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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: budikawi

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Tahapan perencanaan terminal agribisnis Sumber: Wholesale markets, Planning and design manual by J. D. Tracey-White FAO 1991 (diolah) Kawi Boedisetio Telebiro.bandung0@clubmember.org Wieke Irawati Kodri fe_bandung@yahoo.com

Pengantar • Dokumen ini berisi diagram proses untuk melakukan perancangan dan perencanaan pembangunan Pasar Sayur atau “Sub-Terminal Agribisnis”

Untuk memudahkan pembacaan, 9 slide berikut perlu di-print dan hasilnya disambung-sambung, sesuai dengan “connector” yang ada. A1 B1 A2 B2 A3 B3 A4 B4

Figure 4 – A Design Methodology STAGE I ACTIVITIES Management and Operations Location and Planning Construction and Implementation STAGE II STAGE III STAGE IV Project Identification and pre-feasibility Detailed Design Development Project formulation and feasibility Project Implementation National Policy & Goals, Institutional Structure Context, review of Facilities & Site Selection Operation Plan & Management Procedures Plan options & Land Use Traffic Master Plan Building options, Structure, Materials & Costs Staffing, Training, and Initiate Operations Plan Evaluation & Financial Analysis FUNCTIONS Administrators and Policy Maker Planners and Economists Tender Documents, Construction & Procurement Engineers And Architects

A1 Data Collection Surveys National Agricultural Policy Existing Marketing Studies Existing Market Records Agricultural Production Data National Consumption Data Data Analysis Preliminary Physical Survey of Market Tabulate Existing Market Facilities Reconnaissance Survey of Market Operations Define Market Functionaries Identify Existing Shortcomings Appraisal of Market Facilities Analysis of Existing Marketing System Define Marketing Channels Tabulate Catchment Production Demographic Data Tabulate Population Data Legislation & Ordinance Extract Relevant Laws Synthesis Definition of Project Goals Tabulate Relevant Development Policies Regional Planning Studies Existing Sector Programme Data Processing Estimate Market Turnover Estimate Design Population Review Suitability of Site Size & Location Definition of Project Risks Project Future Needs Identify Project Beneficiaries Identify Management Options

A2 Data Collection Stage 1 Context data & Studies: • Existing Marketing Studies • Existing Market records • Agricultural Production • National Consumption • Demography • Management Proposals Detailed Survey of Market Operations Data Analysis Define End-of Project Status Review Design Population Stage 1 definition of Project Goals Data Processing Review Development Policies Surveys Quantify Project Beneficiaries Review Market Functionaries Review Marketing Channels Detailed Field Suirvey of Traders & Turnover Review Catchment Production Manual/Computer Spreadsheet Stage 2 Final Master Plan Stage 2 Civil Works Budget Appraisal of Operations & Management Options Analysis of Existing Marketing System Project Market Turnover Synthesis Define Project’s Immediate Objectives & Outputs Define Project’s Inputs Formulate Market Procedures & Agree Staffing Establishment Estimate Utilization of Market Facilities Phasing of Design Options Agree Equipment Needs

A3 Data Collection Surveys Data Processing Check Stage 1 Findings on Existing Shortcomings, Project Risks, Issues & Beneficiaries Stage 1 Review Proposals/Issues Local Planning Studies Maps and Aerial Photographs Climatic / Hydrogeology Studies Existing Geotechnical Studies Survey of Traders & Turnover Engineering Survey of Markets: • Historic • Topographic • Geodetic • Site Features • Services • Soils Survey of Traffic Modes & Volumes Manual / Computer Spreadsheets Tabulate existing market facilities Base Map Preparation Official Rates & Cost data Stage 1 Draft Project Budget Construction Materials Availability Further analysis of existing market facilities Tabulate suitable materials Collate cost Data Local Construction Cost Review Revise estimate of Demand & Trade Volumes Constraints & Opportunities Mapping Planning / Building Regulations Construction Materials Studies Data Analysis Synthesis Revision of Project Goals Refine Stage 1 Estimate of Phisical needs Define Accomodation Brief Review Site Planning Options Review Building Design Options: • Modules • Facilities • Overall Form • Climatic Design Prepare Unit Rates Review Stage 1 Draft Budget

A4 Data Collection List of Monitoring & Evaluation Indicators Stage 3 Management Structure & Institutions Report Surveys Studies/Survey: • Training • MIS System • Regulations • Facilities Technical Assistance Needs Data Processing Stage 2 Phasing Programme Stage 2 Final Master Plan & Development Brief Stage 2 Building Design Drawings Agreed M & E Programme Review training proposals Agreed Scope of Training Programme Review issues to be resolved Finalize Staffing Establishment Review Work Plan & Phasing Programme Stage 3 Project Work Plan Detailed Stage 3 & Stage 2 Civil Works Budgets Synthesis Review M & E Requirements Establishment of Market management Board & Appointment of Core Management & Operations Staff Data Analysis Detailed Engineering Surveys: • Geotechnic • Geodetic • Materials Selection and Appointment of Design & Supervision Consultants Survey SubContractors reports Review budget allocations Review Design Changes Agreed Phasing of Development Confirm Availability of Finance Agreed Design Drawing Programme

B1 RecommendatIons Outline Consultation Procedure Client Policy Making Body & Donors Budget Request Form Final Output User Project Identification & PreFeasibility report Detailed Output Form Finance Ministry & Donors Land Purchase Form Lands / Survey Ministry Terms of reference for Initial Surveys: •Engineering •Social •Marketing Public Works Dept. / Engineering Consultans Preliminary Estimate of Phisical requirements Define Issues to be resolved Adjustment of Development Programme, Budget Estimate & Preliminary Financial Analysis Draft Budget Requirements Land Acquisition Requirements Further Survey Requirements Marketing Dept. or Authority Institutional Proposals Draft management Structure & Institutions Report Law Ministry / Client Body

B2 Figure 6 Stage II - detailed design development RecommendatIons Output Output Form User Outline Detailed Final Consultation & Agree Parameters to be used in Analysis Review of Design Options & Project Risks Estimate recurrent Costs: •Salaries •Qverheads •Depreciation •Repairs & Maintenance Estimate Annual Revenues: •Levies •Rents •Parking Fees Estimate Capital Costs: •Land Purchase •Surveys •Civil Works •Equipment Justification of Project Benefits & Risks Overall Project Design, Financial & Economic Analysis, including Sensitivity testing Final Institutional Strategy Further Issues to be Resolved Agreed Coordination Arrangements Further Survey Requirements Technical Assistance Requirements Prepare Cash Flows for Basic Options Final Budget Requirements Project Feasibility Report Final Management Structure & Institutions Report Client Policy Making Body & Donors Law Ministry Project Work Plan / Bar Chart List of Monitoring & Evaluation Indicators Terms of reference for further Studies / Surveys: •Training •MIS System •Market Regulations •Facilities •EIA Detailed Budget Form Marketing Dept. or Authority Management / Engineering Consultant Finance Ministry & Donors

B3 RecommendatIons Outline Detailed Final Consultation Procedure: staffing, costs, demand, phasing & Facilities Adjustments from Consultation & Stage 3 Feasibility Study Output Form Further Issues to be Resolved Draft Master Plan Sketch Design of Buildings & Facilities Detailed Site Planning and Engineering Studies: •Earthworks •Reclamation •Conservation •Land Drainage •Roads/Parking •Site Services •Urban Design •Landscaping Detailed Building Design: •Circulation •Space Needs •Services •Expansion •Evaluation of Structure & Materials Client Policy Making Body & Donors Final Land Use & Traffic Master Plan Phasing Programme Defined Off Site Infrastructure Requirements Further Survey Requirements Project Master Plan report & Detailed Development Brief Terms of reference for Detailed Surveys: •Geotechnic •Geodetic •Materials Final Building Designs Outline Specification Notes & Final Cost Estimate Output User Building Design Drawings Final Civil Works Budget Marketing Dept. or Authority Local Planning Authority Public Works Dept. / Engineering Consultants Survey Subcontractors Lands/Survey Ministry Construction Consultants Finance Ministry & Donors

B4 RecommendatIons Outline Preparation of Overall Training programme Define Training Recipients Define Salary Scales Define Context: •Cost Plan •Materials Supply •Contract Types •Phasing Targets •Pre-qualification Detailed Prepare Training Material & Pilot Test Training Programme Initiate Staff Recruitment Trader/Public Participation Design Accounting System Agreed Financial Management System Preparation of Working Drawings, Specifications & Bills of Quantities for Civil Works Tendering Procedure: •Analysis •Award Review Equipment Needs Final Equipment List/Specification Final Finalize M & E System Staff Training Initiated Agreed Rents, Tolls, Levies & Parking Fees Selection of Applicants/ Stallholders Finalize Market Procedures Selection of Contractors & Contract Start Output Form Output User M & E Guidelines Client Policy Making Body & Donors Trained Staff Schedule of Tolls & Levies Register of Traders/Leases Management Manual: •Procedures •Training •Accounts Finalize Working Details Contract Documents: •Drawings/Spec. •Signed Contract •Materials Testing Programme Equipment Procurement Procurement Scedules Training Body TA Consultants Private Sector Investors/Traders Marketing Authority/Board Management Consultants Finance Ministry & Donors Appointed Contractors Design & Supervision Consultants Materials/Equipment Suppliers

Mulai dibuat Fonts tambahan Jumlah halaman 07/09/2002 Comic Sans MS 32

Kawi Boedisetio +62 817 219 755 telebiro.bandung0@clubmember.org kawi.4shared.com

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