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Published on April 24, 2008

Author: Urban

Source: authorstream.com

과학자의 Mission과 Leadership:  과학자의 Mission과 Leadership 정 근 모 한국과학기술한림원장 명지대학교 총장 Slide2:  The New Society Advanced Knowledge Society Information Technology, Life Science, Nano Technology High Technology Society Creation and Utilization of New Technology and New Industry (Fusion and Synthesis) Globalized Society Toward the Networking and Integration Slide3:  Era of Analysis : 20th Century Special Relativity Theory : Nuclear Power Quantum Theory : Semiconductors Science Led Technology Linear Development Model Knowledge Creation rather than Problem Solving Discipline-based Isolation Insufficient Optimization Basic Science Applied Science Engineering Production Slide4:  Era of Synthesis : 21st Century Shift of Knowledge Utilization Pattern From the Disciplinary Lab into the Real Life Explosive Emergence of Technology Synthesis Integrated Utilization of In-Depth Knowledges Problem Solving Optimization Creation of Knowledge Industry and New Industrial Revolution Socio-Economic Value Enhancement Slide5:  New Paradigm Paradigm Shift Past : Independent, Isolated, Dispersed Present and Future : Interdependent, Networked, Integrated Systemization, Integration and Synthesis Synergy, Feedback, Positive-Sum e.g. : Optics plus Electronics → Optical Communication Electronics plus Mechanics → Robotics Slide6:  Basic Research Definition of Basic Research (NSF) “Activities that target to understand and to attain knowledge about the topics, which are being researched without specific purpose of application.” Role of Basic Research Producing new scientific knowledge Bringing up qualified researcher and engineers Producing new knowledge network Providing societal knowledge capital Slide7:  Basic Research More importantly, basic science makes a significant contribution the industrial competitiveness, because Core technologies, which are essential to industrial value added, rooted in basic research. There are high degree of fusion between science and technologies. Because of globalized hyper-competition, companies should accelerate to produce new discontinuous innovation as early as possible. Slide8:  Integrated Approach Slide9:  Knowledge Based Management Knowledge Core Resources for Competition Knowledge Gap Fundamental Issue of Advancing Economy Knowledge Based Management Problem Definition and Solving based on Knowledge Resources Logical Systemization of Knowledge Slide10:  Leaders of Knowledge Based Management Key Functions Coordination, Interface Control and Harmonization Qualifications In-Depth Knowledge and Broad Experience Decision Making Capability Respecting Expert's Opinion Morality, Ethics Slide11:  Roles of Universities Education and Training Future Leaders for Knowledge Based Systems Participating in Integrated Planning and Implementation Academia-Research-Engineering-Manufacturing/Services Assisting or Incubating Technology Ventures Improving the Efficiency of Technology Innovation Process MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1960s:  MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1960s START OF THE CONSECUTIVE FIVE-YEAR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLANS ESTABLISHMENT OF KOREA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (KIST) in 1966 ESTABLISHMENT OF MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (MOST) in 1967 INITIATION OF KOREA ADVANCED INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (KAIST) in 1969 MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1970s:  MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1970s DEVELOPMENT OF KOREA ADVANCED INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SECTORIAL GOVERNMENT-SUPPORTED RESEARCH INSTITUTES (GRI) TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER TO THE PRIVATE SECTOR AND HEAVY AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRY MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1980s:  MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1980s INITIATION OF NATIONAL R&D PROGRAMS Including SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGY & ELECTRONIC SWITCHING SYSTEM (TDX) - INITIATION OF KOREA STANDARD NUCLEAR POWER PLANT DESIGN (KSNP) in 1983 LAUNCHING CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE SUCH AS SCIENCE RESEARCH INSTITUTES (SRC) ENGINEERING RESEARCH INSTITUTES (ERC) & REGIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTES (RRC) MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1990s:  MAJOR POLICY INSTRUMENTS IN 1990s ESTABLISHMENT OF THE JANG YOUNG SHIL INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH AWARD (1990) DEVELPMENT AND COMMERCIALIZATION OF CDMA TECHNOLOGY - LAUNCHING THE LONG-TERM SPACE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM - ESTABLISHMENT OF KOREA INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY (KIAS) and KOREA SUPERCONDUCTING TOKAMAK (KSTAR) Vision and Leadership:  Vision and Leadership Korea Advanced Institute of Science and technology (KAIST) Science and Technology Policy Instrument (STPI) Consulting and Engineering Design Organization (CEDO) Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant (KSNP) Research Center of Excellence (SRC, ERC, RRC) Korea Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) Integrated Aero- Space Development Plan Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) MAJOR INDIRECT POLICIES & CONTEXTUAL FACTORS:  MAJOR INDIRECT POLICIES & CONTEXTUAL FACTORS NATIONAL ZEAL FOR EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AVAILABILITY OF HIGHLY TRAINED HUMAN RESOURCES FOR TECHNOLOGICAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRONG POLITICAL LEADERSHIP FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SUSTAINED DRIVE BY THE STABLE GOVERNMENT SUCCESSFUL CONSECUTIVE 5-YEAR PLANS Slide18:  EXPORT-ORIENTED INDUSTRIALIZATION POLICY DEMAND GENERATION OF MARKET COMPETITIVE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT DESIGN, SYSTEMS ENGINEERING & PROCESS IMPROVEMENT EARLY START FOR GLOBALIZATION SPIRITUAL REVIVAL TO AWAKEN THE POSITIVE THINKING BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC MAJOR INDIRECT POLICIES & CONTEXTUAL FACTORS Slide19:  - MAJOR NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL EVENTS FOR THE GLOBAL MOTIVATION CONFRONTATION WITH NORTH KOREA VIETNAM WAR IN 1960S OIL CRISIS IN 1970S ASIAN AND OLYMPIC GAMES IN 1980s ASIAN FINANCIAL CRISIS WORLD CUP SOCCER CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2002 MAJOR INDIRECT POLICIES & CONTEXTUAL FACTORS CHALLENGES AHEAD:  CHALLENGES AHEAD MOTIVATION OF YOUTHS & GENERAL PUBLIC IN SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY REFOCUSING ORGANIZTIONAL S&T LEADERSHIP IN THE GOVERNMENT RESTRUCTURE OF MARKET-ORIENTED GRIs FOSTERING INDIVIDUAL CREATIVENESS GLOBAL S&T STRATEGY FOR UNIFIED KOREA & WORLD MARKET

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