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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: sathvikashok

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The finals of the Karnataka Quiz that I conducted as a part of Aatmatrisha'14 at PES University, Bangalore.

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General Rules • 20 questions on dries. Will go anti-clockwise after 10. • 3 special rounds. • Differential Scoring in the last round. • Rules explained before each round.

Special Round • • • • • Round on stamps. 8 stamps in all. +5/0 for each correct answer. Option of staking – for +10/-10. +10 for getting all the questions correctly.









1) T.M.A Pai 2) Kuvempu, Da Ra Bendre, V K Gokak and Masti Venkatesha Iyengar 3) Basaveshwara 4) Hampi 5) Gurudatt 6) S Nijalingappa 7) C V Raman 8) Gol Gumbaz

Dries • • • • • 10 dries. Questions will pass clockwise. Infinite bounce and pounce. +10/0 on pass. +15/-5 on pounce.

1. This entity was first conceived by a political party called "Kannada Paksha" which was formed in 1965 by Mr M. Ramamurthy. The political party did not last long, but the entity that was conceived with this party has been consistently used all over Karnataka to represent the state and Kannada language. Which Entity ?

2. • The word _____ means powerful man or warrior in the Tulu language. • _______ is a community of erstwhile nobility, feudatory and gentry from the region of Tulu Nadu in the south west of India which comprises the districts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada . The ______ claim Kshatriya descent from the Nagavanshi lineage and are considered a forward caste by the government. • A few of the sub-divisivion in the community are Masadika, Nad and Parivara. FITB


3. In the railway budget of 2014 presented by Mallikarjhun Kharge, he established the approval of the cabinet for a new rail coach factory being set up in the state. As it usually happens, the rail coach factory isn’t coming up in the home district of Kharge, but instead elsewhere in the state thanks to the efforts of a previous minister in the railway ministry. Which minister and in which district is the new factory coming up ?

K H Muniyappa and Kolar district.

4. • Launched by Kalale Nadadur Varadaraja Iyengar in 1970, Sudharma is a daily newspaper published out of Mysore. • The paper has a daily circulation of about 2000 copies. It has an annual subscription fee of Rs. 400 and is circulated via post to readers across India. • What makes Sudharma unique ?

The only circulating Sanskrit daily.

5. Identify the sport or event seen in the video.


6. • He is a founder Member and Principal of SAB, Philadelphia and its affiliate firm SAB International Limited which specializes in services to transportation and infrastructure industries. • An alumnus of the then REC(Surathkal) he is the recipient of the Outstanding Businessman of the Year from a Minority community award for the year 1987 conferred by the then President of the United States Ronald Reagan. Who ?

7. Filmography of which actor ?

8. • The name of this village when translated into the local language means “ Pelican White Village”. • Located to the west of the Shimsha river in Mandya district, the Painted Stork and the Spotbilled Pelicans, are found here. Both are classified as “near threatened category” in IUCN Red List of 2009, Which bird sanctuary ?


9. The 1999 General elections for the Lok Sabha constituency of Bellary was aptly termed as the “Mother of all Battles”. Two very prominent people in Indian politics were part of the fray leading to it being called so. Yaaru ?

10. • Gangamoola ( a hill )is a part of the Gangamoola-AroliGangrikal range of Western Ghats. Having an altitude of 1458 meters above sea level, the hill is within the boundaries of the Kudremukh National Park. The hill is thickly forested and receives an annual rainfall of 575 cm. The area in the vicinity of the hill is rich in magnetite-quartzite deposits which yield iron ore. • Gangamoola though is more famous as it is the source of three important rivers in the state. Identify the 3 rivers. ( Part points for 2/3 )

• Tunga • Bhadra • Netravati

Special Round • • • • • Round on Karnataka Sportspersons. 8 pics in all. +5/0. No staking in this round. +10 for getting all of them right.









Answers 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Anirban Lahiri Boniface Prabhu Chitra Magimairaj Anup Sridhar Joshna Chinappa SV Sunil Dodda Ganesh Shika Tandon

Dries • • • • • 10 dries. Questions will pass counter-clockwise. Infinite bounce and pounce. +10/0 on pass. +15/-5 on pounce.

11. Initially, the couple had leased a house in Gavipuram Extension. Before shifting to a more centrally located house on Edward Road, they had bought a sprawling estate on Kanakapura Road in the outskirts of the city. They soon developed the area into a verdant farm, planting several aromatic trees and shrubs. A spacious farm house and a studio became part of the landscape which was bathed by the waters of a romantically situated lake in the campus. Identify the couple and the estate.

Devika Rani and Svetoslav Roerich

12. During the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, the Indian Navy faced security challenges for its Western Fleet in Mumbai Harbour due to congestion in the shipping lanes from commercial shipping traffic Alternative locations for a base were looked at. Finally a dedicated naval base sandwiched between the craggy hills of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea near ________ was approved which at the end of its completion, is touted to be the biggest naval base east of the Suez. The project is also the homeport of the latest Indian aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya.

Project Seabird / INS Kadamba

13. • Born at Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, where his father was a director at the Forest Research Institute. He is a Tamilian who was brought up in Uttarakhand. He studied at The Doon School. He graduated from St. Stephen's College, Delhi with a BA in economics in 1977 and completed a Master's from the Delhi School of Economics. He then enrolled at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, where he did a fellowship programme (equivalent to a PhD) on the social history of forestry in Uttarakhand, focusing on the Chipko movement. • A Padma Bhushan awardee, the US magazine Foreign Policy named him as one of the top 100 public intellectuals in the world in May 2008. Identify this “Kannadiga” ?

Ramachandra Guha

14. • This town it gets its name from an anglicized version of “Mud Lake”. The lake is still essentially very much a part of the town and is present bang in the middle. • The town is also said to have the highest density of mobile phone users in India. Way back in 2006, 98% of the population had mobile phones. • Which town in Karnataka ?

15. Who is the director of Zehreela Insaan and also explain the appearance of this question in the quiz ?

The movie is a remake of Nagarahaavu.

16. Cycling is a tradition more than a sport in this city. Called as the cycling capital of India, many- a professional cyclists have emerged from this city. Cycling has become a part and parcel of peasants of this region and cycle races have become common in most of the annual fairs held in villages here. The strong stamina of the people in the region and the lack of good transportation facilities are seen as the main reasons for this cycling boom. Which city ?

17. An environmentalist from the state, noted for her work in planting and tending to 284 banyan trees along a four-kilometre stretch of highway. Her work has been honoured with the National Citizen's Award of India.

Saalumarada Thimakka

18. The location picturised in this song, is the first dam to have been built in the state. Just Identify the place.

Vani Vilas Sagar Dam

19. • He was a prominent Kannada writer, novelist, photographer, ornithologist, publisher, painter and environmentalist who made a great impression in the "Navya" period of Kannada literature. • Although he was the son of a famous litterateur, he came out of his father's shadow and established his own image at an early age. He received Rajyotsava Award for his first short story "Linga Banda", a look at the rainy western ghats from the eye of a boy. • He went onto spend the latter years of his life in Mudigere, Chickmagalore district having bought a coffee estate there. Identify.

Poornachandra Tejaswi

20. • The company originated as “Mysore Products and General Trading Company” in 1948. • Sri. N.Ranga Rao, the group’s illustrious founder and philanthropist put their humble product on the commercial map of India. Their journey has seen the company grow from a fledgling cottage industry to a global enterprise. The company has the largest market share in India and has established itself as a major exporter of the product. • Different varieties of the product include Lia, Flute, Rhythm and Woods. • Which company/brand ?

Special Round • • • • • Round on statues/structures. 8 questions in all. +5/0 for each correct answer. Option of staking – for +10/-10. +10 for getting all the questions correctly.

1. Name of the person








Answers 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Ferdinand Kittel Murudeshwara Sringeri Mahishasura, Mysore Kittur Rani Chenamma Gangubai Hanagal St. Mary’s Island Idagunji Temple

Differential • • • • • • 6 questions in all. +20 if 1/2 teams get it right. +15 if 3/5 teams get it right. +10 if 5/6 teams get it right + 5 if 7/8 teams get it. -5 for going wrong.

1. Occupying an area of 5160.88 km², this district was carved out from the erstwhile Gulbarga district as the 30th district of Karnataka on 10 April 2010. Which is thus the latest district to be created in the state ?

2. “Victory to you Mother Karnataka, the daughter of Mother India! Hail the land of beautiful rivers and forests, hail the abode of saints! You are a new jewel in the crown of Goddess Earth, mine of beautiful gold and sandal. Victory to you Mother Karnataka the daughter of Mother India where Rama and Krishna had their incarnations” The English translation of what?

Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujaate. The state song.

3. Identify the two blanked out rivers

4. The very efficiently run state owned Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation ( KSRTC ) has three subsidiary corporations under it. 1) North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation headquartered at Hubli. 2) North East Karnataka Road Transport Corporation headquartered at Gulbarga. 3) ?

5. The famous crop Y-X from a renowned town Y in South Karnataka has been given the “Geographical Indication tag”,and has been almost devastated by “Fisarium wilt”, a fungal disease. So severe has this disease been that it has reduced the cultivation of Xto about 10 acres of land.To revive this variety, the U.A.S took up a programme to collect disease-free Y-X material and multiply them through tissue culture. “Y-toothpowder” is a famous ayurvedic toothpowder brand started by Late Sri BV Pandit of Sadvaidyashala. Id Y-X

Nanjanagudu RasaBale

6. • X, based in Belgaum was incorporated in 1982 as the pilot entity of the X group of companies. Under the able stewardship of the Chandak’s, X has powered its way to be one of the leading manufacturers, competing with the world leaders with respect to Design, Process and Product Quality. • “We have enhanced our strong design and developmental capabilities backed by a well equipped manufacturing setup spread over 80,000 sq. ft. housing an in-house design, machining, fabrication, assembly and testing facilities.” says X’s website. • X being ably supported with its wide network of over 320 dealers crisscrossing the length and breadth of the nation and has also left its footprint overseas on the shores of USA, Germany, Israel etc.


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