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Information about Kaikuiños life

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: edunoia59

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Text to discuss about skills: listening, speaking;reading; writing.

“My early life. Chapter I” By Kaikuiño Rasputin II Malucos Enterprises Ltd Boiro- London- New York

This is my father: Mr. Rasputin He is from Russia.

And this is my mum: Her name is Kaiku. She is Japanese

I was born in my parents´plane, when we flew over Germany

A day in summer we went for a voyage. I was only three months old. We went across the Atlantic ocean

A beautiful but desert island appeared in the middle of the sea

Everybody went to the island and we only found …….

All the people did a very big party ….

They returned to the yatch, but I was neglected by my parents.

My parents thought that I was dead. Years later, they came back to the island, and we met again. They recognized me, inmediately.

Now, I am a new person, and I go to the kindergarten with my classmates.

Questions?: • What language does Kaikuiño speak and why? • What is the most important “skill”: speaking, reading, listening, writing ? Why ? Write them according to their importance. Discuss with your classmates, about this.

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