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Information about JSON Viewer XPATH Workbook

Published on March 24, 2009

Author: sureshmadhuvarsu

Source: slideshare.net


JSON Viewer and XPATH Workbook pligins.

Tools for Daily use JSON Viewer and XPath Workbook Suresh Krishna Oracle Inc. 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 1

JSON Viewer (1)  Motivation – Wide spread JSON format – Web 2.0 / SOA IDE development – Analysis of JSON Request/Response from variety of Web services – Complexity of REST, WSDL (SOAP/RPC), RSS web services – Complex JSON structures 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 2

JSON Viewer (2) … { quot;Carsquot; : [ {quot;Hondaquot;: [ quot;CRVquot;, quot;Accordquot;, quot;Civicquot;, quot;Pilotquot;]}, {quot;Toyotaquot;:[ quot;Camryquot;, quot;Corollaquot;, quot;Siennaquot;]} ] } 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 3

JSON Viewer (3) … { quot;rootsquot;: { quot;bookmark_barquot;: { quot;childrenquot;: [ { quot;childrenquot;: [ { quot;date_addedquot;: quot;12880758517186875quot;, quot;namequot;: quot;Example URLquot;, quot;typequot;: quot;urlquot;, quot;urlquot;: quot;http://example.comquot; }, { quot;date_addedquot;: quot;12880290253039500quot;, quot;namequot;: quot;Another URLquot;, quot;typequot;: quot;urlquot;, quot;urlquot;: quot;http://example.orgquot; } ], quot;date_addedquot;: quot;12880772259603750quot;, quot;date_modifiedquot;: quot;12880772452901500quot;, quot;namequot;: quot;Sample Folderquot;, quot;typequot;: quot;folderquot; }, { quot;date_addedquot;: quot;12880823826333250quot;, quot;namequot;: quot;Json.NETquot;, quot;typequot;: quot;urlquot;, quot;urlquot;: quot;http://james.newtonking.com/pages/json-net.aspxquot;; } ], quot;date_addedquot;: quot;0quot;, quot;date_modifiedquot;: quot;12880823831234250quot;, quot;namequot;: quot;Bookmarks barquot;, quot;typequot;: quot;folderquot; }, quot;otherquot;: { quot;childrenquot;: [ ], quot;date_addedquot;: quot;0quot;, quot;date_modifiedquot;: quot;0quot;, quot;namequot;: quot;Other bookmarksquot;, quot;typequot;: quot;folderquot; } }, quot;versionquot;: 1 } 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 4

JSON Viewer (4)  Isavailable as a view in Eclipse  Easy to Visualize “arrays” and “hash” structures  JSON Text -> JSON Tree  JSON Text -> XML Tree  Based on JSON.org Java API [www.json.org/java/index.html] 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 5

XPath Workbook (1)  XPath Workbook – available tools are expensive – simple Eclipse integration 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 6

XPath Workbook (2)  Available as a View in Eclipse  Validate Xpath Expression  XPath Evaluation – Dynamic Evaluation – Content Assist – Remember old expressions 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 7

XPath Workbook (3)  Future Enhancements – Connect XML editor to input – Auto completion to suggest all XPath functions – XML result formatting to skip new lines – Test and Certify on different platforms 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 8

Demo… 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 9

Resources … JSON Viewer  – http://www.eclipseplugincentral.com/Web_Links-index-req – http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=205 XPath Workbook  – http://code.google.com/p/xpathworkbook/ – http://code.google.com/p/xpathworkbook/wiki/XPathWorkb – http://www.eclipseplugincentral.com/Web_Links-index-req 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 10

Tools for Daily use… “JSON Viewer” and “XPath Workbook” Thanks for attention ! Have Fun ! Suresh Krishna suresh.madhuvarsu@oracle.com 03/24/09 All rights reserved. 2009. 11

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