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Published on August 31, 2007

Author: succeedingsteps

Source: slideshare.net


An overview of some of the internet marketing tools available to non-profits and a primer on email marketing.

Email Tips from One Non-Profit to Another Andrea Wood Manager of New Media & Engagement

Reality Check: > Most people have 3.1 email accounts > Average open rate: 22% (Ranges 20-35%) > Average click-thru rate: 4% (Ranges 2-6%)

Q: How do people read email? A: They don’t.

People scan email. > Scanners spend less than one minute reading an email newsletter > Only 19% read an entire newsletter > 67% skip the intro

Q: How do we get people to read, or at least scan, our email? A: It’s about improving the odds.

1. Priority one: subject line Make the reader think they’re missing out if they don’t read your email DON’T MISS THIS TIP! Superlatives and exclamation points get you nowhere Subject line and “from” line should work together You’ve got 50 characters - say the important stuff first Have a stranger write it Borrow, steal, flatter

2. Write for how people read; er, scan Short blocks of text Meaningful headings & sub-headings Edit, edit, edit Put an index at the top of long emails Highlight key phrases, bold headlines and hotlink embedded content (donation links, event registration; etc) Those fancy HTML newsletters…

3. Hold their attention: good content What is your unique expertise?  Highlight your organization’s people Tell stories Play off big news stories Follow up - complete circles of information


4. List building ideas that work Create a fun quiz, ask for email and zip Create a pledge

4. List building ideas that work (cont.) Signup links EVERYWHERE Partner with co-sponsors on list building Permission and opt-in

The Power of Blogs • A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. • A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there

What Should be on a Non-Profit Blog? • Non-Profits - tell a story. • Follow a member of the center • A family that has received information or aid • Activities of your non profit • Have someone on the staff or board write a “how to” entry for the blog

Include a real story in your blogs – not only for interest factor but to reach out to the people visiting your site. • Create Personal Connection with your donors and the people you serve • Blog about what is important to those you serve • Provide updates on what your organization is doing • Evoke a response – a call to action • become a volunteer or donate to a fundraising event • if fundraising do not be afraid to ask for a donation – it is expected

• Blogs add a personal touch to your site or as a stand alone feature of your group. • Don’t be afraid to start one. It can become a direct communication with your constituents. • Keep in mind that a blog needs new stories or information that will build readership to your site. • Stick with it and enjoy the experience.

How do I Create a Blog?

Hosted vs. Self- Hosted Blogs • Hosted Blogs are stored on another companies server and use their system for posting. It is the vendors responsibility to host and update the software. • Can typically be setup by most tech savvy people. • Self-Hosted Blogs are a software program that you store on your web server. It is your responsibility to host and update the software. • Usually requires the support of a web profession.

Open Source vs. Commercial Blog Software • Open Source Software is created by a community of developers and typically available for free or a donation. No one to call for support. Must ask the community for help. • Commercial Software is created by a company and supported by that company. Support is available through email or telephone. Service or software costs money.

Top Vendors • Hosted Blogs • Typepad (Commercial Hosted Software - Monthly Fee) • Wordpress.com (Based on Open Source, Hosted Software with additional charges for more disk space and customized domain) • Blogger (Free Hosted Software from Google)

Top Vendors • Self-Hosted Blogs • Movable Type (Commercial Software) • Wordpress.org (Open Source) • Blogger also offers a version where the files are hosted on your server, but still requires the Blogger Hosting to fully work.

What is Group Fundraising? • The process of gathering money and other gifts in kind over the internet: • By empowering individuals to convey the value of a program or project to persepective donors of their own choosing • through the use of blogs, widgets, images, video and social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook)

Group Fundraising Vendors Anyone with a Paypal account 501c3 Organizations Only Teachers in the U.S. Individuals in Need Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

What kind of Companies are the Vendors? Nonprofit Commercial Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

Benchmark figures for group fundraising campaigns High Low Benchmark Average donation amount $55 $30 $43 Average amount raised per campaign $3,230 $119 $692 Average number of contributors 40 4 16 Benchmark figures for “successful” group fundraising campaigns High Low Benchmark $149 $36 $57 Average donation amount $11,393 $5,158 $9,018 Average amount raised per campaign 269 48 157 Average number of contributors Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

Compared to Other Online Fundraising Benchmarks Convio eNonprofit Group Fundraising E-Benchmarking Benchmark Study Open rate --- 22% 25% Click-through rate --- 3% 1.5% Response rate Possibly 35% 0.28% 0.3% Average Amount $43 $56 $70 NetworkforGood reports that 76% of donors say they are influenced by friends and family when choosing an organization to donate to. Getting people to start campaigns is the hard part. Once they’re started, the results will exceed what you could have accomplished on your own. Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

Path 1 of 3 Sympathy for the campaign organizer Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

Path 2 of 3 A clear picture of where the money is going Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

Path 3 of 3 Matching funds combined with a deadline Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

Tips for Campaign Organizers Adopted from What Kevin Bacon Knows about Web 2.0: Six Degrees of Person-to-Person Fundraising 1. Build a great campaign 2. Donate to your own campaign 3. Post your campaign on your web site and / or blog 4. Add the campaign to your email signature 5. Send the link to people in your email address book 6. Ask bloggers to join your cause 7. Bookmark your campaign on aggregation web sites 8. Take your cause (and laptop) everywhere 9. Thank people and report back on progress made Source: NTEN Webinar, Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories, 7/17/07

Podcasting What is Podcasting? The delivery of audio or video content online or to digital devices for later listening. Video Podcasting is becoming increasingly more popular than Audio Podcasting

Why should I use Podcasting at my Non-Profit? • Your donors and the people you serve can see and get to know those at your organization. Creates a personal connection. • Sometimes it is easier and takes less time to just talk instead of writing. • Adapting to our TV and Radio Culture

What do I need to Audio Podcast? • Microphone • Computer • Conference Line that can be Digitally Recorded for interviews • Audio Editing Software and MP3 Encoder • Audacity for Mac or PC (Free, Open Source) • Garage Band for Mac • Quiet Place

What do I need to Video Podcast? • Webcam or Camera that can be hooked up to Computer • Microphone • Computer • Video Editing Software • Camtasia Studio for PC • iMovie for PC • Windows Movie Maker for PC • Quiet Place with Pleasing Backdrop

Tips for Podcasting • Don't take more than 10 minutes • Keep things interesting and entertaining • Keep it geared towards your audience

Cool Stuff You Should Check Out • MySpace • Collective X • Facebook • 30boxes • Squidoo • Upcoming.org • SurveyMonkey • Flickr • Ning • Volunteer Match

Handouts included in Your Folders • Andrea’s Email • Resource Links Tips and Non-Profit Website Examples • Email Permission Rules • Succeeding Steps Non-Profit • 10 Ways to Use Storytelling in your MasterMind Group Information Blog


Have any additional questions? Alana Haberman ahaberman@succeedingsteps.com John Herman jherman@succeedingsteps.com Andrea Wood andrea@equalityohio.org

Thanks for coming!

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