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Published on March 7, 2014

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A copy of LM in English

) -t .l -l t t 1 English Gra de 2 ll t. .J .] ..1 j E' Ii. i ! J't al -l I I '-'|, l I I I I I { Learner's Material (Quarter 1)

f i T .tD n .*l tP ' li ! a 0. i s; ,

I Cqn Gel Along : We heor different sounds oround us. At home, we heor sounds from the rodio ond the ielevision. We heor the sounds mode by onimols in the Yords. When we go out in ihe streets, we heor the sounds mqde by cors, jeeps. buses, even the tricycles. Yes, we heor sounds thot ore loud, soft, high or low. ln Lessons l-4 you will leorn obout the different sounds you heor oround you. You will listen to these sounds, identify them ond try to imitote them. Moreover, in the succeeding lessons, you willgoin skills on how to properly iniroduce yourself io olhers ond know them well, too. o -ro -'<

lesson l: UNIT I I Con Gef Along Sounds Around [el's Try l. Listen to the sound mode by whot you see in the p.i ures. Put o check (r) on the bt6nk it it is tfre Cotrect sound ond cross (x) if it is not correct. l //. ' ding-dong-ding-dong _ ow-ow-ow-ow T IA Pok-pok-pok-pok t ty,ta)*t ,z Y/4i6-/V ,/tr i Eeeng-eeeog.eeoflg _ Bmoom-bmoom-bmoom _ Tic-toc-tic-toc w Itz Kming-kming- krning Kmo-.kmo-kmo

ll. Drow o line to connect lhe object with the sound ii mokes. fi fYL -gi/ l-/L'r/ lweeet-tweeet {srs L$5 Gg'i V ding-dong, ding-dong -rF meeooow-meeooow wheeeng-wheeeng kleng-kleng lll. Put on (x) on the line to mork objects thot moke loud sounds'ond ('/) for those ihoi moke soft sounds. crying boby telephone tiger _ drum bus mosquitoes Get Set How do you go to school? Do You wolk? Whot kind of tronsportotion do you lqke? Let's Aim As you listen to the story. find out ihe onswers to be given by the teocher. English/LM/04.09.13

  • I Con Do ll Who sqid the following lines? Lobelthe speech bubbles. lom sorry Lito, there's o troffic jom ogoinl qnd there ore trucks, vons, ond Yes, toxis too. Oh, ihere the signol light turned green. ryt: English/LM/04.09.13 .-?i J
  • Mecsure My Leorning Encircle the correct onswer. 1. Who went to school? (Lito, Kuyo Ben, Morio) 2. Whot sounds did Lito heor? ( brrroom-brrroom, meow-meow, knrin g-knrin 3. Whot time did Lito go to school? (B:00 o.m., 7:00 p.m., 7:00 o.m.) g 4. Who is Kuyq Ben? (tricycle driver, truck driver. Lito's fother) 5. Whot time would Kuyo Ben see Lito ogoin? (evening, noon, tomonow) Lesson 1: Sounds Around (Doy 2) Get Set Mimic the sounds of the tronsporiotion ond osk your seotmote to identify the tronsportotion. We Con Do lt Mimic lhe sounds of the tronsportotions below. Clossify ihe sound they moke os loud or soft. English/LM/04.09.13 )
  • Remember This ronsportotions moke different sounds. They moke loud or soft sounds I I Con Do ll Look ol the pictures. Check 1u) if the sound is loud or soft. Pictures English/LMl04.09.13 Pictures
  • lesson 2: AnimolSounds Get Set Whot kind of pets do you hove? Whot tricks con they moke? Whoi sounds do they moke? When do they moke these sounds? [et's Aim Whot onimolis mentioned in the story? [el's Answer l. Where did the first goot go? 2. Which goot hod nothing? 3. How did the goot cry? 4. Why did the fifth little goot cry? 5. Whot sound did it moke? English/LM/04.o9.13
  • lCon Do ll In the mop, list down nomes of onimols qnd the sound they moke. Soy if the sounJ they moke is loud or soft. Remember lhis Different onimols produce differeni sounds. Their sounds could be loud or soft. Inglish/LM/O4.09.13
  • Meosure My leorning Drow o line to connecl the onimols with the sounds they moke. meeeow, meeeow meee-meee, meee-meee neigh-eeeh, eeeh mooooo, moooooo ungooooo, ungooooo tweeet, tweeei English/tM/04.09.13
  • lCon Do ll Check (r') if the musicolinstrument mokes q loud, soft, high, or low sound. Pictures of musicol instrumenls Sounds produced sheek-sheek eng-eng kleng-kleng Tot-lot-tot .//. I boom-boom a Toc-pororok EnBlish/LM/04.09.13 loud soft high low
  • Meosure My Leorning Drow o line io connect the musicol instrument to the sound it mokes. sheek -- sheek -- sheek kleng Tot - - kleng -- kleng Tot -- Tot Boom -- Boom -- Boom Tic-Tic-Tic English/LM/04.09.13 ffir
  • lesson 4: Sounds in fhe Environmenl We Cqn Do lt Wriie down on the chort the sounds you heord. Check ('/) if it is loud/soft or high/tow. Sounds in the Environment Loud Soft High I 2. ? 4. 6. 7. 8. L 10. Remember This Sounds in the environment differ from one onother. They con be loud/soft, high/low. English/LM/0a.09.13 Low
  • I Con Do ll Encircle the correct onswer. Whot kind of sound does the object in the picture produce? 1|z high, low high, low high, low ;,ft#xffi, ,r/;,,f 5,i,,,, high, low Xi ' Y0 s high, low Meosure My leorning Listen to the sounds. Whot mokes the sound? ls it loud or soft? Encircle the correct onswer. Sound l. neigh-neigh 2. ort-ort Soulce of Sound Quolily of Sound cow norse loud soft puppy dog loud soft 3. whooooo ghost wind loud soft 4. wheeeee ombulonce fire truck loud sofl butterfly oees loud soft 5.btz-bnz English/LM/04.09.13
  • : Lesson 5: The Alphobet Mediot/e/ [ef's Try l. Encircle the leiters which belong to the English Alphobei ond box the letters w[icf, belong to the Filipino Alphobet qlone. A C D E F G H I J K L M N N Ng o P a R S T U V W il. B X Y Z Write the beginning letter of the following: t. 4. -et _eb 2. 5. Ann 6ffi-e,l vt1 s.3V_es Enslish/LM/04.09.13 _en *
  • : .: . " lll. Reod the sentences ond onswer the questions. Encircle the correct onswer. Sentences Choices L Ben fed the hens. Ted Ben Rem Who fed the hens? 2. The hens ore in the coop. Where ore the hens? coop 3. Ben fed ihe hen qt 8:00 o.m. Whot time did Ben feed the hen? 8:00 o.m. 9:00 o.m. 4. Ben went to school. Where did Ben go? 5. Ben greeted Miss Loro. Who did Ben greet? pen form l0:00 o.m. clinic school conteen Ben Teocher Miss Loro Get Set You hove leorned the olphobet song in Grode One. Get your portner;sing the olphobet song in English then in Filipino. As you sing with your portner, toke turns in writing the letters of both olphobets in the boxes provided below. English Alphobet: English/LM/04.09.13
  • Filipino Alphobet: We Con Do ll Write on the blqnks the missing letters of the olphobet. Remember lhis The English Alphobet hos 26 letiers. The Filipino Alphobet hos 2g leiters. There ore letters in the Filipino Alphobet which ore not present in the English Alphobei. ! ond ng in ihe Fitipino niphoOeit oie not found in the English Atphobet, Inglish/LM/04.09.13
  • lCqn Do lt (-n l. GH KL OP ST WX On the blonks. wrife the missing letters in the English Alphobet. ll. On the blonks, write the missing leiiers in the Filipino Alphobet. A E F I J M OP Meosure My leorning which olphobet ore the following letiers found? Encircle the correct onswer. In l. c 2. n 3. j (English, Filipino) AlPhobet 4. ng (English, Filipino) AlPhobet 5. z (English, Filipino) Alphobet (English, Filipino) AlPhobet (English, Filipino) AlPhobet English/LM/04.09.13
  • Lesson 6: Elemenls of lhe Story Get Set Whot do you do to help of home? you ore going to tisien to o story obout o very helpful Ooy.iinJ" ouf whot he does to help of home. [ef's Aim Write your nome in the middle of the crescent. up the bubbles with whot you Jo to hetp ot nome. Fill [et's Answer l. Encircle the correcT onswer. '1. Who owns the hens? (Ben, Tem, Ren) 2. How mony hens ore_there? (Seven, Nine, Ten) 3. Who feeds the hens? {Tem, ben, pen) 4. Whoi does Ben do beiore going to 'e schoot? (feed, seed, weed) the heis 5. Where wos Ren_ren?^ln the (ten, pen, hen) 6. Why wos Ben hoppy? He (found. met, lost) Ren_ren. English/LM/o4.09. r3
  • ll. Answer the following questions. l. Where did the story hoppen? Setiing: 2. Who were the chorqcters in the siory? Chorocters: _ 3. Whot wos Ben's problem? Problem: 4. How wos Ben's problem solved? Solution: How did the story end? Ending: We Con Do lt Below is on illustroiion of o story mop.The mop shows the elements of o story. Recollthe story, "The Tenth Hen," ond identify its elements. Write them in the story mop provided. English/LM/04.09.13
  • Remember This The elements of the story ore: lgtfing - tells where the ltory hoppened Chqrocler - tells who ore thb persons/onimols in the story Problem - tells whot the problem is Solulion - tells how the pioblem is solved Ending - tells how the siory ends lCqn Do lf ldentify the elements of lhe siory. Encircle the correct onswer. ending solution climox solution problem settino 4. Ben found the lenfh hen. selling chorocler solution 5. Tem chanaclar collinn proDlem 6. Ben's house selling solution ending 7. Ben solution ending l. Compleled the hens. 2. Ren+en is in the pen. 3. The tenth hen is missing. chorocter problem ending chorocter Meosure My leorning Motch ond connect the elements of the slory. l. Morio, the polite boy o. problem 2. In the school b. chorocter 3. Morio lost his wollet. 4. The school helper found the wollet. 5. Morio wos oble to hove his recess. Enslish/LM/04.0e.13 0 c. solution d. ending e. settinq
  • lessons 7: Speech Sounds Mediol /e/, Rimes (-el, -en) Get Set You hove leqrned how to reod the letters of both Filipino ond English Alphobeis in Grode One; you sholl leorn how to put the letters together io come up with new words. [el's Aim ldentify the piciures. With whot letter do lhey begin? Fill the blonks with the missing beginning letters. Then, write the whole word in the blonks ot the right. % €t ./ so @ English/LM/04.09.13 Two lelters beginnings ol lhe end (Onsels) {Rime} whole word

    w k Two letfers beginnings ot lhe end {Onsets) (Rime) whole word + Ag We Con Do ll Write the nqme of eoch picture below. Choose the onswer from the words in the box. nel jet English/LM/04.09.13 wet hen men pen
  • ': I Con Do lt Write the correct beginning letter to form the word. n"fi W rr.lTl lhtr ffirn-.r"t ffiIt t rEE @ rr.lll EnBlish/LM/04.09.13 # TTel nl 1 f|_.rr
  • Meosure My leorning Complete the phroses qnd sentences. go=*wq}w_" WgpW--'"'in'.'@ Ren-ren. tn" Thetenth $@ W ,n Let English/LM/04.09.13 -enrh -enisinrhe -et €t "n @M-"^ met Nel by the -ersrhe W-- _-et lhe wei * AT

    lesson 8: Speech Sounds Mediol /e/, Rimes (-eg, -ed) We Cqn Do lt l. ldentify the pictures. Write the beginning letter to form the whole word. fr., w .-.---_-.- _ w & ..........-F- -,/.- ll. ldentify the pictures. Write the beginning letter to form the whole word. ed Rsffi*-'-)- English/tM/04.09.13 *

    lll. Proctice reoding. L Ten big eggs in lhe nest. 2. Ted weds Meg. ffi:m 3. Color the bed red. 4. Ben fed the hens. {i1 5. The wellis neor the big bell. ffi-ffiffi i< lCon Do ll Encircle the correct ending letters. l.b (- ed eg en) 2.k_ (- ed eg en) 3.p- (- ed vv en) 4.t_ (- ed eg en) 5.w (- ed eg en) English/LM/04.09.13 o

    Meosure My leorning Listen os the teocher soys eoch word. Encircle the word thot you heor. bed net web hen sell gem well red beg pet keg Rem Ted leg wed met beg leg keg Meg English/LM/04.09.13

    lesson 9: Speech Sounds Mediql/e/, Rimes (_em, -ell, -eb) We Con Do ll Look ot the pictures. With whot letters do they begin? Join them with the correct rime. Write them on the blonks. Besinnins ?Jt?:?y whore word + = + _ell = -ell -efl f ffi^" VY eo -€Jrl -eb .F em + = + _ell = -em English/LM/04.09.13 o

    I Con Do lt Drow o line to connect the pictures to the phroses/sentences. sffi Pem is neor the well ffis The spider's big web The former sells o big hen The bellond the well Meosure My Leorning Fill in the boxes with the correci word. 6 N t. -W 3n-l-l @ English/LM/04.09.13 2. ffi

    lesson l0: "Bql Cot ond Fol Rol" [et's Aim Guess whot the story is ollobout. The tifle is ,,Bot Cot ond Fot Rot." Listen io your teqcher os he/she reods the story by Myrno J. Hipoliio. [et's Answer Answer the following questions ofter listening to the siory. l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Whot did Boi Cot hove? Whot is in the con? Where did Bot Cof sit? Where wos the con of jom? Whot did Fot Rot do? Why? Whot did Bot Cot do with Fot Rot? Why? Whot do you think wiil Boi Cot do with Fot Rot? whv? Whot do you think hoppened to Fot Rot? Meosure My leorning Write YES incorrect. if the stotement is correct ond NO if it l. Bot Cot ond Fot Rot ore friends. 2. Bot Cot guorded his con of iom. 3. Fot Rot ron fo the con of iom. 4. Bol Cot hit Fot Rot. 5. Bot Cot wos ongry with Fot Rot. Engli:;h/LM/04.09.13 is

    lesson 11: Speech Sounds Mediol/o/, Rimes ('om, -on, ond -ol) [et's Try l. Drow o line to connect the picture with the sentence. 'L The Bot Cot ron ofter the roi. 2. Fot Rqt ron in the von. 3. Don ond Pom ote the jom ond the hom. 4. Bon the rom from the dom. 5. Som soid, "The fon in the pon!" English/LM/04.09.13 is

    il. Look of the pictures. Write the beginning letter to complete the word. om _om _oT A&" I ffi #sR _om _om _om _om FS W --oi 9b _ot _on W"V @ _on tef's Reod w l. on _on Bot Cot ond Fot Rot ron. 2. The cot sol on o mot. 3. Bot Cof hos o hot. 4. Bot Cot hos o con of iom. 5. Pom ond Don ron io ih" uon. 5. Som bought hom ond iom. 7. Mot ron to the dom. English/t-M/04.09.13 * _on

    Meosure My Leorning Complete the words io form phroses ond sentences. _om ond -om om ond -om _on's ,{/ ond smoll-ot -ot _ot English/tM/04.09.13 -om sits on o -ot. #

    lesson l2: Speech Sounds Mediol/o/, rimes (-qg, _od, ond -op) Get Set You hqve leorned how to put letters together to forrn words. you hove listened to stories, reod words, phroses, ond sentences, too. you sholl hove more of the ending letters todoy, they ore -og, -od, ond -op. [el's Reod l. cop on my lop 2. lod on Momo's lop 3. sod foce 4. The sod lod hos o big bog. 5. The lod's cop is on the rog. 6. The lod took o nop on Momo's loo. English/LM/04.09.13 *|

    I Con Do lt Your teocher will give you pictures, beginning letter ond ending letter cqrds. Come up with o word thot mofches eoch picture. Work with your portner' We Con Do lt Reod eoch phrose ond drow o line to connect it with the correct picture on the righi. l. sod lod 2. o big mop 3. nop on momo's loP 4. soi on the rog 5. o rog bog 1W,.- i:.tx( ,*',-r c,ffi English/LM/04.09.13

    Meosure My leorning Encircle the correct word. nop sop top %l sop cop gop bog hog nog w od lod mo o wog rog bog lesson 13: "The pink Wig" [el's Aim Tpdoy:. you ore going to listen io o very exciting story. The tifle is ,,The pink Wig.,, Hove you seen o wig? As ihe teocher reods, finO out why Winnie, o chorocler in the story, wore the wio. [et's Answer Encircle the correct onswer. '1. Whot does Winnie do os she wokes up? (fixes her bed. brushes her ieeth) 2. How is Winnie colled in school? (Hord Heoded Winnie, The Winning Winnie) 3. Whot does Winnie love to do? (butlying, ptoying kicks) English/LM/04.09.13

    4. Whot trick does Winnie do? {weoring o pink wig, doing mogic) 5. How did Tinny/Winnie reveol herself? (took off ihe pink wig, soid her nomes) 5. How did her teocher ond clossmoies feel oboui it? (ongry, hoppy) 7. Where did the sfory hoppen? (in ihe clossroom. in the ployground) 8. Whot would you do if you were Winnie's clossmote? Winnie's teocher? (gef mod, lough, be hoPPY, be sorry) 9. Whot con you soy oboul Winnie? {lively, disobedient) lCon Do lt Encircle the letier of the correct onswer. l. Where did ihe story hoPPen? o. clossroom b. gorden c. in the ployground 2. Who ore the chorocters in the story? o. Winnie, Miss Lim, ond the PuPils b. Tinny ond Miss Loro c. Winnie ond Tinny 3. Whot wos Miss Lim's Problem? o. Who the new puPilwos? b. Where Winnie is? c. Where Tinny is? English/LM/04.09.13

    4. How wos it solved? o. The pupils took the pink wig off. b. Tinny/Winnie took off the pink wig. c. Miss Lim fook off the pink wig. How did Winnie, her clossmotes. ond Miss Lim feelot the end of the storv? o. noppy b. sod c. scory Meosure My leorning ldentify the elemerts of the story, ,,The pink Wig.,, Write ihem in the Crescent Orgonizer. chorocter Eng lish/LM/04,09.13 problem ffip

    Lesson l4: Rhyming Words Get Sel Reod Stor Lighi Stor Bright. Sfor light stor bright, The first stor I see tonighl, lwish I moy, lwish I might, Hove the wish lwish tonight. Let's Reod "Plggy Wiggy" By: Myrno J. HiPolito Wiggily, wiggilY hiP hoP Piggy Wiggy is out of the troP Jiggidy, jigsidY biP boP In the bin it hiPs ond PoPs Riggidy. riggidY diP doP Big Piggy WiggY dig uP. [et's Answer 1. Who wos in the trop? 2. How did the pig get out of the iroP? 3. Whot did the pig do in the bin? 4. Whot wos the lost thing he did? 5, Whot words in the rhYme hove the some sound? English/LM/04.09.13

    [el's Reqd Hop ond pop Riggidy ond jiggidy hom ond rom Pom ond Som ton ond con hip ond dip bog ond log cot ond bot fot qnd rot wed ond bed oop ond dop bod ond sod Ben ond Ten lop ond cop hen ond pen Remember This Words thoi hove the some ending sounds ore colled rhyming words. Meqsure My Leorning Soy lhe nomes of the pictures. Wrile yes on the blonk if they rhyme ond no if they don,t. l. 2. 3. 4. { English/LM/04.09.13 &

    Lesson [el's l. l5: Speech Sounds Mediol /i/, Rimes (-il, -iP, ond -ig) Try Write the letier of ihe correct onswer on the blonk before the number. l. lf 's l2:00 noon. The closs is over. The pupils ore reody to go home, whot will ihey soy? o. See you loier, teqcher. b. So long, teocher. c. Good bye, teocher. 2. Miko ond Nikki ore leoving for ihe school. Whot will they soy to Fother ond Mother? o. Good morning Mother, Good morning Fother. b. Good bye Fother, Good bYe Mother. c. Thonk you Fother, Thonk you Mother. 3. The pupils ore inside ihe clossroom' The morhing closs is obout to stort, whot will the pupils soy? o. Good bye, Teocher. b. Good morning, Teocher. c. Thonk you, leocher. 4. A ouoilis qoinq to the comfort room. How wiit frb osfpermission from the teocher? o. I'm sony teocher. b. Moy I hove o seot? c. Moy I leove the room, Teocher? 5. A pupilwill borrow o book from the librory, whot will he soy to the librorion? o. Moy I borrow o book, Mo'om? b. Thonk you, Mo'om. c. Welcome Mo'om. E n g lis h/ L lvl /04.09. 13

    ll' Nome the pictures. soy the words ond write beginning letters on the blonk. It. 6 z ffi*;71o " g-€p a. _tn it -g ta 7. -ig 4. English/LM/04.09.13 the * --lg

    Gel Set You hove leorned to do word ottock skills in the oosf lessons. You did well!There ore three more word fomilies:-it. -ig. ond -ip. These interesting fomilies will odd more to your reoding skills ond knowledge. Welcome to the world of lil. [et's Aim Look ot the following pictures ond identify them' "-6 ),.6 E nglish/LM/o4.09.13 #

    [el's Answer ol the pictures ond write the beginning letter of eoch Look to complete the words. l0 it / + + Ta-tr< kde fa A a rg / English/LM/04.09.13 *

    + l0 a rp / Meosure My Leorning Encircle the correci word for the picture. iip np ntp kit hit sit pig wtg fig dig big ng pit hit sit tffi l:#-h (:---Jl/ R=V A English/LM/04.09.13 ffi

    lesson 15: Speech Sounds Mediol/i/, (Doy 2) Rimes (-id, _in, ond _ill) [et's Aim Look oi the pictures ond write the beginning leiter of eoch to complete the words. ffi fa _-_----1.J' 4f ) "' ,/A a 4t-+-s In €)@ fu, ->W__') / + r- 0a id / + F- nglish/LM/04.09.13 I

    @ + @e fa mrl W iil _-/ + [el's Reod Proctice reoding the phroses/sentences. l. fin in the bin 2. Tin ond Bin 3. The kid took the pill. 4. Bill hid the oill. 5. bid ond win 6. Vin hid the pin. 7. The fin is in the bin. 8. pill in the bin 9. Spin the pin. I0. Nill, go to the English/LM/04.09.13 hill.

    lCqn Do lt Fill up the configured clues. d +Wt f /- rrr ffi rrtl Mg f-)l Meosure My leorning Checr the correct picture for the given word. bin bid fum n,t m bitl fin -(Srffi ;;Grf;= ,. J--f,)"':-'r F. ng / ffi*ffiffi@ efle@ lish/t M/ ffir ,-'.4' ./,2 -r / ./,.-"w!*, ?n


    Answer the following quesfions: l. How did Mikiond Nikkigreet Mother ond Fother? 2. How did Mother ond Fother greet Mikiond Nikki? 3. How did Miss Dino closs? greet Mikiond Nikki? The 4. Whot did ihe children soy before they left? lCon Do lt Act out ond soy the correct expressions. l. One morning you meet the principol on your woy to your clossroom. 2. One ofternoon you meet your new clossmote on your woy to school. 3. One sunny morning you meet your school helper on your woy to the conieen. 4. On o roiny ofternoon you went to the school clinic for treotment. 5. Your Fother orrived from work before dinner. 6. Mother woke you up to get reody for school. Follow the pottern below: B: Good (How ore you?l A: I'm B: l'm (fine too. Thonk vou.I English/tM/04.09.13

    lesson l7: Noming Words Get Set Whot ore the things thot you like? Whot ore the importont events in your lives? Whot ploces do you wont to see? I Con Do ll After listening to the story "At the School Yord," complete the T-Mop below. Who met Sqm? Where did Pom ond Som meet? 3. Whot new things did Pom hove? 4. Who bought Pom's new things? Who told Pom to moke o thonk you cord? 6. How did Pom feel obout Som's ideo? Remember This Nouns ore noming words. They ore nomes of persons, onimols, ploces, things, ond events. E nglish/LM/04.09.13

    Con Do lt Drow o line io connect the noun to its cotegory. Person Chrislmos Animol Posig Cify Ploce Thing Monny Pocquioo dog Evenl boll Meosure My Leorning Encircle the correct cotegory for the given picture. l. thing. onimol, person, ploce 2. event, onimol. person, ploce 3. thing, onimol. person, ploce 4. thing, onimol, person, ploce 5. thing, onimol, person, ploce English/tM/04.09.13 ffir

    Lesson l8: Working Together ls Best [el's Iry l. Complete eoch sequence using o word from the box. December four l. smoll 2. doy 3. October 4. Sundoy 5. first third lorge Iuesdoy yeqr medium month November Mondoy second ll. Write the singulor form of eoch noun on the lines below. & cherries bobies 2. .r#ffl !/ --, boxes churches s. @@ Inglish/LM/04.09.13 wneeis ffi

    Write the plurol of eoch noun to complete the ilt. seniences below. i. I om going to otiend two birthdoy (portyJ 2. this week. Lio bought some (strowberry) for her mother's solod. J. At the pet siore, we sow lots of (bunny) for sole. 4. Son Juon ond Mondoluyong ore smoll /cifyi in Metro Monilo. 5. Allthe (lodv) street children. boked cookies for the Gel Sel Hove you seen o school of fish swimming I lh" river /oquorium / pond? Tqlk obout it wiih o pqrtner. [el's Aim Listen os your teocher reods the story obout "Swimmy". Find out how the litfle fish become hoppy ogoin. [el's Answer o. Who is the chorqcter in the story? b. Whoi is ihe color of Swimmy? c. Where does he live? d. Who did he see one bod doy? e. Whot other seo creotures did he see? f. Whot did he see under o rocky corner? g. Why were they hiding under the rock? D?kD .*|-*trl8trsh/LM/04.09.1 I -

    h. Whot did they do together? i. j. k. How did the group of little fish ond Swimmy drive owoy the big fish? lf you were the little fish, willyou do the some? Why or Why not? Did you hove lhe some experience os the little fish in the story? Exomple: During their group work, whot should they do so thot they con moke iheir work better? How con they moke o project os o group? We Con Do ll Describe the troits of the chorocter you liked best in the siory. Use the web to do this. Nome of Chorocler Remember This Chorocler refers to the people in the siory who corry out fhe octions. Chorocters con be reol or moke believe. They con olso be qnimol or things." E

    d color Swimmy os you picture him from heord. -// K'el (y -)o {ot .4't d Oc ,q I /" .English/LM/04.09.13 qHT

    Meosure My leorning Using the the story. Chorocier Mop, drow the chorocter in Chorocler Mop How the chorocter looks Nome of Chorocter Where the chorqcter lives Lesson l9: Sequencing of Evenls Get Sei Whot ore the events thot hoppened in the story? Pick o picture ond tolk obout it. ffi *4hK [el's Answer Number ihe picture I to 5 os they hoppened in the story. r&r*@< English/tM/04.o9.13 s

    We Con Do lt I Act oui Swimmy getting owoy from ihe tuno fish Group 2 Act out Swimmy hiding behind the big rock Group 3 Act out o school of fish forming o giont fish Group 4 Act out o very hungry iuno fish Group lCon Do tt Whot comes next? Reod eoch porogroph ond the sentences below it. Number the sentences in the order thot they hoppened in the siory. Losi week, my older brother, Mork, got some pieces of wood. H9 mode o doghoJse for his dog, Dori. Lost night, Dorislept in his nLw house. He mode o doghouse for Dori. |-] Dorislept in his new house. I Mork got some wood. English/tM/o4.09.13 *r -

    morning, Melo's closs went on o trip to the pork. Then. they ote lunch. After lunch, they went to the zoo. Lostly, they went bock to school. This They went bock to school. |-] They went to the zoo. I They went to I They ole lunch. English/LM/04.09.13 lhe pork. n

    Meosure My leorning Reod the porogroph ond onswer the questions below. w ffiHffiffitr Effi&& Every Mondoy morning, we line up first in the schoolyord for the flog ceremony. After the flog ceremony, we oll go inside our clossrooms. when everyone is seoted, the feocher checks the otlendonce. Next. we leorn obout mothemotics. l. Whot do you usuolly do in school first thing in the morning? 2. Whoi hoppens ofter the flog ceremony? 3. When does the ieocher check the ottendonce? 4. Whot hoppens next? English/LM/04.09.13 * T

    lesson 20: Words Showing Order of Evenls Gel Sel Listen os your teocher retells the story "Swimmy." Look of the picture of the events in the story. Whot hoppened first? Whot hoppened next? ond then next? Whot hoppened lost ? Let's Aim How do we moke peonut butter sondwich? Number the sentences in correct order to show how it is done. x T n T Nexi, spreod peonui butter on one slice of breod. First, toke two slices of breod. Lost, corefully wrop the sondwich. Then, put the fwo pieces of breod together. We Cqn Do lt Look for o portner. Tell your portner the things thot you do before going to school. Use the words firsl, next, ond lhen, ond losl in telling your story. Remember This Sequencing is tlre order of events in o story. Stories hove o beginning, o middle ond on end. Use the words firsi, next, ond then, lost to denote sequences. DctED Eng'lt$T/f rXP4.o9.13 I

    Meosure My leorning Drow o picture in eoch box to tell o srory. Drow whot hoppens first, next, ond lqst. Before Going to Bed Next Enillsh/LM/04.09.13

    lesson 2l: Plurol Form of Nouns by Adding -s [el's Try Listen to your teocher os she reods ihe slory "Swimmy" ogoin. Whoi ore the nouns in the story? Write ihem in the columns below. Column A (Singulor Nouns) Column B (PlurolNouns) [et's lislen Listen ond repeot ofter your ieocher. plont choir fork room row plonis choirs forks rooms rows Whoi letter is odded to the noun to moke it plurol? Whot letiers come before -s, consonont or vowel? Ene DetED llsf/tl0tryr.09.13 n

    [ei's Answer Write the plurol of eoch of the following nouns. Rffi /@ ms 2. Ce 3. .*+@+ *€$o qesH 4. 5. o. 9e9 (c- ) ee 7. ffi@@ 8. 10. Remember This Singulor nouns ending in consonont sounds except y, x, f , s, h form their plurol by odding _s. Meosure My Leorning Underline the nouns in the sentence. Tellwhether the noun is o singulor or plurol. l. Three of the plotes ore round. 2. My grondmother is very kind. 3. Joushuo's croyons ore 4. Thot mop is old. { Birds flew in the sky. English/LM/04.09,13 s broken.

    lesson 22: More Rules: Plurol Form of Nouns Lel's Iry Let's ploy o gome nome "The Longest List." Go to your group ond fill ouf eoch column with os mony nouns os you con think of. Shore your lists with the closs. You will be given two to three minuies to do the tosk. Person Ploce Things Animols [el's Lislen Look qt the pictures. Listen ond repeot ofter your teocher. f ,f .4s /91$ ..,::'.1tt^6 d d How ore the plurol nouns in Group A formed? How ore the plurol nouns in Group B formed? E ngl fttED istr/tlofoar.09. 1 3 G I a

    We Con Do lt Write the plurolform of eoch noun. L city 2. church 3. cherry 4. strowberry 5. injury 5. iox 6. bus 7. wotch 8. story 10. sky Remember This Nouns thot end with -r, -ch, -x, -ss form their plurol by odding -es. Nouns thot end in v preceded by consononts form iheir plurblby chonging y to iond odding -cs. lCon Do lt Write the plurol forms of the following nouns. l. fox 6. box 2. bunny 7. flv 3. dress 8. wish 4. shoe 9. bench 5. motch 10. cherry Meosure My Leorning Motch column A wiih column letier before eoch number. A l. box 2. strowberry 3. foiry by writing the B o. foiries b. boxes c. glosses d. strowberries e. lodies 4. gloss 5. lody English/tM/O4.09.13 B tr

    Lesson 23: Doing ll Right Lei's Try l. Give o proper noun for eoch common noun. Choose the onswer from the Word Bonk. St. Mt. Moyon Eqrth Son Juon Gity DepEd Inquirer Misomis Quiopo Church Monilo Hotel Pinoglobonon Elementory School Philippines l. church 2. country 3. newspoper 4. office 5. plonet 6. 7. street 8. volcono L city hotel 10. school English/LM/04.09.13

    ll. Listen to your teocher os he/she reods the porogroph. Encircle the letter of the conect qnswer. Ekob ond His Friend Uno lo.ve my cute,litfle groy puppy nomed l,r.:_"lll ll"*1",,'l,fe_olly greoil He would run bround, jump pl T9t trcK my.roce, ond bork endlessly. When ne.gers noughty, he would ploy in the inud ond my shirt. T-rflje,drrr on would But Uno con reolly be on onget, foo. He sif on my lop, brush'his heod on my orms, ond look qt me os if to soy ,,1,m soriy.,, Most of oll, Uno loves to eot. At home, ne would sleep under my bed, onO onywfr"ru He otwoys be my speciolfriend. "tr.. will l. Who is Ekob's best friend? o. Puii b. Uno c. Brownie 2. Whot words ore used to describe Uno? o. cute, litfle groy b. hoiry, litfle groy c. otg eors 3. Where does fhe puppy ploy when it gets noughty? o. in the gorden b. underthe bed c. in the mud 4. Where does the puppy sleep ofter it eots? o. under the bed b. under the toble c. in the kennel 5. Why will he olwoys be o speciolfriend? g. l_-le loughs ond wogs his toit. D. He mokes me hoppy oll the time. c. He would sit on my lop ond brush his heod. English/LM/04.o9.13

    Gef Sef Do you remember o story thot your porents told/ reod to you? Shore it lo your clossmotes. Lef's Aim Listen to your teocher os she reods the story "Mory ond Mortho on Duty." Mory ond Morlho On DutY Mory ond Mortho ore on closs duty todoy. Mory sweeps the floor. She throws ollihe gorboge into the trosh bin. Afler thot, she empties the trosh bin into the big gorboge con outside the clossroom. Moriho wipes the desks. She wipes the blockboord cleon. The iwo girls neotly orronge oll the desks ond choirs. The clossroom is now cleqn ond tidy. Mory ond Mortho ore very hoppy ond proud of themelves. the story obout? Copy the moin ideo of the porogroph in the box below. . Mory ond Mortho cleon ihe clossroom. . The clossmotes leove the room. . Mory ond Mortho ore on duty todoY. Moin ideo: Whot is E English/LM/04.09.13

    Defoils: Who ore the chorqcters in the story? Whot did they do? From the porogroph, copy one senlence thot tells whot eoJh one Oia. What she did We Con Do tl Eoch group willoct out the scenes in the flosh cords. Group I - children orronging the choirs ond desk inside the clossroom Group 2 - children sweeping the dried leoves In the yord of the school Group 3 - children throwing gorboge into tne big gorboge con outside the clossroom Group 4 - o.pupilerosing the writings on the blockboord Remember Ihis Moin ldeo tells whot the siory glish/LM/04.09.13 is oll obour. E

    Meosure My Leorning Listen to your teocher os she reods the porogroph' Underline the moin ideo of the porogroph listened to. l. Animols help us in mony woys. They give us food. Some give us clothing. Other onimols help us in our work. Some become our friends. Whoi is the porogroph qbout? 2. Glendo woshed lhe clothes this morning. She wos very glod becouse the sun wos shining. Glendo wonted the sun to shine oll doy long. The clothes dried fost ond they smelled good. Whot 3. is the porogroph obout? Books ore our good friends. They moke us bright. They iell different stories. Others teoch us obout mony things in ihe world. Books live long if we toke good core of them. We should not teor their poges. We should not write on their poges, too. Whot English/LM/04.09.13 is the porogroPh obout?

    Let's group thern by using o Tree Mop. Common Proper We Con Do lt The common nouns ond proper nouns got mixed iogether in the cloud. Write eoch noun under the proper heoding. church Volcqno toy newspoper Botongos Cily onimol flower John lloyd Cruz mqrkel Tool Common Nouns English/LM/O4.09.13 Proper Nouns

    Remember lhis Common nouns ore common nomes of person, things, ploces, onimols, or events. They stori with smoll letter. Proper nouns ore specific nomes of persons, things ploces, onimols, ond events. They olwoys stort with o copitolleiter. I Con Do ll Color the proper nouns red' Color the common nouns yellow. Rose Miss Reyes girl foothposte friend plonet MMDA April Pinoglobonon Slreet bird Borocoy store Meosure My Leorning Write I for common nouns ond P for proper nouns' l. teocher 2. Pinoglobonon Elementory restouront 3. 4. Posig River 5. doy English/LM/04.09.13 School doctor APril -6. 8. Nofionol -7. Bookstore 9. Luneto Pork 10. book

    Lesson 27: Hoving Foilh in God [el's Aim Look of the picture below. ,"/- +!A-L ,/' Whot is the girt doing? When do you proy? How do you proy. let's lisfen Listen to your teocher os she reods ,,The Lord,s Proyer," the proyer Jesus toughl us. glish/LM/04.09.13 I

    The lord's Proyer Our Foiherwho ortin heoven, Hollowed be Thy nome, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on eorfh os it is in heoven. Give us this doy our doily breod. And forgive us our lresposses, os we Forgive those who tresposs ogoinst us. Leod us not into temolotion but deliver us from evil, ForThine is the kingdom ond lhe power ond the glory, Forever Amen. English/LM/04.09.13 0 T

    Meosure My Leorning A good woy to leorn io drow to observe how drow people ond copy whot you see. Here is o picture of o girlwolking with her pet dog. Try to copy the drowing on the blonk squore beside ii. is ortists. Drow the some girl proying io God for o beoutiful doy- Observe how your fomily proys ond drow it on lhe spoce below using o pencii. Keep procticing! English/LM/04.09.13 AF

    lesson 28: "For The Soke of Honey" [et's Try L Answer the questions below. 1. Who is your fother? 2. Where do you live? 3. Whot is your fovorite color? 4. When is your birthdoy? 5. Whot is your nome? ll. Tellwheiher the pictures ore counl nouns ond moss nouns. Write CN for count nouns ond MN for mqss nouns on the blonk before the picture. gre 6. ?9P 7ffiw ffi 2. B. 9. 4. )@ !Gr' English/LM/04.09.13 w

    lll. Color the pictures which begin with the leiter Get Set Whot do I know obout bees? I know thot bees English/tM/04.09.13 & B? :

    [el's Aim Drow o line to connect the picture with its nome. @w # @ honey sworm of bees busy people inseciicide [et's Reod An Excerpl from "For The Soke Of Honey" Donold G. Anderson Retold bY Dali Soriono Are you busy os o bee? The iruth is bees work so hord thot they octuolly kill themselves working. A worker bee often works six weeks ond ihen dies. Then o young worker bee tokes his ploce. Now, no one ever wonts io work hord qnd then die. BY Bees give people o delicious food colled honey. of yeors people hove used honey to sweeten their food. lt is olso used in preporing cough medicines, soft drinks, ond even insecticides. For thousonds English/LM/04.09.13 -

    [el's Answer Answer the following questions: l. Whot is the tiile oJ tne s6t? 2. Whot inseci is being tofte6 obout in the text? weeks OYoei o Uee ilrra 4. l-^t9w.mony wnot noppens to the bee ofter weeks of workino? 5. Whot d-o bees give? We Con Do ll I lp_lend thot you ore bees. tmitote how they rnove ond work. Remember This P::r-"r9, importont becouse they give noney. Honey is used for medicinei. lCon Do lt 1.."d the siory ogoin ond write the uses of,honey inside the beehive. | , r, Whot good troit of bees should we foilow ? tNhy? it inglirr,/irloq.og.r: s

    Meqsure My leorning Drow o hordworking bee in the flower gorden below. 7i::- - )o'" ' '' -7 ;: 15-1:'- '-"-k--=---- ' -t =- Lesson 29: Knowing Myself Betler Get Sel Exploin how to use the Wh- questions through pictures? t We Whot? @ & When? R& PRWho? English/tM/04.09.13

    [et's Aim Whoi street gome do you ploy? Hove you ever ployed potintero? How do you ploy it? Listen to your teocher os she reods the comic strip. PA By DALI SOPIAN? On1he playground after school, raf sow their new classmote. I tt tatr t I I J Pol, look! Our new c|E,ssrnate is all alone. Let's tl t Welcone to our schooL What's your none? elish/LM/04.09.13 o E

    ,ll ,t'r1 Yes, let's take a rest. That was fun! Thank you for playing - with me. ,. You're uelcome. We ore happy to be your friands. DctED E nglEtr/tld/O4.09.13 T

    I Con Do lt Look of ihe pictures, then osk q quesiion. ffiw-# Remember This Who - is used when osking obout o person Whot - is used when osking for informotion obout something When - is used when osking obout time Where - is used when osking obout ploce g*EQnr,',nzLM/04.0e. 13 -

    We Con Do lt l. Alphobet Soup Select one letter of the olphobet ond onswer the questions. Allyour onswers must begin with your chosen letter. Somple onswer Your onswer o. Who is your mother? Cecile b. (person) Where does she work? clinic (ploce) c. Whot is in her hond? cotton (thing) d. Whot does she ll. do? cleoning Write o story using your onswers. Exomple: She is Cecile. She works of the clinic. She hos cotton in her hond. She is thinking of cleoning o potient's wound. Your story: lll. Reod your sentences oloud one of o time. Your clossmotes should guess the question word for eoch onswer. -

    Meosure My leorning lf you wont fo know the nome of o person, whot question willyou osk? How willyou osk your sister if you wont to know where your porents ore? You will^visit your grondmother, whot question will you osk? You wont to know who the teocher in English how willyou osk? EnglishltM/04.09.13 I is,

    Lesson 30: Befiiending Others [el's Aim Write os mony questions you wont to osk God (your porents or teochers). QUESTION WALL Meqsure My Leorning Find friends who will onswer these questions. Then. wriie their nomes below. Whot is your fovorile show? Nome: Who is your best friend? Nome: Where willyou spend your summer vocolion? Nome: English/LM/04.09.13

    lesson 3l: | love Noming Words Lef's Aim Look of the following pictures. I love nouns/ noming words. COUNT NOUNS N€9 qEQF %/@ ffiffiffiffi MASS NOUNS Hrm 6<F English/LM/04.09.13 o

    [et's Answer Tellwhether the noun is countoble or not. Wriie CN for count nouns ond MN for moss nouns on the blonk before the picture. '@w 1. ,fu _3. Remember lhis Count nouns nome onyone or onything thot con be counled ond whose plurol form con be formed by odding -s or -es. Exomples: cup, bog, computer, tree, house, choir, pupil, boy, toy, girl, teocher The cup is cleon. The cups ore new. Moss nouns or non-countqble nouns refer to things which connot be counted like woter, sugor, etc. They usuolly do not hove o plurol form so we odd quontifiers moke them plurol. Exomple: 1 gloss of woter English/LM/04.09.13 0 or determiners to

    Exomp/es: dirt, ink. pepper. sond, sugor, powder, sugor, rice, flour, wheot, roin, ice, woter, sou_p, softdrinks, juice, teo, vinegor, soy l1y_.9: Tilk, syrup, oit, siruce, mud, foo*o, gross, notr, oxygen, smoke The woter is colc. Quonfifers; o pinch of, o spoonful of, o teospoon of, o toblespoon of, o botfle of, o slice of, o sock of, o con of, o box of lwill put o pinch of solt in my soup Pleose corry the sock of rice. Deferminers:. msny... o few, both, some, much, o rot of, most of, o liffle of She puts o litile of sugor in my coffee. Much of the gross wos wotered by the gordeners. Con Do lt Nome the count qnd moss nouns in the box below. Then, wr,ite their nomes under the correct heoding. E nglish/LM/o4.09.13

    Moss Nouns Counf Nouns Meosure My Leorning Color the bolloon red if the noun ond blue if it is o moss noun. sugor English/LM/04.09.13 is o count noun rnon€to

    Lesson,32: My Body ond lhe letter [et's Aim B Let's Do the Rop - My Body ports with the Letter B (Rop) My Body Ports thot Storl wilh lhe lefier ByAmcyM.Fsfebon B All: Sound of the tetter Bbbbbbbbbb...... (Beol & sound of B) Body ports, body ports with the letter B Know ihem, know them ond you willsee Letler B, letter B is the besi for mel Here ore the body ports with the letter B... Broin, bock, bones ond belly Brows, blood, breost ond biceps They ollstort with fhe letter B. Now, soy the souhd of the letter B B,B,B,B,B.B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B.... Body ports stort with the letter broin bones brow breost English/tM/04.09.13 bock belly blood biceps B

    We Cqn Do lf Encircle the pictures with the beginning sound ot lbl. Con you think of other things storting with the letter B? My Lisl of B-Things English/tM/04.o9.13 o

    [et's Airn Listen io your teocher os he/she reods ilre story. Let's find out who ore ihe members of my tomity. My Fomity lom Lio ond lom here Hi! io introduce my fomily. This is Jocob. He is my little brolher. He is one-yeor old. This is my brother. His nome is Joshuo, but we coll him ,,Kuyo." He weors eyeglosses. z This is my big sister, Roine. She loves dresses. She hos o long hoir. we coll her,,Ate." t ng lisr)/LM/04 09 j 3 ffi

    my mother. She works in on office. She woshes our clothes ond cleons the house. This is my fother. He works in o hotel. He iokes us to the pork. This is These ore my grondporents. They visit us every Christmos ond New Yeor. They olso come during our birthdoys. This is my fomily. We love ond respecf eoch other. ,ffi ffi-ffi-ffiffiffiA ffimffiffiWffiffiffi English/LM/04.09.13 ffi

    [et's Answer Who ore the members of Lio,s fomily? ihe pronouns used "lore ore su.bstituted in the monologue? Whot nouns by the pronouns t, He, She, lt, Ihey, ond We? Il Jocob, fother Roine. mother grondporents dog He She They It We Con Do tt Eoch group will moke o diologue using personol pronouns in introducing their fomily. Remember This We use l, He, She, lt, We, ond They when we tolk oboui people, onimols, ond thing6. He for o boy She for o girl They tor more thon one person I tolking obout yourself ll for onimols or things English/tM/04.09.13

    Con Do ll Personol Pronouns Chonge the word or words in the porentheses ( ) with the correct pronouns he, she, or lhey. Remember to begin your senience with o copitol letter. The first one wos done for you. i. (Glorio ond Roy) TheY went to the beoch. (Ihe boy) hod mony shells. (Glorio) found o storfish. picked up o seoweed. 4. (Rov) (Glorio) will corry my bosket of shells. wonls to jump into the woter. 6. (Roy) should return the shells 7. (Glorio ond Roy) to the beqch. ogreed. 8. (Glorio ond lhe boy) 2. English/tM/04.09.13 rE

    Meosure My leorning Reploce eoch crossed out word/groups of words with the pronoun in the box. l. guretess wenl to ihe recycling plont. 2. tv{*$en+ea told us obout pollu"tion. 3. Pollt#io,n con be gorboge, chemicols, or smog. +. con spreod over lqnd, oir ond woter. 5. blt#ien kills some fish ond birds. I Reberfen+l t*.y.tite mok91 new things from gorboge. 7. will help stop f,oilution. 8. The men who runs tie ,=lent soid lt,s our eorth. lesson 34: Using personol pronouns [et's Aim in the blonks with the correct pronoun. Choose from the lisi in the box. Fill This is Jockie. clossmole. _- My nome is Briqn. Z yeors old. . English/LM/04.09.13 is my om

    This is my dog. loves bones. ffiffi @s ffi@ & These ore Solly, Cindy, Mj, Kim, go Jocky. ond Nicky. -to the some schooltogether. This is Mico. is my brother. Lef's Answer Listen to the diologue os your teocher reods. Whoi is the title of the diologue? Whot ore the personol pronouns used in the diologue? We Con Do lt Creote o diologue using personol pronouns. Group I lntroducing o new friend io o group Group Group 2 3 of friends Buying in the suPermorket Iniroducing your cousin in your friend's birthdoy porty

    lCon Do ll Com6:lete the sentences with the personol pronouns l, you, or we. Ano, ore o Filipino? al rn /_r ._- _. om. How obout Yes, . Filipino. My porents ore both Filipinos. Then you ond I ore Yac whot sholl Filipinos. hove o duty to our country.

    Meosure My Leorning Write the pronouns l, She, He, They, You, We, ond lf on the blonks. is 2. o teddy beor. ore twins is . from Boguio. ore puPils. 5. G is on othlete.

    --]' : Lesson 37: More Fun With lhe g qs in lsl [el's Aim Let's do the rop In groups. Eoch group will present o chont or o yell. Lel's Answer How mony sounds does C produce? Give words thot begin with C /k/ ond C /s/. lCon Do ll Roise one hond if you heor the letter C with the sound of /k/ond roise two honds when you heor the C with the sound,qf /s/. cort celery cocli.rs cinemo cinnomon circle cloud cereol coroboo cone Meosure My leorning Pui o cross on the word which hos o different sound of C os lhe given word: L century * 2. costume 3. circus 1' "'P J. crown - center ceromic cosuol cloy cinemo centovos come cinnomon croyon corrol custord cord citrus cereol crob

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