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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: LuisPrado10



Practice to activate the cognitive intelligence of the player

OFFENSIVE PRINCIPLES: LOSE THE MARK – BACKUPS – FREE SPACES – KEEEPING BALL – CHANGE OF DIRECTION DEFENSIVE PRINCIPLES: INTERCEPTION - ANTICIPATION - PRESSING – TACKLING 10’ DIMENSIONS: We use a half of a field, depending on the players that the exercise is performed we can start with larger dimensions and then you can perform in smaller spaces PLAYERS: (20) 4 teams of 5 players each (including goalkeepers) DESCRIPTION : The exercise consist in keep possession of the ball. There are 4 teams, each with a different color. The teams will partner 10 vs 10. You can start for example, red and blue vs black and yellow. The idea is to be changing teams when the coach wants and ALWAYS with exercise running, never stopping it. That is, the coach may change and say (for example) now red and black vs yellow and blue. What we want here is to activate the cognitive intelligence of the player; is mandatory that he thinks and performs exercises that involve decision making within a context as similar as possible to the competition (small space and making quick decisions) NOTES: - Every 10 passes in a row to give both teams count as one point for each of them. Points of each of the 4 teams will count ant the end. - You can work on numerical superiority favoring pressing and defensive team concepts of inferiority team. NOTES: The timing and series are set by the Physical trainer VARIATIONS: - Modify the dimensions of the field. We can go with a double area as a suggestion but never reducing it beyond a double midfield area because the exercise will be pointless.

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