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Published on September 14, 2012

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A collection of 2012 case studies from Kedge.

Types of Client Engagement Strategy Culture & Change Management Learning & Development Innovation

Client Industry & Sector Key Travel & Tourism Financial Services Size Private Sector Size in # of Employees Early Childhood Learning Size Public Sector Size in # population Media & Entertainment Theme Parks

Assumption and Bias Exploration >10KiSee Workshop One of the world’s largest investment management companies leveraged one of Kedge’s unique workshops to create an immersive learning experience that helped broaden the perspective of their recruitment professionals. The organization sought Kedge’s expertise in order to expand their leadership’s field of vision around the possibilities of the future so that they make better maps and decisions in the present. We helped them become more adaptive, resilient and transformational, adopting the cycle of “learn - unlearn - relearn” as a critical part of their organization’s culture.After participating in our iSee workshop, attendees at their annualrecruitment summit gained the skills to identify and capitalize onemerging trends, weak signals, and changing patterns.Participants also received tangible models and reusable templatesthat allowed them to apply their learnings immediately.

The Future of Unions >100KScenario DevelopmentThe Vice President of Labor Relations, facing an increasingly This is War!challenging union environment, requested a scenarioworkshop for his senior leadership team. Kedge createdand facilitated a half-day session which included an in-depthdiscussion of the macro trends impacting the unionenvironment as well as the unveiling of three unique andpowerful narratives (see visuals) set with the client’sorganization as the backdrop. The workshop was successful in broadening the thinking of the labor relations organization and insights were immediately applied to re-write position descriptions for open leadership roles in the department. The New Workers’ StateMonths later, the material was leveraged once again asbusiness case support for the strategic reorganization ofthe labor relations organization.

Future of the Employee Value Proposition >100KTrend Analysis and ClusteringA Kedge client requested our research support in an effortto evaluate their existing portfolio of employee offerings.They sought to answer the question, “What will futureemployees be looking for?” After conducting extensive environmental scanning, we then created meaningful patterns from the trend information that the client could use to determine if their EVP was future-fit.The result was a complete overhaul of theorganization’s employee value proposition, withthe focus shifting to a more holistic “whole me”concept. To begin the transformation, the firmre-tooled its learning and development strategyand included wellness as a critical element oftheir offerings.

The Future of Talent Management >150KScenario DevelopmentWhen a Fortune 100 entertainment and media giant Interviews from the People Cloudwas launching an effort to integrate talentmanagement strategies across the enterprise, theyturned to Kedge to ensure their solutions were future-fit. We worked with over 50 executives to develop aholistic approach to recruitment, development,retention, and compensation. In addition to a trend analysis and presentation on the Future of Talent and Learning, we facilitated a one-of-a- kind experiential scenario session leveraging three immersive narratives about the future of talent. Leveraging video, social media, and design fiction, the scenarios were successful in transporting the project Reality is Gamified team 15 years into the future. The Great ReframeThe project team’s final strategy solutions andrecommendations were largely driven by the material wepresented. Kedge was asked to return and facilitate asimilar session with the Learning & Development leadsin which we developed the first ever enterprise-wide L&Dstrategy for the organization.

Prototyping the Future >100K Design FictionWhen NASA and Intel recently hired science fiction writers to help them narrate possible futures fortheir products and services, the world-renowned creative division of this global media andentertainment company was considering the same approach. Once they heard about Kedge’s DesignFiction workshop, however, they realized their own teams could do a much better job narrating ANDprototyping their organization’s future.Design fiction is an approach to strategic foresight that speculates about new ideas through storytellingand prototyping. It allows practitioners the benefit of experiencing scenario building from an immersiveperspective, creating artifacts from the future that demonstrate the impacts and outcomes of such atrajectory in a tangible fashion. The process of creating and experiencing possible futures in a way thatemploys all the senses can dramatically improve the benefits of a strategic foresight exercise.

Developing a Future-Fit Organization <10KForesight EcosystemFacing aggressive growth targets coupled with a need to significantly increase their workforce, aninternational division of a media and entertainment organization partnered with Kedge to establish aforesight competency across their global regions. Through the creation of a global futures team andthe roll-out of an extensive training program, Kedge was able to equip this organization with the toolsto create the culture change necessary for lasting change.The global futures team is The combined impact of focusedthe core of the ecosystem resources, executive support, andand is responsible for the a powerful toolkit results in a trulylong-term development of transformative effect, redefining The Toolscreative ideas, technological legacy processes and challengingroadmapping, innovation, and conventional thinking to create astrategic design. more resilient organization. The TransformationThe Team Kedge has created a toolkit that includes uniform strategic foresight methods as well as our unique results-focused approaches. These methods offer both a systematic and creative way for a team to develop a futures thinking culture across the organization and produce an action-oriented platform

<10KC-Suite Futures RetreatTrend Analysis and Clustering Kedge led the senior leadership team responsible for the number one foreign language series for children through their first ever C-Suite Futures Retreat. Some on the Board were skeptical, after all they already had what they thought was a sound 5-year strategy – “go digital” – and they were fearful we would tell them they were wrong. While we couldn’t promise that our trend analysis would support their existing strategies, we knew that by leveraging their subject matter expertise and combining it with our research of the external market (societal, economic, technological, environmental and political) we could ensure their 5 year plan would be more robust and resilient regardless of what the future held. During the Kedge C-Suite Futures Retreat, the leadership team brainstormed a whole new strategic acquisition that was made a reality within months of our session. All agreed that the idea would not have developed where it not for the session content and approach.

Harnessing Complexity for Creativity >100KWicked OpportunitiesWicked Opportunities are the unique and unseen possibilities that are created by thenew, developing, and complex situations presented through wicked problems. Thistrademarked Kedge offering recently helped leaders in the creative division of a largemultinational company to embrace the increasing complexity as a birthplace from whichto create new ideas, new products and services, and new solutions to global businesschallenges. Teams from across multiple disciplines showcased the power of meshingthose different areas of expertise to create the “sweet spot” that’s only possible fromtransdisicplinary collaboration. The Sweet Spot Wicked Intentions Wicked ConnectionsWicked Designs

Strengthening Benchmarking >100KEnvironmental Scanning System With the proliferation of social media, the expansion of the blogosphere, and just the general availability of data, there is little reason for large companies to subscribe to research services. In fact, one of the key components of an in-house corporate foresight team is the creation of an environmental scanning system. Kedge helped a client build such a system in two, half-day sessions which covered everything from assumption and bias modeling to the launching of an on-line repository for their research. With our guidance, the client went from a haphazard benchmarking of competitive intelligence (data about what their competitors are doing now) to a sophisticated system for collecting and interpreting futures intelligence (powerful insight into what their competitors will be doing next). In addition, we trained their teams in pattern and sense-making, the critical skill that takes trends from useless headlines to meaningful opportunities.

>30KDeveloping Generative CitiesDesign Futures When a dying city with a non-diversified economy was losing its workforce to two surrounding metropolitan areas, they sought to reframe and energize their community. Their desire was to draw creative individuals and businesses to the city, and transform their stagnant educational system and local government. Recognizing that the success of such a deep-seeded change process meant shifting the culture of the community and local leadership, they called on Kedge to create new foundational stories of change, adaptation, and resilience that would lead to the creation of new ideas, business models, and community planning efforts to market the city as a center for creative economic development. Kedge worked alongside the city leaders to not only create these experiential scenarios, but to also use them as action-oriented roadmaps for new products and services that could revitalize the city. Community members were involved in the process as well, developing a new career program for the local high school, a community-wide learning- magazine for entrepreneurs, and several new businesses unique to the region that also served as new opportunity incubators.

Future of Travel & Tourism >150KTrend Analysis and ClusteringOne of the world’s largest resort and lodging companies wanted to explore the trends and emergingissues around travel and tourism, leveraging this information in order to find new opportunities anddevelop unique properties and services to accommodate the changing needs of guests in the 21stCentury. To help them move beyond the obvious trends that were already being exploited by their competitors, Kedge utilized its expertise in “futures intelligence,” using horizon scanning to identify weak signals and early-stage ideas that indicated areas that had yet to be recognized or leveraged by their competition. We then created a “Cluster Map” that highlighted the larger patterns being formed by these converging trends, helping them to see the new products, experiences, and services that consumers and guests would be looking for in areas such as adventure travel, fitness, stress-free design, enhanced technology, and purpose-driven experiences.The company then used this research in order to implement new guest-facing strategies, as well asthe development of new lodging designs and experiences over the next decade.

About Kedge, LLCKedge is a minority-owned foresight, innovation, creativity, and strategic design consultancy. We help our clients tothrive in a world of complex ideas and practices, uncover emerging trends on the horizon that will impact theirbusiness, and discover unseen opportunities for strategic advantage and development.Yvette Montero Salvatico, Partner/PrincipalHolding a bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA from the University of Florida, Yvette has over 15 years ofcorporate experience with large, multi-national firms such as Kimberly-Clark and The Walt Disney Company. Beforebecoming a partner at Kedge, she lead the effort to establish Future Workforce Insights at the Walt Disney Company,identifying future workforce trends and leveraging foresight models and techniques to assess potential threats andimpacts, emerging ideas, and exciting opportunities for the organization. Yvette is an experienced speaker,addressing large audiences on topics such as business policy, diversity, and foresight.Frank Spencer, Partner/PrincipalPrior to founding Kedge, Frank worked for 15 years as a leadership coach and developer with entrepreneurs, socialcommunities, networking initiatives and SMEs, helping them to advance human development, local and globalinnovation, and open-source collaboration. He holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Foresight from Regent University,and is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the World Futures Studies Federation. With astrong background in both business and academic foresight, Frank taught a course on futures and foresight fordeveloping solutions to wicked problems at the Duke TIP Institutes; is on the organizing team that is developing anMSc in Foresight and Innovation at ISTIA/The University of Angers in France; and has worked on strategic foresightprojects for companies such as Kraft, Mars, Marriott, and The Walt Disney Company. Yvette Montero Salvatico Frank W. Spencer, IV Principal, Kedge, LLC Principal, Kedge, LLC 2905 Boat Dock Road 12 Drake Drive Kissimmee, Florida 34746 Savannah, Georgia 31406 407-973-1172 912-660-6726 e-mail: e-mail:

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