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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Petronilla

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Slide1:  The Power of Biotech A 2025 Vision Johan Vanhemelrijck Secretary General EuropaBio Slide2:  EuropaBio EuropaBio represents the Biotech industry in Europe EuropaBio membership comprises 60 corporate members plus 25 national member associations representing over 1500 entrepreneurial companies EuropaBio is active in all sectors: healthcare, agro, food, industrial biotech, environment, young business development EuropaBio’s mission is to promote an innovative and dynamic biotechnology based industry in Europe No indication of commercial animal cloning for farming Biotechnology: The Invisible Revolution :  Biotechnology: The Invisible Revolution Products are products whatever the production technology. Medicines are medicines Corn is corn Soya is soya BioPlastic is plastic BioDiesel is diesel. General Industry expectation.:  General Industry expectation. Predictable rules stimulate research. Robust product evaluation and approval stimulate entrepreneurship. The resolution of the GMO debate to be able to invest in Bio-energy and Bio-products. Positive discrimination of environment friendly produced products. Positive discrimination for life saving and real cures. Positive discrimination of new therapy avenues for rare diseases. Positive discrimination of YIC/YLC investments. US Versus EU :  US Versus EU -- 1830 Companies -- 172,400 employees -- €16.4 billion in R&D -- €2.1 billion in Venture Capital -- €4.3 billion in debt financing -- 1976 Companies -- 94000 employees - 35000 in R&D -- €6 billion in R&D -- €750 million in Venture Capital -- €1 billion in debt financing Source: Critical I 2003 figures …. Arts and skills of the bio-entrepreneur: Minimize entrepreneurial risk, maximize societal value:  Arts and skills of the bio-entrepreneur: Minimize entrepreneurial risk, maximize societal value RISK VALUE IPR risks Financial risks Regulatory risks Market risks Research risks TIME LINE Political risk Slide8:  Growth and jobs In 2004, Europe has some 1976 companies Employing nearly 100,000 people 65,000 of those are in human healthcare The Industry spent over €5 billion on R&D Generated €19 billion in revenue Raised €1.5 billion in equity Slide9:  Biotechnology for a better quality of life in a sustainable society Slide10:  Healthcare biotech Almost 300 million patients worldwide are benefiting from advances in biotechnology today Delivered some 200 approved medicines/vaccines to date Today provides almost 50 % of all (new) medicines (diabetes, growth disorders, cancer, hepatis, HIV, Arthitritis and more) More than 400 therapeutic products under development in 2004 Slide11:  Healthcare biotech Vision 2025 In 2025, Human cell and tissue therapies will be new dimension to medical treatment promising novel cures for heart disease, but also today’s incurable illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Personalized medication thanks to more precise diagnosis Developing world – Data to come (Malaria?) Continues to address unmet medical needs and rare disorders Slide12:  Agro-Food biotech In 2004 global area for biotech crops grew 20% to 81 million hectares ranging from 14% of all Maize grown globally to 56% of total area planted to soya beans Slide13:  Agro-Food biotech About 8.25 million farmers in 17 countries planted biotech crops. Most of these (90%) are small scale farmers in lesser developed countries. For the first time the absolute growth in biotech crop area was higher in the lesser developed countries than in the industrialized countries (6.1 million hectares increase in 2004). Slide14:  Improve understanding of plant metabolisms Secure a healthy, high quality food/feed supply Improve plant yield potential and security Improve countryside biodiversity Improve the genetic diversity of crop plants Reduce the environmental impact of agriculture Improve crop co-existence Develop renewable materials and more efficient biofuels 2025 - a European vision for plant genomics and biotechnology Slide15:  Green Mandate Improve Agricultural Productivity To Sustain 10 billion world population by 2050 Meet demand for a 3 fold increase of cereals for production of meat, poultry and fish Optimise use of arable land; prevent deforestation Address the issue of increasing scarcity of fresh water Source: Roger Beachy, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Slide16:  What is needed? Coherence of policies Setting better and more predictable rules & regulations enabling all biotech (colours) exploit their research efforts Helping (young) R&D based and innovative companies Valuing opportunities & dealing with risks Keeping/attracting top scientists & entrepreneurs Slide17:  Sugar Biofuel Biomaterials Chemicals Industrial biotech Gateway to a More Sustainable Future Cell Factory Slide18:  Cleaner and more (cost) efficient ways of making: Faded jeans Detergents Plastics Vitamins Antibiotics Fuel Biosteel Biobatteries DNA computers Industrial Biotech Power Present Future Öko-Institute calculation: Reduced environmental foot-print up to 20 – 60 % McKinsey Estimate: Added Value of 11-22 billion € per Year Slide19:  7 main research areas in IB: Novel enzymes and micro-organisms Microbial genomics and bio-informatics (systems biology) Metabolic engineering and modeling Biocatalyst function and optimization Biocatalytic process design Innovative fermentation science and engineering Innovative down-stream processing Identification of possible IB demonstration projects Integrated biorefineries Bio-based performance and nano-composite materials Novel intermediates by novel enzyme activities Minimal and artificial micro-organisms - synthetic biology Developing a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) White Biotechnology:  Industrial Biotransformations Fine Chemicals Antibiotics Vitamins Food & Feed Flavors & Fragrances Pharma Chemicals Sweeteners Cosmetics Detergents Paper & Pulp Commodities Performance Materials Waste water treatment White Biotechnology White Biotechnology – Impact:  White Biotechnology – Impact Estimated (McKinsey) value creation potential – new business and improving existing processes: 11 - 22 billion € Reduction of waste / energy estimated (Öko Institute) ranging from 20 to 60% for a number of existing processes analyzed Chirality in Catalysis:  Chirality in Catalysis Not just for Pharma targets … … Life itself is Chiral What is Chirality?:  What is Chirality? Chirality comes from the Greek Ceiros = hand Non-chiral objects/molecules possess a plane of symmetry; they are superimposible on their mirror image (balls, buckets, nails) Life is Chiral:  Life is Chiral Proteins are built from L-amino acids, which implies that enzymes - the catalysts of nature - are chiral Consequently, most biomolecules are chiral (sugars, DNA, proteins, amino acids, steroids) Also, receptors (drug, taste, biopharmaceuticals, agrochemicals) are chiral and the natural ligand to a receptor is often only one specific enantiomer This is why mirror image molecules can have radically different activities (effectivity, toxicity, taste) in the body. COOH COOH R R NH2 NH2 H H C C Chiral Recognition - Animation:  Chiral Recognition - Animation Slide26:  Industrial biotech vision 2025 • Chemicals and materials produced using biotechnology in an economically and environmentally sustainable way. • allows increasing eco-efficient use of renewable resources as raw materials for the industry • Increasing amount of Biomass derived energy • Rural bio-refineries will replace port-based oil refineries Slide27:  The Power of Biotechnology Improves the Quality and Duration of Life Now and in the Future Some examples Slide28:  THE EUROPEAN KNOWLEDGE-BASED BIOECONOMY - WHITE BIOTECHNOLOGY BIOBASED MATERIALS FOR HEALTH INDUSTRY & ENERGY FEEDSTOCK PRODUCTION PROCESSING UTILISATION STABILITY BIODEGRADABILITY FUNCTIONALITY (Chirality) IMPROVED PURIFICATION SEPARATION TECHNOLOGIES HYBRID REACTORS SCALE UP TECHNOLOGIES CONTINUOUS/SOLID STATE FERMENTATION ENGINEERED MICROBES SUPERIOR ENZYMES CROPS AND WASTE DELIVERY SYSTEMS SOURCES OF SUGAR INCREASE CONSUMER AWARENESS Pulp/paper Textiles Plastics Drugs Food Fuels Bio remed iation Guess what is Biotech in:  Guess what is Biotech in Blue Jeans Jeans is different of genes Cotton can be Bt cotton (defense against insects, naturally cleaner) Bleaching of cotton with enzymes instead of chlorine. Colour fading is not Stone Wash but Enzyme removal. Washing at 30°C thanks to enzymes. Guess what is Biotech in:  Guess what is Biotech in Euros Cotton can be Bt cotton (defense against insects, naturally cleaner) Bleaching of the cotton with enzymes. Your car fuel. 2% - 5.75% fermented alcohol mix. BIO-ENERGY:  BIO-ENERGY Canadian firm developing production of cellulose ethanol Ottawa-based Iogen is developing a process to produce ethanol from cellulose, using agriculture residues such as straw or corn cobs and stalks. Cellulose ethanol is not widely commercially available, but the firm is operating the largest demonstration plant converting wheat straw into ethanol fuel.   The Globe and Mail (Toronto) (free registration) (18/8/2005) Food safety:  Food safety Prions detection tests with the possibility to eliminate in a more accurate way the infected bovine. Food adulteration tests. GMO testing. Bacterial contamination testing Plants in developping countries:  Plants in developping countries China expected to increase biodiesel production China may increase biodiesel production from 85,000 metric tons per year in 2005 to 600,000 metric tons annually by 2008 by using crops such as canola, an industry official said at a biofuels conference.   The Age (Melbourne, Australia) (24/9/2005) Plants in developping countries:  Plants in developping countries Biodiesel boosts outlook for Indonesian palm oil producers Indonesian producers of palm oil can anticipate firm prices as the world increasingly turns to their product for use in biofuels, an industry expert said. The country is the world's second-largest producer and exporter of palm oil, with palm oil plantation acreage doubling since 1999, and several companies are considering setting up biodiesel plants there.   The Business Times (Singapore) (25/9/2005) BIO-ENERGY:  BIO-ENERGY Denver school buses to run on biodiesel Denver's public school system plans to switch all of its 400 school buses to biodiesel, becoming one of the country's largest school districts to make the change. Fort Collins-based Blue Sun Biodiesel will supply the fuel and plans to boost the number of fueling pumps in Colorado from 15 to 35 by the end of this year.   Denver Rocky Mountain News (12/10/2005) Producing Products with cells (I.B.):  Producing Products with cells (I.B.) GM bacteria making plastic Succinate, has been the focus for researchers at Rice University.. One reason for this is succinate's broad utility - it can be used to make everything from non-toxic solvents to plastics, drugs and food additives. The Rice team technology uses the bacteria E. coli to metabolize glucose and produce almost pure succinate. The technology is preparing for the marketplace with the industrial scale-up efforts in Kansas AgRenew Inc.24 August 2005 Animal:  Animal Goats producing proteins of spiders thread to make the strongest textile (stronger than Keflar bullet proof) Mussels adhere to the stones under water, inspired the production of a new glue protein that glues under water. Decontamination:  Decontamination Oil digesting bacteria Plants removing Cadmium pollution. What is needed?:  What is needed? Full and complete implementation of the European life sciences and Biotechnology Strategy across Europe Slide41:  EuropaBio and its members are ready to jointly go ahead …!

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