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Published on August 25, 2008

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The History of Karl Max(1818-1883) : The History of Karl Max(1818-1883) By: Cody Pennington Jeffrie Hicks About Karl Marx : About Karl Marx Karl Heinrich Marx was born may 5, 1818 and died march 14, 1883. He was a 19th century philosopher, political economist, sociologist, humanist, political theorist and revolutionary, often called the father of communism. He was both a scholar and political activist. Education!!! : Education!!! Marx was educated at home until the age of thirteen. After graduating from the Trier Gymnasium, Marx enrolled in the university of Born in 1835 at the age of seventeen to study law, where he joined the Trier Tavern Club drinking society and at one point served as its president; his grades suffered as a result. More About Education!! : More About Education!! Marx was interested in studying philosophy and literature, but his father would not allow it because he did not believe that his son would be able to comfortably support himself in the future as a scholar. The following year, his father forced him to transfer to the far more serious and academically oriented Humboldt University in Berlin. During this period, Marx wrote many poems and essays concerning life, using the theological language acquired from his liberal, deistic father, such as "the Deity," but also absorbed the atheistic philosophy of the Young Hegelians who were prominent in Berlin at the time. His Family : His Family Karl Marx had a wife and six children. Jenny von Westphalen was his wife but does not say how she dies. Three of his children died at young age. Two of his kids Laura and Eleanor committed suicide. His eldest daughter Jenny died of cancer two months before her father. No other information on the other kids A Picture of Karl Marx Grave : A Picture of Karl Marx Grave Karl Marx, the father of communism. Marx is buried in the quite funky Highgate Cemetery, where moss covered graves seem to be strewn everywhere. He shares his resting place with over 166,000 other dead people who are crammed into Highgate's 37 acres. R.I.P

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