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Published on March 27, 2008

Author: jabernethy

Source: slideshare.net

Powerpoint By: Kristen L. & Jessica F. P.S.S.A!!!!

Get ready for... PSSA Preparation!

Prime Numbers 3,5,7, 2,11,13, 17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,

Composite numbers 4,8,10,9,15,14,16,24,26, 12,56,18,20,21,22,28,26,

Prefixes re-,pre-,pro-,com-,con-, co-,bi-,

Suffixes -ed, -ies, -est, -er,

Run on sentences I love my dog Rex he is cute. My best friend Hiedi plays soccer she is good.

Onomotopoeia boom, crash, meow, snap, crackle, pop, pow, woof,

Hyperbole I told you a MILLION times to clean your room! My dog has a MILLION flees! I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

Alliteration Cyber Chickens Peter Piper picked a pepper Party Peguins Tick Tock Cool Cats Sally Sold Seashells by the Seashore

Simile Matt was as slow as a turtle. I am like a bear in the morning. Tony is as sick as a person with a really bad case of the flu. I avoid my sister so much it's like we're NOT family!

Metaphor He is a bear when he wakes up. Alex is a wild horse when he is outside. Devin is a wacky loony toon.

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