K* (KStar): an inter-denominational view of Networking the Networks

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Information about K* (KStar): an inter-denominational view of Networking the Networks

Published on June 18, 2013

Author: ckforum

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2013 Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum
Alex Bielak
Knowledge Broker
Chair of the Kstar Initiative convened by UNU-INWEH

K* (KStar): an inter-denominationalview of Networking the Networks2nd Canadian KMb ForumMississauga, ON June 2013by Dr. Alex T. BielakKnowledge BrokerChair of the Kstar Initiative convened by UNU-INWEH

2alex@bielak.ca Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13the K* Conference brought together keyexperts from across the world, and fromdifferent sectors for the first time

3alex@bielak.ca Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13

alex@bielak.ca 4The K* (KStar) initiative• “K* is the collective termfor the set of functions andprocesses at the variousinterfaces betweenknowledge, practice andpolicy.”• “K* improves the ways inwhich knowledge is sharedand applied: improvingprocesses already in placeto bring about moreeffective and sustainablechange.”Shaxson, Louise with Alex T. Bielak, et al. 2012. Expanding our understandingof K* (KT, KE, KTT, KMb, KB, KM, etc.) A concept paper emerging from the K*conference held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, April 2012. UNU-INWEH,Hamilton, ON. 30pp + appendiceswww.tinyurl.com/kstarconference

Let me get this out of the way• This is not just an theoretical exercise• The Concepts and Framework are alreadybeing used by/informing the work of:– Third Sector Research Centre, CanChild Centrefor Childhood Disability Research, NaturalEngland, UNCCD, NRCan, World Bank,Watermobile, South African DevelopmentCommunity, Govt. of Ontario Cabinet Office,EuropeAid, UN International Strategy forDisaster Reduction, ODI, UNU-INWEH andothers…alex@bielak.ca Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13 5

NOT FOR CITATION: Fig 1: The K* spectrum. There is a spectrum of knowledge sharing activities, which are all systemicallyrelated to each other. (Adapted from Shaxson and Bielak et al, 2012.) (Figure is from a multi-author paper currently with the Editor in Chief of Science:Shaxson, L.; Bielak, A. T.; and Yip, Z.K.: et al. “From science communication to knowledge mobilization and innovation brokering: the K* (Kstar) spectrum”)KMb

Mapping functionsalex@bielak.ca 7Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13

Mapping functionsalex@bielak.ca 8Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13


Is there a need?• A key recommendation from KstarSurely we• don’t want duplication, Balkanization?• do want to learn from the successes, bestpractices and failures of others?• do want to help make a comprehensivecase for K* (whatever we call our bit of it)alex.bielak@ec.gc.ca Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13 10

OrganizationsK* COPS Canada• KMb Institute• Research Impact• KTECop ON• KTECop• Govt. ON K*PractitionersNetwork• CSWA• Cdn ResearchDate CentreNetwork• EENet• …alex.bielak@ec.gc.ca Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13 11INTERNATIONAL(MIX)• KTExchange• Bonn Science Shop• PCST• GlobalImplementationConference• KBForum• KM4Dev• KStar Conference• CIPPEC• GDNet• INASP• KTAfrica• …USE K* IN PRACTICE• York University KMb Unit• CWN• NeuroDevnet• Neurotrauma KMbNetwork• Spinal Cord Injury KMbNetwork• Federal Depts and CoP• OMAFRA-UofG KTTPartnership• KNAER• WSPS• …

alex@bielak.ca CIS-SPI 14/11/2012 Brussels 12we have the Toolswww.inweh.unu.edu/River/KnowledgeManagement/Kstar2012GreenPaper.htm

alex@bielak.ca 13And understand the obstacles(Structural, Individual, Organizational, Systemic)www.inweh.unu.edu/River/KnowledgeManagement/Kstar2012GreenPaper.htmCanadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13Ultimately we are living proof that we are getting past many such barriers:Should we now look at barriers to greater connectivity/learning?

So what is preventing us?1. LIFE We are busy2. WORK We are all invested in our own thing We/others don’t see a need or potential benefits We do see a need but there are barriers People change jobs, retire3. HUMAN NATURE We lose interest/focus We are lazy, protectionist, hostilealex@bielak.ca 14Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13

alex.bielak@ec.gc.ca Canadian KMb Forum – 04-06-13 15Q#1. WHERE DO WE FIT AND WHY/HOW DO WE INTERLINK?


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