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Information about Jules_Nagtegaal_Excamedia_BuildingClumsyAdventure

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: julesnagtegaal

Source: slideshare.net


This presentation is made by Jules Nagtegaal (working as concept artist by Excamedia). The excamedia office is located at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht.

Concept proces

Steps • Mindmap • Narrative-Storyboard • Moodboard • Sketches • Finishing touch

Mindmap Why? -Easy way to manage ideas for yourself and for teams. -Gives more opportunity for inspiration and original ideas.


Moodboard • Why? • Helpfull for getting a feeling about the style, mood and topic. • The example on the right shows a selection off recognisable buildings. • Bron: www.google.com/Italy

Storyboard and narrative


Finishing touch 1 Ask the team for feedback. 2 Improve your concept 3 Give your files clear names so the team can understand it too. 4 Share your files. 5 Go for other tasks.

Item indicators

First concept and below the improved version

Moving up

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