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Published on September 8, 2013

Author: ThomasMadden96

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Katy Perry analysis

Cross Media Case Study

 Katy Perry started her music career by singing at a church and then getting signed to her first record label Red hill and recording her first album. At the age of 17, she went to Los Angles, moving out her house to work with Glen Ballard making an album for Island Records. Some of the tracks that she produced here were put out to her fans via MySpace.  Kelly Clarkson ended up using some of those songs that were posted on MySpace including “Long Shot”.  In 2004, Perry had a break out as an artist. She got signed to Columbia records. However, this did not work out as planned and her vision for the way she wanted to be seen as an artist was side-lined and she was not in the driving seat of her image.  Perry, still though received attention by magazines and was dubbed the next best star by Blender Magazine, making her career seem quite promising. Her collaboration with Columbia records started to break down and she was dropped from the label. In 2004, she worked on many projects including, Mick Jiggers song in 2005 “Old Habits Die Hard” which won a Grammy for being original. Though when Katy Perry’s music career ended with Columbia records they recommended that she should work with Virgin records in which she later did. Her debut album was a huge success; “One of the boys”. She then worked on singles such as “Ur so gay”, “ Hot n’ cold” which gave her the media attention that she so needed as a staring maistream artist. It saw her mentioned by stars such as Madonna whilst on a radio interview in America.

 By 2008 she had sucessfully got a number 8 album as well as three singles that reached with the top 3 positions on the music billboard around the world.  Her mainstream success continued as she carried on making albums and singles consistently and she then decided to make her image more mass appealing and she did this by starting to go on TV shows such as MTV Unplugged showing her put side of her music image.  Her career expanded throughout the last few years and this where she stared to go into TV production such as the Smurfs and made a film that document her musical career which related to one of her singles and helped an increase in sales of that song also.  This led to her current album prism which featured many new imitative that would hopefully create a great sense of buzz for her album and this was hinted through Pepsi and MTV teaming up to promote a trend that would be able to occur on twitter and give fans the oppituinty to acess 2 small snippets of songs featured on Prism that would come out before the album is actually released.  Something no other star has done; making Katy Perry seem very tech friendly.

The image of Katy Perry is clear and she is seen as very stylish female; a role model for girls in the music industry.The consisted pink colouring scheme that is around the whole of the website gives the impression that her website is predominately aimed at a female market. The social networking symbols makes her as an artist seem very socially active and easy to follow, giving people the opportunity to see what she is getting up to. The countdown of the album cover shows that potential fans can keep updated on how long until the album. It also creates a sense of buzz for its release date. The new video of the new album gives fans the opportunity to then watch the video, it makes the more likely to but and it then be hooked on that new song. It also shows her in an outfit consistent to the pattern of the framing around a photo which also relates to the “Roar” single. The funky shapes that are evident on the page are very geometrical and have a symmetrical feel about them. Making the new album seem from the future and supernatural. This is hinted through the use of metallic colours.

 The website is cohesive and consistent throughput and follows the concepts that each age follows making it very easy to track and as well as keeping the brand image consistent. The geographical shaping's of the typography are very fitting to the overall feel of the artist, and this is because Perry’s new album which is coming out soon is “prism” a 3D shape. Perry is presented in quite a mainstream way as her audience is mass appealing meaning that as an artist she reaches more fans. Her website does though suggest females are her predominate fan base, this is through the light purple all around the website. This social networking hyperlinks that are situated al around the website, make Perry seem very active as an artists, and this gives a good impression to her fan base; as they will see she is easy to follow and contact.

 The album comes across really well just as the website does and this is because it is clean and has straight lines. The retro feel us created through the geometrical shapes that are surrounding the whole of the album cover. The clear white background is nice and means that the image of Katy Perry is enhanced and that it is more easy to view. Katy Perry is dressed modestly making her more relatable as an artist. This is because she is wearing a Yellow jumper, one which is available as a high street brand. The “Roar album, cover is brilliant for the campaign as it works so well with the campaign as a whole and helps the brand image increase. The fact that there is a leopard print frame around the image would immediately position the audience in a spot of interest asking why the album is revolving around a tiger. The mystical typography that has two hands merging over the “O” gives an insight to the audience that something good comes of a meeting; this being her and the animals.

 Katy Perry used many different techniques to try and create “buzz” for her new up and coming album. Because of the growing interest that Katy Perry did receive she had to start to rethink the release date of the album. It was planned to be released late September, entering October. Instead her single was released 30 August entering the charts at number one.  The marketing campaign/ schemes and initiative that Perry used worked well to start a large interest in her new and up and coming project. All of the initiatives were very tech friendly and this meant that across all of Perry’s campaign it applied new tech friendly initiatives. Some initiatives included a large lorry truck with the release date of at Perry’s new single. The colour scheme of the van was consistent with the font that has been applied throughout her brand image. So, would therefore assist her brand image.  In a sub-conscious way through updating her fans she actually told her twitter followers what was the new project which projected the message to millions of people what her new project is.

 Perry, also used another platform to try and promote the new and up and coming single “Roar” and this was addressed on YouTube. Perry made a lyrical video that helped to create a sense of buzz and attraction to her latest single. In which it did seeing as the video itself had over 37 million hits. Yet it although, it was nothing really like her music video for Roar it was clear that the video mainly gave her fans the opportunity to listen to the track. It did through address the current trend of emoji’s icons that are seen across social networking sites making, Perry once an=gain seen as dynamic to notice a trend and address it.  The fact that the video does not physically show Perry was a clever concept that the director of the video used. This is because although the concept is different to the official music video it has no correlation to the artist themselves so doesn’t ruin the narrative or give anything away from that video i.e. consuming, location or props.

 The overall feel of the music video is mystical, yet is a disaster. It revolves around a car plan crash. The feel of the music video does though seem typical in the sense, that as soon as a mass appealing artist thinks of a disaster they choose to explore disasters that are often explored in the film industry, yet very abnormal in the actual real world itself. The beginning of the film has mainly green and blue colours that give a tropical and organic feel to the music video.  In terms of the continuity of the brand image that Perry has created with herself and alongside her music recording label is impeccable, it blends perfectly. The “tiger” vibe that is created through the leopard print is consistent with the font and image borders that were on the website and the mystical feel of the typography that is on the album cover is addressed my the mystical CGI in the video of the butterfly's and the roar expression.  Perry has been made up to look like a beautiful and attractive girl which once again highlights her versatility to be bought in the industry and females aspire to be like her and males want to be with her. Her costuming changes throughout which meant that

In the music video “Roar”, the Todorov narrative concept is followed throughout. First of all, though the video starts with dis-equilibrium in which Perry and her accompanied male have just been In a plane crash. This has in turn left her stranded on a tropical island, one in which is only occupied by animals. This therefore, puts Perry’s life in danger as she is not use to the conditions of the island as a human. Her accompanied partner is eaten by a tiger. This transformed into the equilibrium which saw Perry become more acclimatized to the situation that she is unfortunately in. When adapting to her surroundings she fights off a tiger which, also helped the continuity of the font that is in tiger print. Other successes of her acclimatization was dressing more appropriately to the habitat she was in.

The music video complies to the theory and the hypothesis that Goodwin makes. Goodwin suggests that in music videos the actual star of the video is the focal point and that although there is a variety of shots that are evident in the music video, the majority of the cinematic shots are close-ups. This helps to highlight who the singer is and differentiate from other characters of personas that may appear in the video. In terms of the Roar video there is a vast variety of shots but there is predominantly close ups which help to highlight Katy Perry beauty and also prosodic features such as her facial expressions which assists the narrative. Ultimately, this aids the campaign throughout, as it also highlights the stylistic side of the video corresponds to the album artwork, music video and website. It corresponds to these other media platforms through the overall tone, that something is mystical and there is a tropical vibe that reoccurs in the video through CGI which is similarity created through the typography of the artwork of the “Roar” single which has curved edges and has enchanted embroidered designs on it.

 The cinematography, as I have already mentioned is predominantly close-up shots that help to capture the beauty of Perry, but there is also a great usage of different shots as, they aid the whole vibe and narrative of the video. Without the extreme wide-shots the mystical and tropical feel of the video would be lacklustre seeing as the use of these shots helped to introduce hallmarks of a tropical deserted island, such as a waterfall, bamboo trees and a small lagoon.  The wide-shots also helped Mise-en-scene elements that would have been considered by the directors of the video. Shot types such as log shots explored the scene that Perry was positioned in and re-enforced the trees etc. 3 ¼ shots that were applied in the video assisted iconography elements such as making new equipment fit for survival out of clothing- including a leave skirt as well as spear using the high heel of her shoe as the sharp end.

 Perry is addressed through the Male Gaze and this complies to the concept that Laura Mulvey explored, noting that females dress in a provocative manner to capture the males attention. It is clear that Katy Perry is dressed in the music video quite modestly at the beginning in a button up long sleeve shirt, then after acclimatizing to the island. She becomes less dressed. Hence, meaning that her figure is more revealed, this will help to get more of a wider audience to watch the video. As, males will want to watch her latest music video to see Perry sexualised and females will want to watch the video to either aspire to looking like Katy Perry or be annoyed by the way she is presenting herself; as it is provocative.  Perry looking like a sexualised object is consistent through the other media platforms where on the album artwork she is uncovering her shoulder and on the website she is dressed in short dresses and in one image is half naked for a previous album cover. VS.

 Overall, the brand image of Katy Perry and the current style of the music that she is creating is very consent to what she is branding on every media platform that I have viewed. The consistency will help the audience to recognise her as an artist and make her have her own niche in the market “in a way”; considering she is a mass appealing artist, it is unusual that most of her campaign is unique to herself seeing as many mass appealing artists follow a generic route to success. Where as Perry has different qualities to what she is representing, her music video follows a mystical scenario on a tropical island and this is carried out through the website and the album artwork which feature geometrical shapes consistent with futurism.  The consistently of the campaign is through and can be seen as cohesive throughout, this is because the colour scheme, the patterns of leopard print, the tech friendly campaign is carried out in every stage of the current campaign, creating consistency. Her image physically also complies to what the artist is putting across on the website, album artwork and album promotion. Therefore, Perry is seen as an attractive female that can in most cases attract a wide fan base.

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