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Information about Kamakhya Sindoor

Published on May 16, 2019

Author: nidhishrimali

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: . Kamakhya Sindoor is in the real form of small broken stones which comes from the Mother Kamakhya Temple in the form of Blessed Prasad there are also items of Mata Kamakhya in the form of Blessed Prasad which include Kamakhya Garments Kamakhya Kadha and Kamakhya YANTRA also gets but not all the people. All devotees are given two things when the gate of the temple opens and the two things are Kamakhya Sindhoor and cloth. Kamakhya Sindoor is also called Kamiya Sindoor and people who wear Kamakhya cloth are also called Ambubas Blessed People. Vermicompost of the Goddess Kamakhya is very important for married people. It is also spoken in the colloquial language as Kamiya vermilion which is found only in Kamrupa Kamakhya area. It can not be easily achieved. Its receipt is proven by chanting 108 times of special kind of mantra. After that marriages use it to fulfil their desires. According to the beliefs and unwavering beliefs that have been practised for centuries the compassionate mother of God whoever uses Kamiya Sindoor continues. This Sindoor removes the problems of Vasikaran sorcery house-rituals obstruction of business marriage or love problems or other types of ghost-infested obstruction. It is commonly used in Manglik Events. Keeping this Sindoor in a silver container mantra Kamakhya Varade Devi Neelpavarata Vasini Shree Devi Jagat Mata Yonimudre Namottai Should be pronounced 108 times. Buy Siddh Kamakhya Sindoor Kamiya Sindoor | Pandit NM Shrimali slide 2: It should be done in chanting the vermicelli 11 or 7 times on Friday for seven days. At the time of the chanting of the mantra mixing Ganga Jal saffron sandalwood in the palm should be tilak on the forehead. This chant can be done by either man or woman. The task of putting this should also be done with chanting.

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