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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: KindleMoneyMakingReviews

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KD Submitter Pro Upgrade

KD Submit t er Pro allows you to submit your "teaser" book samples to doz ens of popular eBook directories for free, at the push of a button. These "teaser" books are just the first few pages of your original book, and they send traffic to your main Kindle listing like clockwork. Bottom line? You can now build massive momentum, get more positive reviews, and get more sales than ever before.

Think about it...

Think about it... If each book you had on Kindle was pulling in traffic from doz ens of the biggest trafficked book sites in the world, would you make more or less money? With doz ens of high profile book sites linking back to your listings, you get more SEO juice to your Kindle listings, and more traffic, period. Whether people find you through Google, or directly after reading your "teaser" reports and books, the results are always the same... ... you get more eyeballs, and more eyeballs means more sales of your Kindle book. You already grabbed KD Publishing Pro because you wanted more exposure and more success with Kindle, right? So why not grab KD Submitter Pro and take your exposure – and income – to the next level, straight out the gate? If that sounds like a plan to you, then let's talk about your investment... Well, here's the way we see it... If you could get doz ens of backlinks, hundreds of extra visitors, and just a few extra Kindle sales per day, would it be worth the investment? We mean, consider what others have to pay for such results... Others have to buy backlinks, work on SEO, pay for ads... and that's assuming you have the time, money or skills. So, you'll be pleased to know that you don't have to waste time and money like others do. Kindle Submit t er Pro is just $77 $27 PRICE. Just one small investment for hands free traffic, higher Kindle rankings, more exposure, and more sales every single day. If that means an extra $10 per day, isn't it worth it? In less than 10 days, you'll have made your money back, and making a clear profit in return. Sure beats betting on horses, right? But you're probably wondering... Good question, and there's actually 3 reasons... 1. We're looking f or act ive case st udies – We already know how powerful this software is for getting traffic and boosting your daily Kindle sales, now We would like to see you do the same. So the lower the price,

the more case studies we get (at which point, the price will probably double.) 2. This 'aint a hit and run – What's really important to us, is building a solid relationship with you over time, being able to help each other for years to come. We are not interested in the usual smash and grab approaches that other marketers use. 3. It 's about being f air - We realiz e you just invested in the KD Publisher Pro software product, and we wanted to be very fair to as being a loyal buying customer. So we decided to lower the price down from $77 to only $27 for this limited upgrade offer. Right now, you've got a serious advantage over everybody else, thanks to your original purchase of KD Publishing Pro. But even the best titles don't always get as much exposure, free traffic and sales as they deserve.

That's the real difference between a few hundred bucks per title, and a six figure income Kindle publishing empire. Just think... In a f ew days, this could be you: It's a brand new morning. You've just launched a new Kindle book using KD Publishing Pro. You've got the rest of the week to mess around with other stuff. However, you decide that you want to start seeing some traffic and sales before the end of the week, because you've got bills to pay and toys to buy. So you crank up KD Submitter Pro, and click the checkboxes. You upload your teaser report that links back to your main book on Kindle. You hit submit, and KD Submit t er Pro goes into a t raf f ic get t ing f renz y. You sit and watch in glee, as your free report starts flying out across some of the biggest eBook download websites in the world. Hands f ree, you watch as the backlinks st art building up to your official Kindle listing. Within the second day, you notice your first traffic spike... looks like people are starting to read your report, and make their way over to your Kindle listing to get their hands on your premium title. Ka- ching. The first sale comes rolling in overnight. You wake up, check your stats, and there it is. The evil plan is working. Ka- ching. Another sale that evening. Then two more the next day. So f ar, you've paid $0 f or advert ising. You've written 0 articles. You haven't even blogged or forum posted about your Kindle book. You almost feel guilty, as you realiz e how hard other Kindle publishers are working just to get noticed. But now, you're out of the hustle. Life is starting to look pretty darn good for you. The positive reviews are starting to pour in. Now your Kindle book is starting to take a life of its own. People are recommending it to their friends. Their friends are talking about it on Facebook. Boom. Another sales spike. It's only been 2 weeks.

You've already made twice your money back, and counting. And you've got another 2 Kindle books lined up, ready to build on your daily income. Heck, you start to consider hiring people to write your books for you, now that you're rolling in cash. T he rest of the story depends on you... ... will you be this person? Will you give yourself the chance to live this story out for real? Or will you hide away, and rejoin the hustle, alongside thousands of other underpaid Kindle authors who tell you "it will never work, there's no money in it." The choice is yours. This special introductory reduced offer will end soon!

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