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Information about Kartainment Go Karting Mecomotorsports

Published on February 21, 2020


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slide 1: KARTAINMENT GO KARTING About Kartainment is made up of 900 meter professional track and 600 meter recreational Go-Karting track.The quality of the track and its maintenance is of extremely high standards and that is the reason why Kartaiment is the preferred choice to host many National Go-Karting Championship events.The track provides conducivetechnical environment for budding racers to hone their skills and hence is the breeding ground for good racers to go from amateur level to professional level. With the track being located strategically in the vicinity of one of the best airports in the country the atmosphere and ambience is out of this world and has to be experienced to feel the adrenaline rush. The close presence of the airport also means that there is 24 hour security in addition to access to the food court and many other recreational activities it is an ideal venue for family outing. Kartainment has the latest recreational Go-Karts that are well-maintained it has trained marshals overseeing the activities on the track the jackets and helmets provided for the rides are hygienic. Go-Karts at Kartainment:  MECO BABY KARTS  MECO LEVEL 1 - 7 BHP KARTS  MECO LEVEL 2 - 16 BHP KARTS  MECO LEVEL 3 – TWIN SEATER KARTS VISIT FOR MORE DETAILS : https://kartainment.com

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