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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: GreggGhelfi

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If you are trying to lose weight, you will have days or even weeks where the pounds don’t want to leave. Don’t get frustrated and give up. Make some changes that will energize your weight loss efforts.

End Your Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss comes in fits and spurts. The diet starts with much acclaim as the first two weeks start strong with motivation high and weight dropping. Then it happens. Your metabolism slows to accommodate your new eating habits. You become fitter and need less energy to exercise. As each week passes, the weight loss slows. It may even stop or weight gain may intrude. What do you do when the weight loss stops?

Focus on Your Health – You are losing weight to feel better, look slimmer and be healthier. Keep in mind, the third reason is the most important and the habits you are creating will help you be healthier, even if you are not losing weight.

Sleep – Sleep at least seven hours a night. Sleeplessness leads to weight gain as it slows your metabolism and leads to craving foods high in fat and sugar such as a large cheese burger with extra mayo or a chocolate muffin. Sleep more and you may crave kale.

Change Your Exercise Routine – Surprise your muscles by changing your workouts. Modify the intensity, repetitions, exercises and timing of your routine. Try a completely different aerobic exercise such as spinning instead of running. You will relieve boredom and jump start unused muscles which will help increase your calorie burn.

Relax – Stress leads to eating comfort foods. Eating comfort foods leads to weight gain. Relax and stop the vicious cycle. Meditate, stay active, make a list of the positives in your life and focus on those.

Seek Support– It can be easy to give up when the weight stops dropping. Stay positive and seek out those who will help and not hinder your effort. Ask them to help you stay motivated and focused on your goal.

You will have days or even weeks where weight loss will stop. It can be frustrating and it may be easy to give up. Don’t! Continue your quest of eating healthier and exercising even if it doesn’t seem to show on the scale. Plateaus are inevitable. Your response to them is not.

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