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Published on June 24, 2007

Author: VolteMort

Source: authorstream.com

Case for Project Management with a VLE:  Case for Project Management with a VLE Using generic educational ICT systems in managing projects Jussi Hannunen / eEDU 11.11.2005 Executive summary:  Executive summary The nature of projects and participants in education context dictates the choice of project tools. Communication features over planning features, ease of use over 'power use'. A powerful Virtual Learning Environment is most effective choice. Project:  Project Project(objectives, resources, deadline) -andgt; results I’m using the term in a broad sense: Student project Internal workgroup Organizing an event Randamp;D project Project:  Project In education, project member usually have other responsibilities: teachers, students, administrators. Even people with an 'all projects' role often split their time between several projects. Project?:  Project? http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3Aproject An undertaking that encompasses a set of tasks or activities having a definable starting point and well defined objectives. Usually each task has a planned completion data (due date) and assigned resources. www.webasyst.net/glossary.htm A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Temporary means that the project has an end date. Unique means that the project's end result is different than the results of other functions of the organization. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project Management?:  Management? Management does not necessarily mean improved performance or efficiency. I like to look at management from an economists point of view: maximize Return Of Investment. Too much, wrong type or too little management are equally bad. Communication vs Tool:  Communication vs Tool 'Project management is never about tools. It is always about communication.' – Peter Sereinigg 'Projects don't fail from of a lack of charts, graphs, reports, or statistics, they fail from a lack of communication.' – Basecamp Manifesto Good tools do help, though. The Right Tool:  The Right Tool Dedicated tool vs. generic tool Dedicated Models the structure of the process, has features for specific tasks -andgt; may require less understanding of the problem domain Often have steep learning curves May require high use level among the participants to be effective The Right Tool:  The Right Tool Generic One tool, many problem domains -andgt; better accumulation of experience (in operating the tool) -andgt; better performance in other domains Lower cost -andgt; lower threshold Appropriate use requires self-discipline and may require expert domain knowledge Agility & Blended Project Management :  Agility andamp; Blended Project Management 'I actually know what I am doing.' Agile projects (Extreme Programming (XP)) Blended learning -andgt; blended project management. Appropriate use of tools and mediums. Some tools:  Some tools (Email andamp; browser) Discussion forum Common virtual space (+ document sharing) Project management application Virtual learning environment Video conferencing (+ application sharing) Common virtual space:  Common virtual space Traditionals range for a network disk to a digital repository. Wiki looks like a web page, but anyone can edit contents (www.wikipedia.org). Wiki’s potential: communication via a living document. Many ICT systems are about building boundaries, common virtual spaces are about least possible friction. Project management application:  Project management application A dedicated tool for the project management problem domain Project planning, task scheduling andamp; tracking, critical path detection Reporting and communication features Work-flow features, potential benefits enormous Moodle, a VLE:  Moodle, a VLE Primary VLE at TAMK Replicate the classroom in virtual space, facilitate appropriate analogies of traditional learning experiences. Create new learning experiences that are distinct to the medium. Has forum, text chat, wiki, a voting mechanism and basic document sharing Lacks task planning and tracking Open Source -andgt; no arbitrary limits on use At TAMK:  At TAMK Moodle: virtual collaboration space for all projects upon request, provides web-based forum, text chat, wiki, basic document sharing and calendar Video conferencing with application sharing solution starting 2006 Future: digital repository (2006?), commodity web hosting Some actual projects:  Some actual projects Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org Velvitt http://moodle.tpu.fi/course/view.php?id=374 TAMK Yearbook 2004 http://moodle.tpu.fi/course/view.php?id=244 Redesign of TAMK intranet https://moodle.tpu.fi/course/view.php?id=326 Slide17:  Project Module for Moodle:  Project Module for Moodle

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