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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: Kadence

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Kadence LLC is a Coaching firm focusing on personal development. Our goal in 2014 is to "STIR" the passion within every individual that we come in contact with so that they can realize their goals. We do this via workshops, lectures, mastermind groups and one-on-one coaching.


ABOUT KAREN Karen St. Hilaire’s services are much in demand to work with executives from a variety of fields like investment banking, the United States Military, education, local government and non-profit management. A social entrepreneur, adjunct lecturer, motivational speaker and life coach, Ms. St.Hilaire works with individuals who are ready to couple their professional accomplishments with their personal passions. Her clients are usually focused on cultivating their personal brands and implementing them into their professional lives. Every client is ushered through a customized journey of cleansing, pouring and sealing which ultimately yields a successful marriage of professional and personal accomplishments. Ms. St. Hilaire earned her undergraduate degree in Legal Studies from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Urban Affairs from Hunter College, City University of New York. She received her professional training from the Fowler-Wainwright Institute of Coaching; she is certified in Board Training through the United Way Linkages Program and in Campaign Management Training through the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University. Additionally, Ms. St.Hilaire has also taken classes in Human Resources Management at the Harvard Extension School. She is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. ABOUT KADENCE LLC OUR STORY Kadence LLLC was launched in 2003 in Karen St. Hilaire’s apartment when she invited some friends over to watch an episode of Dr. Phil. She ordered the show’s transcript and tape so that she and guests could discuss and asses themselves according to what they gleaned from the material. This initial invitation evolved into a quarterly event where attendees would gather and just let their hair down. Tea parties soon followed in full swing. Interestingly, most of the women would call or come over in-between sessions to talk and ask for guidance or coaching to assist them through an issue. The get-togethers became the foundation for workshops that Ms. St. Hilaire decided to share with the masses as a sought-after consultant to individuals employed by major financial institutions and the U.S. military. Over a decade later, as the founder of Kadence LLC, Ms. St. Hilaire provides workshops in the areas of coaching, team-building, personal development, mastermind groups and brand cultivation. Kadence LLC is now a thriving consultancy with a stellar client list and a solid history. OUR MISSION Kadence LLC encourages individuals to identify their passions and talents with the hope that these qualities become an integral part of their lives.

OUR AUDIENCE “Image is everything and most people want to discover and work within their own personal brand.” -Karen St.Hilaire Individuals 30-45 Professionals Social Media Savvy Mostly Female Students 14-19

CONCERTOS TUNING YOUR INSTRUMENT Above being a dynamic development vehicle focused on inspiring individuals to identify their passion and talents and implement these qualities into their daily lives, our desire is to allow each individual to find their rhythm so that they can find their own way. Our methodologies (concertos) are executed in three movements: 
 ALLEGRO Professional Structure ADAGIO Personal Structure PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS MINUET Our personalized programs will put you face to face with your goals. You will complete your sessions empowered with a plan and the tools to meet your objectives. Instruments Include:
Vision Boards
Wheel Strategies
Language Arts Projected Structure Fast-paced group workshops. Slow-paced sessions for individuals. Mastermind & team-building exercises. Business Strategies, Transitions, Personal/Professional Synergy Confidence, Health, Motivation, Life Balance Your personal and professional Brand Expression PROFESSIONAL IMPRESSION Our special Mastermind series is designed to provide you with strategies to help you grow your business, cultivate new clients, and strengthen your brand. Session topics range from goal-setting and strategy to marketing and social media Instruments Include: Brand Assessment, Mission Mapping,
SWOTs, Social Media Strategies Our concertos allow each client to tap into the dormant energy that, once energized, will enable them and all organizations of which they are a part, to work in harmony. LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT These sessions focus on attracting the right people into your life who will support your vision and help you meet your objectives. (Biblically based) Instruments Include:
Hannah’s Faith, Esther’s Regiment, Deborah’s Law

SPECIAL INITIATIVES CUP RUNNETH OVER | FAITH BASED PROGRAMS Biblically themed workshops designed for women explore questions like: can you relate to an individual or situation presented in the bible and how would you deal with the situation by modern day standards? Hannah’s Faith Workshop “Meditating and Mantras” -This workshop is based on 1 “What-ifs are incompletes in life. Coaching allows you to bring them to fruition.” -Karen St. Hilaire Samuel 1:1-20. It explores Hannah’s faith and devotion to God. We will discuss the idea of faith and presenting your desires to God. Participants will leave this workshop empowered to move forward with their goals and aspirations firmly rooted in their faith in God’s power and promises. Esther’s Journey “Preparing for Your Greatness” -This workshop is based on Esther 2:8- 19. We will discuss the idea of defining one’s purpose and walking in ordered steps towards that end. At the close of this session, women will be empowered to articulate their purpose and map out their pathway towards that goal. Deb in Me: “Tapping into Your Personal Power” -This workshop is based on Judges 4 and the story of Deborah. We will discuss the process of tapping into your own personal strength and power. At the close of this session, you will be able to identify your internal power and begin thinking about how you can use that strength to be an inspiration to others. Great for Women’s Day Activities, Speaking Engagements, Team Building and Branding Sessions.

DEVELOPMENT OFFERINGS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CONCERTOS S.W.O.T. Team -Internal assesment and team building exercises to enable more productivity. Vision Series -Creating a visualization tool of your goals and mission, seeing it before it becomes reality. Ethno-Culture -A session that allows a group to create an effective team culture with their own language. Journey Maps -Sessions that allow each individual to download their history to chart their progress towards realizing their final objective. Great for Corporate Retreats, Leadership Development Programs, and Internship Orientations “Finding your way is like finding your rhythm” -Karen St. Hilaire

GOT KADENCE | TEEN & COLLEGIATE PROGRAMS The purpose of Kadence Teens is to engage young people in presentations and activities designed to prepare them for life beyond school. Sessions may include mentoring, shadowing and classroom auditing. “Get on Board!” -A workshop for high school seniors preparing to go to college. Students are given practical advice that will facilitate a smooth and successful transition to college. T’Etquette -Kadence offers a netiquette workshop for students in the 9th-12th grade. Students kadence TEEN receive the rudiments of appropriate etiquette techniques, while also building a positive selfconcept. VIP Prom Closet -Every young lady deserves to look incredible at their prom. Kadence can host a prom dress giveaway in your local middle or high school. Venus Meets Mars -Tailored specifically for college students, these workshops address topics that impart young people with the tools to bring their dreams into fruition. During this session, the participants will develop a personal mission statement. Each workshop includes gender specific breakout sessions.

HITTING THE RIGHT NOTES SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Keynote Speaker: Mother/Daughter Tea – Girls Scouts Troop (Harlem) Keynote Speaker: Women’s Recognition Dinner St. John’s University (Alpha Phi Alpha- Theta Epsilon Chapter) Keynote Speaker: Women’s Recognition Event - Thornhill Community Center, Brooklyn Keynote Speaker: Mosiac Preparatory Academy – M375 “Women Recognition Day” Annual Address to Senior Girls of Frederick Douglas Academy II, Bronx, NY AWARDS Toma Faulkner Award for work in the community. Boys and Girls High School WRITING Weekly post on Bed Stuy Patch MAKING HEADLINES http://kadencesip.com/2010/09/29/kadencedivine-donation COMMUNITY WORK http://www.felaonbroadway.com/tag/kadence Prom Dress Giveaway Author’s Brunch http://www.mynewsdesk.com/us/view/ pressrelease/kadence-brings-the-rhythm-tobrooklyn-for-prom-season-403184 WORKSHOPS FACILITATED http://www.blackenterprise.com/lifestyle/ professional-power-beauty-looks-for-theworking-woman Boys & Girls High School (Professional Development - Vision Board Workshop) St. John’s University (Team Building / Branding – BSG) Jack & Jill, Brooklyn (Vision Board Workshop) YES Conference, Newark NJ (Personal Branding Workshop) Someone’s Daughter, Elizabeth, NJ (Board Training) Yvonne McCullough Foundation, Elizabeth, NJ (Board Training) Brown Memorial Baptist Church (Inspirational Vision Board Workshop) John Jay College (Women’s Month – Personal Brand Workshop) Berkley College, NYC (Venus/Mars Workshop Series) http://brooklyn.news12.com/news/bkbusiness-owners-gather-at-networkingevents-for-guidance-1.4744273 Book Brunch with Devon Franklin at Therapy Wine Bar

APPLAUSE “As an Annapolis graduate, former infantry officer, Boston College Law School graduate and active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines with over 22 years of service in the Armed Forces, I've always been confident in my worth, skills and goals. However, after attending just one Kadence Empowerment Sessions, I realized I placed unnecessary constraints on my career. Since then, I’ve consulted with Karen St. Hilaire on numerous career and life goals becoming a better lawyer, leader and father by implementing her advice.” -Lt. Colonel Christopher B. Shaw, United States Marine Corps “Kadence LLC equips you with the tools to succeed in all aspects of your professional and personal life. Invest in yourself, invest in your future.” -Laca Wong Hammond, Vice President, Morgan Keegan Inc. "I had a remarkable experience attending the Kadence empowerment workshop. Ms. St. Hilaire did a wonderful job of coaching the participants through identifying, reflecting upon and planning towards a future goal or aspiration. It was both an intellectual and spiritual experience. I highly recommend Kadence workshops to any woman interested in taking her career and life to the next level. " -Jaynemarie Angbah, Ed.M, Director of Student Services, ‘Say Yes to Education’, NYC Chapter, Teachers College, Columbia University

CONTACT US Email karen@kadencellc.com Website kadencellc.com Blog kadencesip.com Linkedin linkedin.com/in/kadencellc Twitter twitter.com/kadencellc Phone 646.401.1332

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