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Information about jsFiddle Snippets Embedding to your Web Page

Published on July 2, 2016

Author: yogeshsingh57

Source: slideshare.net

1. jsFiddle snippets Embedding To Your Webpage By Makitweb

2. About jsFiddle: jsfiddle allows us to add code snippets within our web page.

3. Embedding Steps ● First, go to the jsFiddle.net and create a code snippet. ● Navigate to the menu and click on embed.

4. It contains following sections - Tabs Visual, Embed Code And Preview section

5. Tabs Checked or Unchecked Tabs (JavaScript,HTML, CSS and Result). You can view the changes in Preview section.

6. Visual From here we can do - ● Change the theme, ● Font color, ● Accent Color, ● Code background color, ● And Menu background

7. Embed Code It contains embedding code in 2 forms - ● Script and ● Iframe Copy iframe code and use it on your web page.

8. Conclusion jsFiddle allows us to add code snippets to the web page. It is the best way to represent working code on the web page and it enables readers to edit the code snippets and run it.

9. yssyogesh@makitweb.com @yssyogesh_singh on twitter Makitweb.com

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