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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: FranBangor

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Neurotic Personality Theory (1937) Understanding neurosis has fascinated psychologists and psychiatrists for many years. Freud believed that neurosis was caused by an individuals inability to cope with their sexual impulses. Karen Horney disagreed with Freud and instead believed that neurosis was primarily based on disturbed relationships during upbringing. K. Horney Riddler Horney believed that the origins of neurosis develop during childhood. A child who experiences love, affection and discipline is content and able to be their true self. If these needs are not met, the child will develop Basic Hostility towards their parents. This causes Basic Anxiety within the individual and Horney argued that people combat basic anxiety by adopting the following personality traits: The Compliant Personality • Need for a partner to take over • Need to restrict life to narrow boundaries • Need for affection and approval • The Aggressive Personality – moves against people • The Detached Personality – moves away from people • The Compliant Personality – moves towards people The compliant neurotic individual fears abandonment and exhibits a need for affection and approval from peers. They seek a powerful partner to dedicate themselves to who will help remove life's problems. Horney identified that individuals use 10 defensive attitudes to alleviate pain and protect themselves. These defensive attitudes are called Neurotic Needs, and the 3 personality traits are composed of a combination of these 10 needs. A healthy individual will associate with all 3 personality types, whereas an individual with neurosis will only associate with 1. Harley Quinn’s  character  is  dependent  on  the   Joker, as she strives to impress him and carries out his actions faithfully. Harley is madly in love with the Joker, and her life only revolves around him and his crazy criminal schemes. Harley shows the classical neurotic needs that identify her as having a neurotic compliant personality. Horney's neurotic personality types can be seen clearly in the larger than life characters of comics and video games. The villains of the Batman universe, although simplified characters, demonstrate clearly the characteristics of the neurotic personality types. The Aggressive Personality Penguin • Need to have control and power over others • Need to exploit and manipulate • Need for personal admiration • Need for personal achievement • Need for social recognition The aggressive neurotic individual exhibit anger or hostility towards others. They desire social recognition and have a need for power, control and exploitation. They only care about their needs and would not desist from hurting anyone. The Penguin is one of the mobster leaders in the Batman universe. As the head of a large mafia he strives for power and admiration from others. Penguin does not think twice about exploiting others or their weaknesses for his own personal gain. His motives mirror the neurotic needs of the aggressive personality type outlined by Horney. The Detached Personality • Need for independence and self sufficiency • Need for perfection and prestige The detached neurotic individual may disregard others in a non-aggressive manner, exhibit solitude and independence and strive for perfection. The Riddler is somewhat of an enigma in the Batman universe, he commits crimes using puzzles, tricks and riddles to try and outsmart the Batman. The Riddler generally works alone and to exceedingly high standards. When Batman beats him the Riddler strives to make his next scheme impossible for Batman to crack. He believes that he is superior to Batman and other criminals in Arkham. The Riddler displays the neurotic needs associated to the neurotic detached personality type. Harley Quinn

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