K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow 14-1 Kickoff

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Information about K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow 14-1 Kickoff

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: FlatConnections

Source: slideshare.net

K-­‐2  Building  BridgesProject  14-­‐1   Welcome!   Teacher  kickoff  mee>ng  February  17/18  2014   The  Project  wiki  can  be  found  at     h"p://k-­‐214-­‐1.flatclassroomproject.org/     The  project  Teacher  Guide    can  be  found  at   h"p://9nyurl.com/k2flatconnect       This  project  is  part  of  the  Flat  Connec>ons   group  of  global  projects   h"p://flatconnec9ons.com    

Meet  FuzeBox!   Our  virtual  classroom  for  Flat  Connec>ons  

Where  are  you  from?  Add  to  chat  your  name,  your   city/state/country  and  >me.  

Agenda   Part  1:  K-­‐2  and  Flat  Connec9ons   •  Introduc>ons   •  What  is  Flat  Connec>ons?   •  What  is  K-­‐2  Building   Bridges?   •  Places  and  spaces   Part  2:  Project  details   •  Project  content   •  Project  aims  and  challenges   •  Project  structure   •  Project  outcomes   •  How  to  get  started   •  What  to  do  now….and  next  

Introduc>ons   •  Project  Manager   –  Sandy  Wisneski   •  Lead  Teacher   –  Cathy  Wolinsky   •  ‘All  Projects’   Coordinator   –  Yvonne  Caples   •  Flat  Connec>ons   founder   –  Julie  Lindsay  

A  Flat  Connec>ons  project  is  about…..   CONNECTING   ●  Being  informed  -­‐  making  sure  you  receive   informa>on   ●  Making  valuable  connec>ons  with  other   par>cipants   ●  Building  a  learning  community  -­‐  teachers  and   students   ●  Being  comfortable  with  project  spaces  and   places  

A  Flat  Connec>ons  project  is  about…..   COMMUNICATING   ●  Synchronous  teacher  mee>ngs   ●  Asynchronous  Ning,  wiki,  Edmodo  work   ●  Sharing  resources  and  ideas  for  learning  to   improve  project  outcomes   ●  Observing  project  workflow  and  informing   partners  of  school  breaks  and  interrup>ons    

A  Flat  Connec>ons  project  is  about…..   COLLABORATING   ●  Contribu>ng  to  all  aspects  of  the  project   ●  Being  reliable  and  responsible  global   collaborators   ●  Monitoring  and  being  part  of  the  project   conversa>on  with  students   ●  Suppor>ng  co-­‐crea>on  objec>ves  

What  is  K-­‐2  Building  Bridges  to   Tomorrow?   The  K-­‐2  Building  Bridges  to   Tomorrow  Project  is  a   global  collabora>ve  project   that  joins  together  students   at  the  lower  elementary   level  (typically  grade  K-­‐2,   4-­‐7  years  old).   Teachers  will  meet  most   weeks  to  discuss  project   goals,  aims  and  progress.   Classes  will  be  grouped  into   teams  of  3-­‐5  on  each  topic.   It  uses  Web  2.0  tools  to  support   communica>on  and  interac>on  as  well  as   collabora>on  and  crea>on  between   students  and  teachers  from  classrooms   around  the  world.  The  topics  shared  and   discussed  are  real-­‐world  scenarios  that   aim  to  pique  interest  amongst  students  as   to  similari>es  and  differences  between   classes  and  cultures.   The  project  is  designed  to  develop  cultural   understanding,  skills  with  Web  2.0  and   other  sofware,  experience  in  global   collabora>on  and  online  learning,   awareness  of  what  it  means  to  live  and   learn  in  a  flat  world.  

Places and Spaces…… Getting a handle on where to g http://www.flickr.com/photos/cogdog

K-2 Teacher Community •  Flat Connection network (Ning) o  Join teacher group (http://flatconnections.net) o  http://flatconnections.net/group/k-2-buildingbridges-14-1 •  K-2 Google group o  Set your own email preferences and make sure you are receiving mail during the project For private email communication •  http://groups.google.com/group/flat-classroom-k-2-project •  Email: flat-classroom-k-2-project@googlegroups.com

Wiki http://k-214-1.flatclassroomproject.org

hhp://flatconnec>ons.net   Ning  Group  –  Important  resources  

Project  Content  Summary   Project  Topics   •  How  We  Play   •  Going  to  School   •  Celebra>ng  Together   •  Part  of  a  Family   •  Making  a  Meal   •  Sharing  Stories   All  teams  do  this  topic   •  A  View  from  the  Window  

Aim/Challenge   Aim:  To  build  understanding  of  life  beyond  the  immediate   environment  and  also  build  community  through  regular   connec>on  and  collabora>on  and  by  sharing  between   classrooms.   Our  Challenge:  To  connect  classrooms  around  the  world  in   meaningful  discussions  and  collabora>ons  and  to  show  that   co-­‐crea>on  of  ideas  and  products  is  possible  at  this  level  of   educa>on  

Guiding  Ques>ons:   Guiding  Ques9ons:   •  Can  very  young  students  effec>vely  connect,  communicate,   and  collaborate  in  a  global  project?   •  What  does  this  look  like?   •  What  products  can  students  in  mixed  classroom  teams  co-­‐ create?   •  What  ac>vi>es  and  structure  can  we  design  and  implement   to  scaffold  this  collabora>on?  

How  will  Workflow  support  K-­‐2  14-­‐1?   •  Online  Teacher  Informa>on  Mee>ng:  before   March  1   •  Classroom  Handshake  and  Kick-­‐off:  March  1-­‐15   •  Team  Forma>on  and  Project  Discussions:  March   15-­‐April  1   •  Projects  to  be  started  by  April  1   •  Mul>media  Collec>on  and  Sharing:  April  1-­‐15   •  Product  Development  and  Co-­‐Crea>on:  April   15-­‐30   •  Celebra>on,  Summits  and  Reflec>ons:  May  1-­‐15  

K-­‐2  Building  Bridges  Project  Structure   Team  forma9on,  Handshakes   Project  discussions,  Mul9media   collec9on  and  sharing   Project  development  and  co-­‐ crea9on   Celebra9on,  Reflec9on,  Sharing   outcomes  

What  are  Project  Outcomes  for   Students?   •  Online  learning  community  interac>on     –  Real  >me  interac>ons  e.g.  Skype   –  Sharing  mul>media    -­‐images,  videos  e.g.  class   handshakes   •  Collabora>ve  learning  and  team  skills   •  Major  outcome  1:  Contribu9on  to  one  of  the   Team  topics   •  Major  outcome  2:  A  View  from  the  Window  

Crea>ng  the  Handshake   ●  Handshake  phase   ○  ○  Reach  out  and  “shake  hands”  over  the  next  week   Share  this  experience  via  the  Ning  or  the  Wiki   ●  Tools  for  the  Handshake   ○  ○  ○  You  decide   Skype  -­‐  Mystery?   Video  

Examples  of  Past  Projects   hhp://k213-­‐1bridges.flatclassroomproject.org/Home     Handshake  Example   h"p://youtu.be/nTI9meJBz_0  

Examples  of  Past  Projects   hhp://k213-­‐1bridges.flatclassroomproject.org/Home     View  from  Our  Window  -­‐  h"p://youtu.be/FdiQUrh617Q  

Proposed  Outcomes   Co-­‐created  Product  from  Mixed  Classrooms   using  Mul>-­‐Media   ●  E-­‐Books   ●  Voicethread   ●  Glogster  

Examples  of  Past  Projects   hhp://k213-­‐1bridges.flatclassroomproject.org/Home   Final  Project   Voicethread:  hhps://voicethread.com/share/4508761/  

K-­‐2  13-­‐2  examples   •  Refer  to  wiki   hhp://k-­‐213-­‐2bridges.flatclassroomproject.org/      

What  now?   •  PM  will  email  a  mee>ng  summary  and   recording  link  for  this  kickoff  (and  this  info  will   be  on  the  Ning!)   •  Invita>on  to  Google  group,  Ning  group,   Timebridge,  join  the  wiki   •  Week  star>ng  February  24:   –  Another  teacher  mee>ng  run  by  Sandy  and  Cathy   –  Teachers  start  introducing  students  to  the  project   –  Real  >me  connec>ons  explored  

Badges    -­‐Teachers  &  Students   Flat  Connec9ons  will   introduce  ‘Badges’  this   semester.   More  informa9on   coming  soon!   h"p://credly.com    

Discussion  and  Ques>ons  

Final  words………   •  Anyone  who  has  never  made  a  mistake  has   never  tried  anything  new.   -­‐  Albert  Einstein   •  The  important  thing  is  not  to  stop  ques>oning.   -­‐  Albert  Einstein  

FLAT  professional  development    Flat  Connec>ons  Global  Educator   FLAT  encounters    Sydney  June  2014   FLAT  projects  for  K-­‐12   hhp://flatconnec>ons.com  

Global  Portal       Teacher  Network   Email           Twiher         Julie  Lindsay      flatconnec>ons.com    flatconnec>ons.net    admin@flatconnec>ons.com    @flatconnec>ons    julie@flatconnec>ons.com  

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