‟s untimely retiring from boxing? Why did the coach, Jerry Fischer, follow Mr. Bill to his home? What is the villainous role of Major Percy Stokes in the story? How did Harold know what his parents didn‟t want him to know? What does Harold mean by saying, “it is thick! It is jolly rotten?” What is the anti-climax of the story?


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