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Published on January 15, 2009

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IEC and Information Technology : IEC and Information Technology Jack Sheldon IEC Central Office IEC Mission : 15/01/2009 2 WTO.PPT IEC Mission Founded in 1906 to promote international cooperation on all questions of standardization and related matters in the field of electrotechnology IEC Mission : 15/01/2009 3 WTO.PPT IEC Mission To achieve this objective, the IEC stimulates world trade and business by ensuring technical and market relevance of its products makes results applicable and available for voluntary adoption world wide sets the framework for Conformity Assessment in global markets 60 IEC members : 15/01/2009 4 WTO.PPT 60 IEC members AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA BELARUS BELGIUM BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA (AM) BRAZIL BULGARIA CANADA CHINA COLOMBIA (PM) CROATIA CUBA (PM) CYPRUS (AM) CZECH REPUBLIC DENMARK EGYPT ESTONIA (AM) FINLAND FRANCE GERMANY GREECE HUNGARY ICELAND (AM) INDIA INDONESIA IRELAND ISRAEL ITALY JAPAN KENYA (PM) KOREA, REP. OF LATVIA (AM) LITHUANIA (AM) LUXEMBURG MALAYSIA MEXICO NETHERLANDS NEW ZEALAND NORWAY PAKISTAN PHILIPPINES POLAND PORTUGAL ROMANIA RUSSIAN FED. SAUDI ARABIA SINGAPORE SLOVAKIA SLOVENIA SOUTH AFRICA SPAIN SWEDEN SWITZERLAND THAILAND TURKEY UKRAINE UK USA URUGUAY (PM) YUGOSLAVIA AM = Associate member PM = Pre-associate member IEC operation : 15/01/2009 5 WTO.PPT IEC operation Organigram : 15/01/2009 6 WTO.PPT Organigram Production : 15/01/2009 7 WTO.PPT Production 1998 figures: number of standards and of single-language pages Information technology : 15/01/2009 8 WTO.PPT Information technology Producer of IT standards Standards for testing IT standards User of IT standards Producer of IT standards : 15/01/2009 9 WTO.PPT Producer of IT standards Information technology Electronic trade (edi) Automation Multimedia Components Conformity Assessment Information technology : 15/01/2009 10 WTO.PPT Information technology Safety of IT equipment EMC requirements Protocols, OSI, languages, networking, communications, coding, cryptography Automation : 15/01/2009 11 WTO.PPT Automation Industrial automation Design automation Electronic trade (edi) Multimedia and components : 15/01/2009 12 WTO.PPT Multimedia and components Integrated circuits Multimedia components and systems Industry Technical Agreement : 15/01/2009 13 WTO.PPT Industry Technical Agreement ITA Platform for direct participation of industry Participants themselves agree on content and distribution IECEE CB Scheme : 15/01/2009 14 WTO.PPT IECEE CB Scheme One national test should eliminate retesting in member countries Thus... Faster to market!!! Objectives and statistics : 15/01/2009 15 WTO.PPT Objectives and statistics Reciprocal recognition of test results among all participating Certification Bodies, to simplify granting of certification or approval at national levels Objectives and statistics : 15/01/2009 16 WTO.PPT Objectives and statistics The CB Scheme is the only international recognition scheme for safety of electrical equipment used in homes, offices, workshops and similar locations Equipment is tested to IEC standards 38 IEC member countries are members of the IECEE 14 Categories of Products : 15/01/2009 17 WTO.PPT 14 Categories of Products Certification Process for Manufacturers : 15/01/2009 18 WTO.PPT Certification Process for Manufacturers Product Description: drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams, product sample, etc. List of nations for marketing of product List of manufacturing locations Certification Body then conducts product testing and certification Certification Body then provides CB Test Certificate and CB Test Report Evaluates to IEC Standards & National Differences in countries of choice Slide 19: 15/01/2009 19 WTO.PPT FLOW IN THE CB SCHEME CB Test Certificates 1989-1997 : 15/01/2009 20 WTO.PPT CB Test Certificates 1989-1997 CB Scheme Certificates issued 1994-1997 : 15/01/2009 21 WTO.PPT CB Scheme Certificates issued 1994-1997 Product Groups Certs Issued/Recognized 1994 1995 1996 1997 Electronics, Entertainment 1856/1507 2149/1766 2409/1979 2558/1804 Information Technology and Office Equipment 1392/ 509 1998/ 838 2533/1007 3498/1538 Household & Similar 673/ 351 874/ 847 1163/ 695 1714/ 746 Installation Accessories 331/ 465 326/ 553 338/ 522 419/ 681 Others 655/ 483 890/ 785 1351/ 823 1636/ 708 TOTAL 4917/3405 6237/4789 7794/5026 9825/5477 Measures of Improvement for a Typical U.S. Manufacturer using the CB Scheme : 15/01/2009 22 WTO.PPT Measures of Improvement for a Typical U.S. Manufacturer using the CB Scheme IEC CB-FCS Full Certification Scheme : 15/01/2009 23 WTO.PPT IEC CB-FCS Full Certification Scheme Extension of CB Scheme Assessment of Manufacturer’s Quality Management System (QMS) Regular Surveillance of Manufacturer’s QMS Audit testing of samples Acceptance by Bodies B of CAC issued by Body A No Retesting No duplicated Factory Inspection Launching of CB-FCS -1st Quarter 1999 : 15/01/2009 24 WTO.PPT Launching of CB-FCS -1st Quarter 1999 Start with IEC 60950 & 60065, which account for over 60% of CBTCs issued and recognized. Start on the basis of existing Bilateral Agreements among NCBs. Assessment to begin in 1999 as part of CB Re-Assessment for cost effectiveness. Assessment to concentrate on certification process and factory inspection. IECEE 03 (revised) and CB-FCS Operational Documents are to be used. Advantages of CB Scheme : 15/01/2009 25 WTO.PPT Advantages of CB Scheme Acceleration of Product Acceptance More rapid testing and certification More universal product recognition Expanded markets Faster product movement from plants to markets Conformity assessment : 15/01/2009 26 WTO.PPT Conformity assessment System conformity assessment considers aspects of manufacture, such as quality systems (ISO 9001, 9002) Product conformity assessment considers properties of the product itself, such as product safety. It may incorporate system conformity assessment Need for global Conformity Assessment : 15/01/2009 27 WTO.PPT Need for global Conformity Assessment Growing emphasis on world markets Development of regional trading blocks Need to avoid multiple testing Elimination of non-tariff barriers to trade IEC schemes are showing the way Conformity Assessment Schemes : 15/01/2009 28 WTO.PPT Conformity Assessment Schemes CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT BOARD International Conformity Assessment : 15/01/2009 29 WTO.PPT International Conformity Assessment User of standards : 15/01/2009 30 WTO.PPT User of standards IT is an integral part of IEC operations Standards development process Document production and distribution Electronic voting and commenting Resources supplied to standards developers Document access management Distribution of standards : 15/01/2009 31 WTO.PPT Distribution of standards IEC web store ~1/3 of all standards available for purchase and download over the Internet IEC Dictionary — CD-ROM containing 17000 terms and definitions in 12 languages Conclusion : 15/01/2009 32 WTO.PPT Conclusion Electrotechnology a growing part of world trade, underpinned by international standards IEC standards and services offer market access global awareness technology transfer business efficiency Participation means real benefits Benefits to governments : 15/01/2009 33 WTO.PPT Benefits to governments International standards are best source for governments for legislation/regulation issuing tenders Assurance of WTO compliance Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trades Standards provide detailed technical interpretation of the law

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