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Published on January 23, 2008

Author: Dionigi

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Slide3:  WHAT IS KALLIPATEIRA Kallipateira is the sole Women’s Sports Association, member of the Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association (SEGAS), recognized by the Deputy Ministry of Sports. It was founded in 1976 by Mrs. Eleftheria Kousoula. The name of the Association comes from Kallipateira, the woman from Rhodes, who was daughter, sister and mother of Olympic champions and who’s desire was to see her son’s triumph in the Olympic Games. She forced the rules, which strictly forbade the presence of women in sports areas and she entered the stadium disguised as a trainer. Her act marked Kallipateira as the symbol of courage, freedom, motherhood and love for sports, principles that our Association believes and follows. Slide4:  OUR OBJECTIVES To advance and develop women’s sports. To promote and spread the Olympic Spirit. To advance and spread the principles and values of “Fair Play”. To promote the Palalympic Movement. To encourage mothers to push their children to sports. To contribute to modern athletic infrastructure needs, with emphasis in the countryside. To organize sports and cultural events and to grant young promising female athletes. To endorse provisions and provide measures helping restitution of female athletes, debilitated by sports accidents. To provide female athletes professional integration following retirement from active duty. To advance sports as a healthy way of life. To cultivate spirit of equality between the two sexes. To fight against sports violence and doping. Slide5:  OUR VISION To spread our principles and values in society and to offer life opportunities and alternative options with meaning and purpose for all. Slide6:  BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEMBERS & ANNEXES KATERINA P. PANAGOPULOS President of the Board of Directors SOPHIA BOULINAKIS FENY AVRAMOPOULOS Vice President General Secretary ANNA ANDREADIS BARBARA TZAKOS International Relations Treasurer IOANNA KARYOFYLLIS MYRA TSAVLIRIS Sports Responsible Member DESPINA TZAVELLA VICKY HATZIVASSILIOU Special Secretary Member Elefteria Kousoula Agapi Vardinogiannis Founder Honorary President Honorary President President 1997 - 2005 President 1976 -1997 HONORARY MEMBERS Voula Paroulidou Sofia Dara Niki Bakogianni Agi Kasoumi Niki Xanthou Karen Mavridis Anna Verouli Fani Petralia Sofia Sakorafa Ageliki Kanellopoulou Slide7:  OUR ACTIVITIES To strengthen regional athletic infrastructure subsidies within our country: - Construction of the “Kallipateira” Municipal Stadium in the town of Sapes, in the Rodopi Prefecture. - Construction of 5 x 5 football fields, on the islands of Leros and Kythira. Provision of fitness equipment – on the islands of Kalymnos and Astypalaia, in Volakas, Drama Prefecture, in the town of Konitsa, Ioannina Prefecture, in the town of Krestena, Ilia Prefecture, and in the town of Stanos, Chalkidiki Prefecture. Athletic and cultural events, including sports meetings, lectures and distribution of spor’s equipment and technological material in the less developed regions of the county. Women’s sports promoting publications, such as the historical anthology “Women’s Sports in Modern Greece”, in the Greek and English language, including a time-line of prominent Greek women athletes from 1896 and the soon to be published book “Olympism”. Organization of seminars and conferences with the purpose of informing women on sports and culture related subjects. Slide8:  RECENT ACTIVITIES Publication of studies and essays regarding topics on women-related issues, such as motherhood, work and sports. Promotion of the institution of “Fair Play” in the athletic and social area and support of the Paralympic Movement. Publication of articles and lectures for the promotion of the institution of “Fair Play”. Program: “Kallipateira Junior”. Establishment of the “Kallipateira – Fair Play” Award for sportswomen and mothers of Olympic Paralympic Champions. Organization of events and meetings in support of the Association Statutory objectives. Signing a Memorandum for promoting the common goals of government and social institutions and specifically with the Institute of Migration Policy (IMEPO). Study and construction of a Center of Diagnosis and Promotion of Health for young athletes in the public Hospital “Sotiria”. Slide9:  FAIR PLAY ΚATERINA P. PANAGOPULOS The institution of “Fair Play” was created from the European Council and specifically from the Sports Development Committee during the First Round Table for Sports, Tolerance, and Fair Play held in Amsterdam on 11 April 1996. As of November 1998, Mrs. Katerina Panagopulos, President of the Board of KALLIPATEIRA (Pan-Hellenic Women’s Sports Association), has held the position of National Ambassador of Greece to the European Council for Sports, Tolerance, and Fair Play. In addition, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Committee for Fair Play. The Pan-Hellenic Women’s Sports Association Kallipateira, with its current modification of the Statutes purpose includes the promotion of the institution of “Fair Play”. Slide10:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES 58TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY AND CONGRESS OF CISM DUBAI – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 10 – 18 MAY 2003 Slide11:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY PANHELLENIC WOMAN’S SPORT ASSOCIATION «KALLIPATEIRA» SPECIAL GUEST THE HELLENIC SPORRT ASSOCIATION OF SOFTBALL MARCH 8, 2006 Slide12:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES «Sport – Volunteerism Together in the Fight for Life” National Bank of Greece, Karatza Auditorium, Athens, March 29, (Information to Greek female athletes on prevention of cancer and the importance of prompt diagnosis of cancer) Slide13:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES “Memorandum of Cooperation between Kallipateira and the Hellenic Migration Policy IMEPO” Museum of Cycladic Art Athens, April 6, 2006 Slide14:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES “Hatzikyriakio Child Care Institution” Hatzikyriakio (Donation of the athletic equipment for a training room) Piraeus, May 24, 2006 Slide15:  CURRENT ACTIVITEIS CHRISTMAS DANCING DINNER ECALI CLUB Athens, December 14 2006 (All the revenues from entrance fees were collected by “Kallipateira”) Slide16:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES DANCING DINNER ANNEX OF KALLIPATEIRA AT HERAKLION, CRETE ISLAND UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE CENTRAL PORT AUTHORITY OF HERAKLION OF CRETE AWARD TO Mrs KATERINA PANAGOPULOS PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF KALLIPATEIRA January, 26 2007 (All the revenues from entrance fees were collected by “Kallipateira”) Slide17:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES SPORT ASSOCIATION OF DOUKAS SCHOOL - PANHELLENIC WOMAN’S SPORT ASSOCIATION FASHION SHOW OF DESIGNER CELIA CHRITHARIOTI HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL Athens, February 26, 2007 (All the revenues from entrance fees were collected by “Kallipateira”) Slide18:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES “WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2007” AWARD TO Mrs KATERINA P. PANAGOPULOS PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF KALLIPATEIRA NATIONAL GALLERY OF PIREAS Pireas, March 7 2007 Slide19:  CURRENT ACTIVITIES RECONSTRUCTION OF FOOTBALL FIELD COOPERATION BETWEEN KALLIPATEIRA AND IMEPO MYRIOFYTO VILLAGE – MUNICIPLAITY OF MURIES – KILKIS PREFECTURE May 17, 2007 Slide20:  NEW ATHLETIC SITES The Pan-Hellenic Women’s Athletic Association is constructing 5 new athletic sites, which are expected to be completed by the responsible local authority by September of 2007. The sites under construction are: 5 x 5 football field in Samos Prefecture, Municipality of Marathokabos. (Collaboration KALLIPATEIRA – IMEPO) 5 x 5 football field in Rethymnos Prefecture, Municipality of Anogeia. 5 x 5 football field in Irakleion Prefecture, Municipality of Kastalli. 5 x 5 football field in Messinias Prefecture, Municipality of Leuktron. (Collaboration KALLIPATEIRA – IMEPO) To distribute sporting equipment in the Cyclades Prefecture, the island of Sikinos. Slide21:  PHYSICAL EXERCISE FOR A HEALTHY DIET Our work, the construction of athletic infrastructure in various regions of Greece and in childcare centers, has the purpose of children’s exercise to modern establishment. The systematic exercise of children of a young age is one form of education; on the one hand, it promotes the participation, team spirit, self-esteem, discipline, respect, and values crucial for their lives and on the other hand, they are being educated for a way of life, which helps in the preservation and improvement of their health. In the framework of this purpose, we design actions to increase awareness of children and primarily of the parents, for healthy diet and exercise, while helping with the psychological and physical health of their children. Recent studies indicate that Greek children are the most obese of Europe, a fact which should not allow us to be indifferent. Slide22:  PHYSICAL EXERCISE FOR A HEALTHY DIET This is realized through: The organization of seminars to parents (in collaboration with parent and caregiver associations, sports assocations and federations. The support of sports in which children under the age of 18 participate and the distribution of related printed materials. Within the program, “Kallipateira Junior”. Within the website of “Kallipateira”. Parallel with the inauguration of the athletic infrastructures and organization and a daily diet.

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