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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: gmbender

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4-H judging filmmaking rubric

Florida 4-H/Florida Dairy Council Filmmaking Contest Judging Rubric Possible Points Name/Team Name County Age Division 4 Clearly identifies and addresses Fuel Up to Play 60 from a local and/or community youth perspective. Content is accurately and clearly communicated in a meaningful manner. 3 Theme is applied and adequate. Content has minor errors. 2 Theme is marginally applied and content is less than 50% accurate. 1 No clear issue identified, food, fitness and/or nutrition content is not present or weak. Fuel Up to Play 60 content is not accurate and isn’t effectively used to support the issue or call to action. Evident that extensive research was involved in exploring the issue and its science, multiple sources of information & research methods used. Research evident, citations included. Minimal research done on the topic; no citations Not clear that any research was involved, source of information is unclear or limited. Established and communicates the importance and relevance of the issue on a personal & community level. Adequately establishes and communicates to youth and community Some irrelativeness communicated on a personal and community level Doesn’t relate the selected issue to the youth involved or their community. Audio (including any music used) is meaningful and aids the story line – coordinated with images. Voice quality is clear and consistently audible throughout the presentation. Audio is acceptable; quality is good but inconsistent throughout presentation Audio quality is marginal; voice quality is lacking consistency. Audio (including any music used) is distracting or inappropriate or is copyrighted and licensing permission not included. Voice quality needs more attention. Techniques (4) Exceptional use of exposure and focus in the camera, angle shots and frame composition, lighting, transitions, and use of text or other graphics Marginal with a few areas acceptable. More work on technique needed. Off the various techniques, more are unacceptable in their use in the video. Much more practice in learning the techniques are required. Creativity (4) WOW factor, unique Acceptable use of exposure and focus in the camera, angle shots and frame composition, lighting, transitions and use of text or other graphics Caught attention, shows merit Marginal, common – like others Not remarkable; lacks imagination Exceptional use of telling the story with the right amount of detail throughout – it does not seem too short or too long. The pace fits the story line and helps the audience really “get into” the story. Acceptable use of storyline. Pace ok, not exception. Limited use of storyline and blending pace of story in the video. More work needed. The story needs extensive edition – it is too short or too long to be interesting and/or effective. No attempt to match the pace of storytelling to the story line or the audience. Clearly a youth driven effort with appropriate level of support and guidance from 4-H staff and volunteers. Acceptable level of youth effort in this project. Level of youth engagement appears marginal. Level of youth engagement and participation is unclear. Team members were equally involved in the project. Team effort is acceptable. Team involvement appears more to one individual than a team. Blue Ribbon ( 44 - --) Red Ribbon ( -- to --) White Ribbon ( -- --) Project Title Content (4) Topic Research (4) Relevance to Youth and Community (4) Audio Soundtrack (4) Story Line (4) Effort (4) Individual or Team Award One PTS Not all team members involved. Total Points: Comments

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