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Information about KAISER LONGTERM CARE

Published on June 21, 2018

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Slide1: You Did The Right Move | Kaiser Longterm Care Did You Know? Nowadays, hospitals accept land titles, car OR/CR, assets incase we ran out of cash! Some hospitals in our country allow patients to be admitted in your own home. They'll provide nurses, doctors, oxygen tank, etc. You just have to provide your own hospital standard bed. Yeah, you probably think big savings on Room And Board Cost. Are You Prepared? But are we really prepared to pay 3 nurses for 24/7 work? You're wise if you learn from your own experience. You're wiser if you learn from other people's experiences . Longtermcare is the only solution - (abroad it's sometimes called Health Savings Account or HSA - check it on Google). It's available in the Philippines - for you and your family. Learn more. Be educated. Congratulations! You have started with yours!  Incase you weren't able to continue - YOU CAN RE-DATE or RE-INSTATE your plan. It's a simple RESTART. Contact Us for assistance 0926-492-0280. (if you lapsed within 2 years) Get an A.P.E. Get your FREE Annual Physical Exam as a Kaiser LTC client. Contact us for assistance 0926-492-0280 (if you're already 1 year or more) I have 3 Longterm Care Policies I want to have a BIG HEALTHCARE fund when I'm 60 ( my experience in the family taught me to prepare for the worst! So I won't be a burden to my family in the future). GET A KAISER QUOTE for your Loved One

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