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Information about Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Presentation

Published on February 24, 2008

Author: reversemortgagecity

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Learn about a Jumbo Revers Mortgage. Brought to you by ReverseMortgageCity.com

Presents: The Jumbo Reverse Mortgage

What Is The Jumbo Reverse Mortgage? • Jumbo Reverse Mortgages are proprietary loans Offered by certain Reverse Mortgage lenders* • Provides more cash for senior homeowners with substantial home equity • Virtually no maximum home value or loan limit • Loan amount based on home ’ s value, age of the borrower(s ), prevailing interest rates, and Cash Account Advantage option selected • Flexibility Options * Not all products and options available in all states.

Benefits Of The Jumbo Reverse Mortgage • Provides flexibility • Similar to home equity lines with no required monthly mortgage payment until loan matures • Proceeds are not taxable* • No restrictions on how you use funds • No appreciation or maturity fee • No partial or full prepayment penalty * Consult financial advisor.


Adjustable Interest Rate • Special six - month introductory rate at .5 % below fully indexed rate at six - month LIBOR + 3.5 % • Lifetime interest rate cap is 6% over the initial annual percentage rate [6 month LIBOR (index) + 3.5 % (margin)] These rates may vary. This is a variable rate loan. It is important to know that with adjustable rate mortgages, an increase in the interest rate could affect the amount of money available to borrow in the future and the amount of money owed when the loan becomes due.

Eligible Properties • Single family detached homes • Manufactured homes (must be built after June 1976) • Condominiums (some restrictions apply) • Planned Unit Developments ( PUDs ) (some restrictions apply) • 1 to 4 rental unit if one unit is owner - occupied • Co - ops (New York State only) • Not available for commercial property, agricultural property, etc. *Not all products available for all properties


* The Initial Advance Limit is a function of the home ’ s value, borrower ’ s age and prevailing interest rates, and is the maximum amount that ma y be borrowed under the line of credit. ** Costs can be funded in the loan upon closing Jumbo Reverse Advantage • Origination Fee - Set by Seller • Capped at 2% of the Initial Advance Limit, or $2,500, whichever is greater. • Contact loan originator for options. • Minimum draw = $500 after closing, with subsequent draws of a minimum of $500






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