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Published on December 12, 2007

Author: Nastasia

Source: authorstream.com

Sonia:  Sonia Sonia: Background Data:  Sonia: Background Data Age 8 Born in Colorado to parents from Mexico Third Grade Has attended Northeast Elementary in Brighton since Kindergarten Fluent English Proficient, 592 on CSAP Transitional Bilingual Spanish / English Classrooms Kindergarten-Third Grade No Spanish language assessment data ELD Structures Identified:  ELD Structures Identified Acquisition of additional descriptive vocabulary New transitional phrases - “so” Brainstorming, preparation strategies Editing techniques Increased expression in oral language production Opportunities to grow language proficiency in both native and second languages Strategy: Paint Us a Picture!:  Strategy: Paint Us a Picture! The goal of this activity is to increase descriptive language vocabulary. Age appropriate: This game can be tailored to any student with knowledge of how to use a Thesaurus. Language appropriate: This game can be tailored to develop proficiency in both the student’s native and second language. Paint Us a Picture!:  Paint Us a Picture! Can you construct a sentence capable of creating a visual image for the listener / reader? Does the listener / reader understand your message? Growing Meta-cognition. Demonstration:  Demonstration “Paint Us a Picture” was created using Tina and Kate’s collective brain power. This activity can be adapted for individual or group use. Each pair / group will be provided with sentence strips, dice, paper, crayons and a Thesaurus. For demonstration purposes, the whole class will constitute one student and we will be the second. Procedure:  Procedure Provide instructions for game. Model sample sentence for the class. Initially play game in pairs (or small groups.) Provide pairs with sentences strips, thesaurus, paper, crayons and dice. Each student (or group) will select a sentence strip and will read the sentence strip out loud. (example: I went to the library.) Procedure ctd.:  Procedure ctd. The student (pair or group) will roll the dice. Students will add the corresponding number of words to their sentence. ***Accommodation - initially allow students to use # of words or more rather than exact number. The student (pair or group) will consult the Thesaurus to find a word of their choice to replace. Procedure, ctd.:  Procedure, ctd. When the sentence is enhanced with additional words and the new word from Thesaurus, pairs (or groups) will exchange enhanced sentences. Pairs (or groups) will use the sentence their peers wrote to draw a picture representing the sentence. If they do not understand certain vocabulary, they will ask the author to provide a definition. Procedure, ctd.:  Procedure, ctd. After drawings are complete, original sentence and drawings will be returned to the author. The author will then reread the sentence with its improvements (both number of words and new word from Thesaurus) . Students are encouraged to be expressive and reflect on whether or not the picture reflects what they were trying to say. This pattern can be repeated as time permits. New Thesaurus words will be added to a word wall. Example::  Example: We went to Puebla. (Group rolls the number 3) We went to Puebla with top professors! (Group looks up word “top” in Thesaurus.) We went to Puebla with preeminent professors! (Exchange with other student or group and draw image sentence represents.) Example, ctd.:  Example, ctd. We went to Puebla with preeminent professors! Let’s Play!!!:  Let’s Play!!! Read sentence strip. Roll Dice. Add selected number of words to sentence. Replace one word with a new word from the Thesaurus. (2 minutes) Exchange enhanced sentences. Clarify any new vocabulary. Read and Draw a picture of the image created with words. (2 minutes) Return sentences and drawings to authoring group. Read & decide whether or not drawing depicts what you were trying to say. (1 minute) Implications for Teaching :  Implications for Teaching Developing descriptive language skills is a lifelong journey. Supporting bilingualism in our communities - this game should not be limited to English! Benefits of integrating fine arts into literacy. Never “leaving” our students. Following up with our kids.

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