Justin Perich Reviews Her: The Leader of the Pack in a Year of Terrific Films.

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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: justinperich

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My personal favorite for the Best Picture Oscar, Spike Jonze’s Her tells the story of Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a lonely man living in a slightly futuristic Los Angeles who earns his living writing intimate, handwritten letters for other people. By now, those who haven’t seen the movie have already heard what happens next–Theodore falls in love with an artificially intelligent operating system (played pitch-perfectly by Scarlett Johansson). But the strength of the movie is that it succeeds not only in its novel premise, but in its uniquely satisfying execution. Her is a movie that never stops building on its own ideas. It makes you think not only about technology’s ever-growing role in society, but about human relationships in general. The romance is played perfectly straight, like any other movie about two individuals negotiating the delicate dance of falling in love. Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema’s LA of the near future is brilliant in its simplicity, in its warm, glowing, colorful nostalgia for a past that never quite was (art direction, sets, and costumes by Austin Gorg, Gene Serdena, and Casey Storm, respectively). Lastly, supporting performances by Amy Adams, Chris Pratt, Olivia Wilde, and Rooney Mara, as well as a dynamic score by Arcade Fire, make Her the leader of the pack in a year of terrific films.

Her   Reviewed  by  Justin  Perich     Her  –  My  personal  favorite  for  the  Best   Picture  Oscar,  Spike  Jonze’s  Her  tells  the   story  of  Theodore  Twombly  (Joaquin   Phoenix),  a  lonely  man  living  in  a  slightly   futuristic  Los  Angeles  who  earns  his  living   writing  intimate,  handwritten  letters  for   other  people.  By  now,  those  who  haven’t   seen  the  movie  have  already  heard  what   happens  next–Theodore  falls  in  love  with   an  artificially  intelligent  operating  system   (played  pitch-­‐perfectly  by  Scarlett   Johansson).  But  the  strength  of  the  movie   is  that  it  succeeds  not  only  in  its  novel   premise,  but  in  its  uniquely  satisfying   execution.  Her  is  a  movie  that  never  stops   building  on  its  own  ideas.  It  makes  you   think  not  only  about  technology’s  ever-­‐ growing  role  in  society,  but  about  human   relationships  in  general.  The  romance  is   played  perfectly  straight,  like  any  other   movie  about  two  individuals  negotiating   the  delicate  dance  of  falling  in  love.   Cinematographer  Hoyte  Van  Hoytema’s  LA  of  the  near  future  is  brilliant  in  its   simplicity,  in  its  warm,  glowing,  colorful  nostalgia  for  a  past  that  never  quite  was   (art  direction,  sets,  and  costumes  by  Austin  Gorg,  Gene  Serdena,  and  Casey  Storm,   respectively).  Lastly,  supporting  performances  by  Amy  Adams,  Chris  Pratt,  Olivia   Wilde,  and  Rooney  Mara,  as  well  as  a  dynamic  score  by  Arcade  Fire,  make  Her  the   leader  of  the  pack  in  a  year  of  terrific  films.  5/5  stars.       Justin  Perich  is  a  filmmaker,  music  lover,  and  food  nut  from  Ann  Arbor,  Michigan.  He   attended  Bowling  Green  State  University,  where  he  concentrated  in  Pop  Culture  and   minored  in  Psychology.  In  2007,  he  graduated  from  the  New  York  Film  Academy  with  a   focus  in  digital  filmmaking  and  animation.    

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