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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: AlanMagner

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Kaizen Blitz 5S on Salvagnini machine.
Using Lean Six Sigma to improve team relations and morale. When is a people problem really a process problem?

Kaizen Blitz: 5S on Salvagnini machine Alan Magner Monday 14th November, 2011 Contact: alanmagner@variancereduction.com

Agenda 1-day event to improve housekeeping at the Salvagnini in the Sheet Metal Shop Target  Improve the housekeeping of tools to improve productivity and reduce risk of damage to tools & equipment Involved  Nigel Welsh, John Shiu, Ariel Calderon, Dung Nguyen Results  All tools have a designated place, and are kept in their place  Reduced risk of damaged tools & equipment  Reduced frustration across shifts

Before After Problem Statement Lost time searching for tools Risk of missing tools being left inside Salvagnini – possible maintenance expense CLAs are expensive precision tools – risk of damage in storage Frustration in team across shifts – caused by poor housekeeping Action 1 day kaizen blitz to improve safety – using 5S principles to improve housekeeping and employee engagement to sustain the changes

Before: where are the tools? After: Shadow boards Problem Statement  Tools are stored in cabinet, no clear organisation of tools – takes time to find  Tools have been left inside Salvagnini – poor housekeeping Action  Shadow boards attached to trolley – tools located at point-of-use, and efficient use of space  Easy to see when all tools have been returned and not left inside machine

Before: Precision Tools at risk of damage After: Dedicated storage to protect CLAs Problem Statement  CLAs are precision tools for inside Salvagnini – risk of damage when stored in tote bin  Damaged CLAs can cause quality problems & machine performance Action  Standardised storage of all 8 CLAs to give each one a secure storage place  Standardised storage of spot-welding consumables

After: Space utilised well After: Tools labeled on shadow boards Problem Statement  Clutter removed from workspace – improved visuals for tool storage  Tools stored at point of use – efficient for operators Action  Simple, quick, low-cost change  Ideas have spread to other areas – Amada machine operators have designed own shadow boards – standardised across 2 machines and 2 shifts

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