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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: alexiakar

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Share 1 More Next Blog» Create Blog Sign In KARANTINOU ALEXIA Monday, March 3, 2014 About Me alexia karantinou Follow 0 PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS AND HAVE FUN...... View my complete profile Do you own a DSLR but s ll take average, boring photos? Blog Archive “Now You Can Master Any DSLR Camera And “Now You Can Master Any DSLR Camera And Take Gorgeous, A en on-Grabbing Photos By Take Gorgeous, A en on-Grabbing Photos By “Now You Can Master AnyVideo Tutorials!” Following Step-By-Step DSLR Camera And Following Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!” Take Gorgeous, A en on-Grabbing Photos By Following Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!” ▼ 2014 (3) ▼ ▼ March (2) ▼ PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS AND HAVE FUN...... MOVIES CAPITAL-UMLIMITED LEGAL MOVIE DOWNLOADS!!!!... ► February (1) ► “Use your computer, laptop or smart phone to get expert advice with easy-to-follow instructions whenever you need it!” Hi there, Evan Sharboneau here… As you probably know, I’ve helped over 9.2 million photographers to create stunning images using a digital camera. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Above is a n exa mple of my recent pers ona l work Now, I’ve got something NEW for you – and it’s very cool. A er helping beginners for 5 years, I see exactly what’s stopping you from taking photos that really impress your friends and family… and will sell online, at shows, and even galleries. So if you’re struggling to get the most out of your camera and finally be recognized for your own amazing photographs, then what I’m about to share will make you extremely happy… I Used To Be Like You Thes e ba d photos were ta ken before I dis covered profes s iona l s tra tegies Look, I understand how it feels to compare your own photographs with what we see in magazines, books, and online forums. As a beginner, it’s not only frustra ng but can get depressing, wondering “how was that shot taken?”… thinking “it’s probably because they have a be er camera than me”… or “I’ll take photos that good, eventually”. Like you, I didn’t know the secrets. I couldn’t afford expensive cameras or classes. But I wanted to take good photos TODAY, not “someday”… Are These Ques ons And Concerns Stopping You From converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Are These Ques ons And Concerns Stopping You From Becoming A Be er Photographer? Do you own a DSLR camera but take mediocre photographs – a sign that you lack the skill and confidence to get the best results? Have you thought about upgrading your equipment, believing that will improve your photos? Are you lost when it comes to exposure, aperture, ISO/ASA, depth of field, ligh ng, lenses, filters, post-produc on and other difficult concepts? Do you s ll have ques ons or feel overwhelmed a er reading blogs, forums, books, and tutorials? Have you thought about taking photography classes – but want to save me and money? Do you think you’re not ready to be a professional – a mindset that you must overcome to succeed, get recognized, and sell your own photos? Bad Photos Are Not Your Fault More old photos of mine. Do your photos look like thes e? So many new photographers and hobbyists get stuck on buying equipment. And they spend months hun ng for ways to improve their skills. Yet, a er all that, your photos are average. Or worse. Here’s the truth: it’s really NOT your fault! I’m telling you, I’ve spent hundreds of hours digging through blogs and forums, reading books and manuals, watching YouTube and DVDs. Guess what. A er going through ALL of the training material out there, I’ve found NONE that will turn you into a pro, step-by-step. They always have missing pieces. Ques ons without answers. Nobody says exactly how the best images are made. You’re just expected to “spend a lot of me prac cing”! converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

People believe that’s a good thing, but it can actually be wasted me and energy. Doing something over and over again is exhaus ng. It takes years to figure stuff out and become a professional that way… if you get there at all! There’s a be er strategy… It Takes Years To Become A Professional… If You Don’t Know The Shortcut converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Thes e s hots were ta ken by me a er I lea rned the s ecrets of profes s iona ls … How did I go from beginner to having photographs showcased on DeviantART, Flickr, print ads, billboards, posters, magazines, and book covers? Well, I never took classes. Anywhere. Ever. Instead, I went around my town and shot photos with a low-end Nikon D50. My first a empts were “ordinary”, nothing special. Online I saw photos be er than mine and literally thought they were mysterious. I couldn’t figure out how they did it! But then… I discovered a few BASIC PRINCIPLES that make it possible to take good photos, every me, no ma er what camera’s in my hands. With these principles, I can take a couple shots and feel comfortable knowing at least one will be a “keeper”. It’s WAY BETTER than digging through 100 shots hoping that one is just “okay”. Now I’m aware of WHAT to look for… WHEN to photograph… HOW to get the shot I want. And I can be sure that a photo will be good – even before it’s taken. It’s like I found a reflex that just “knows” when to click the shu er! Seriously, this changed my life… How To Quickly Learn Everything You Need To Create Amazing Photographs converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Your shots CAN look like these! Here's how… Let’s be real: a er ge ng a DSLR you found it takes more than reading the manual to get professional results from it. Then your hunt for more informa on and answers began. But there’s a TON of informa on about photography, and it’s so unorganized! I learned by doing me culous research, pu ng it all together on my own. A er spending years of applying what I discovered, I began sharing with friends online. Nobody prepared me for the flood of ques ons about landscapes, portraits, sports, studio photography... and my weird ability to just grab a camera and start taking great photos without any effort whatsoever. Now I've got the answers you're looking for, and they're here on this website. Just Imagine Being Able To… Choose the right DSLR on a budget and s ll get all the desired features Properly hold a DSLR and stop looking like a complete idiot out in the field Stop taking boring photos that nobody cares about and start taking crea ve, converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

memorable photos worth sharing and selling GET CRISP, CLEAR SHOTS when photographing anything, including people, objects, skies and landscapes converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Avoid the 6 common beginner mistakes of COMPOSITION and easily create brilliant images instead Finally grasp a complete understanding of Aperture, Shu er Speed, and ISO for total control over MOTION and DEPTH OF FIELD Learn the “secret” me of day when most professional photos are shot converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Understand Exposure and Metering so pictures won’t be too bright or too dark, but “just right” Properly select camera WHITE-BALANCE and stop worrying about photos coming out too orange or having incorrect, ugly colors Select the BEST LENSES to create appropriate, propor onal, non-distorted, aesthe cally pleasing images… no ma er the situa on converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Take JAW-DROPPING panoramic shots Use FOCUS correctly and know what focus points to avoid in a scene converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Choose the BEST EQUIPMENT, including flash, filters, camera bag, tripod, tripod head, ba eries, ba ery recharger, strap, camera mount, and memory cards Use external FLASH to control mo on, remove red-eye, add drama, and give your images an edgy, high-class, professional look… Use FILTERS to control light coming through the lens, remove glare, and even make the colors in a scene appear more saturated Get NATURAL HDR shots that don’t look fake or “over-done” converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Correctly decide when to use a TRIPOD – and know when it’s dumb to use one Capture sharp, correctly exposed photos in LOW-LIGHT SITUATIONS… with no mo on blur or noise converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

Take stunning photographs at NIGHT with or without using a flash or tripod Know where to put LIGHTS in rela on to your subject/model and how to control the mood of portrait photos Choose effec ve LIGHT MODIFIERS, including umbrellas, so boxes, beauty dishes and grids to establish the mood of the image (do you want the light to be dark, drama c and converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

shadowy? So and pleasing? Bright and happy? Do you want so pools of background light? When would you want light to create texture across surfaces, and when wouldn't you?) Know how to select a SOFTWARE package that fits your needs and budget Correctly EDIT IMAGES in post-produc on using Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom and Adobe® Photoshop® so ware converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

And much, much more… Others started applying my advice and the results were pre y amazing… Photo by someone who took my advice It felt great when they started ge ng the same results as me… But Don’t Just Take My Word For It “People thought my photos were from a travel magazine!” Why Does This Work So Much Be er? The principles I discovered can turn nearly anyone into an “expert photographer”. When it comes to ge ng be er shots, you’ll be AMAZED at how well they work. And these principles are essen al if you want photography to be a secondary or even full- me income. Yet this informa on is hard to get. It’s either hidden from the general public or sca ered all over the place, unavailable in one loca on for easy access. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

NOW HERE’S THE SOLUTION: Everything you must learn to take professional quality images is on this website. You can finally start using your camera with confidence. Start taking your own amazing photographs that people will rave about and even pay money for, if that’s your goal. Listen, I’m willing to tell you everything because I’m not afraid of compe on. A er being published all over the world, I’ve learned that it’s actually more fun and rewarding to share what I discovered… the very same informa on that launched my career. My favorite part is when people send photos a er using what I taught them. Bo om-line: it doesn’t ma er if you’re brand new or have been struggling with photography for a long me… I want to help you. To make it easy, I took a video camera and recorded answers to all the top ques ons, and more. I carefully demonstrate how to use exposure and aperture, lenses, ligh ng, composi on, so ware, and many other topics that people find difficult or confusing. What’s be er, I’ll show you how to succeed… Without piles of books or college courses Without years of experimenta on taking “average” photos With your choice of equipment, whether it’s a $300 or $3000 setup And remember… this informa on applies to EVERY DSLR CAMERA YOU WILL EVER USE. No ma er what camera you own or borrow, my videos reveal exactly how to get the results you want. It’s right here: the guaranteed fastest way to improve your photography… Introducing: Photography Masterclass converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

post found originall here: http://photographymasterclass.com/?hop=0 P.S. this masterclass photography is in my opinion one of the best if someone want to learn about photography P.S.S. its very good and you can have fun....for more details you can see the link above . Posted by alexia karantinou at 6:38 AM +1 Recommend this on Google No comments: Post a Comment Enter your comment... Comment as: Select profile... Publish Preview Home Older Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Simple template. Powered by Blogger. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com

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