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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: JavascriptMeetup



Author: Nicolas Embleton @:

You can follow Nicolas at:

And the Javascript Ho Chi Minh City Meetup:
Our group is looking for Projects to mentor. If you have a project you want support for, plz contact us

Javascript: Testing the awesome with Mocha and Jasmine

Speakers ● Nicolas ● Tung

Agenda ● ● ● ● ● Introduction Basics (Mocha and Jasmine) Operators and asserts Listeners, spies More advanced examples

Introduction and basics ● Goal 1 ○ Make your code solid and future-proof ● Goal 2 ○ Have a systematic way to "catch" regression problems ● Goal 3 ○ Maintain a code stability throughout the codebase increase

Introduction and basics Mocha: ● fun ● simple ● flexible ● built for JavaScript (and CoffeeScript)

Introduction and basics ● ○ Built and supported by Pivotal Labs ● Latest Version: 2.0 ● Runs ○ In the browser natively ○ With Node.js through a runner (Karma, Protractor, …) ● Simple, elegant, descriptive, full-featured

Basics, Mocha ● solve the async problems ● work with every assertion library ○ that throw exceptions ● extensible reporters ○ nyan cat included

Basics, Jasmine ● Describe your suites with "Describe" to make your code clean and reports readable ○ You can even NEST them describe("mocking ajax", function() { ● Describe each test with "it" and a descriptive comment to explain what the test is doing it("specifies response when you need it", function() {

Basics, Jasmine ● Setup a test suite ("describe") beforeEach(function() { ● Teardown a test suite ("describe") afterEach(function() { ● "Expect" things to be (or not) as they should (or not) expect(doneFn).not.toHaveBeenCalled();

Basics, Mocha ● ● ● ● support lcov (lib coverage) support only, skip, --grep highlight slow test, custom timeouts [BDD | TDD | QUnit | exports] interface

Basics, Jasmine ● ● ● ● Code Coverage through Karma (node.js) Gem for testing in Rails Plays well with CoffeeScript Plays well with MVC Framework (AngularJS for example)

Basic operators, Mocha Mocha + Chai + CoffeeScript = Awesomeness ● NO bra-ces ● NO repeating keywords ● NO “deep” pains ● Focus only on the test

Basic operators, Jasmine Within tests you use "Matchers" expect(true).toBe(true); expect(false).not.toBe(true); expect(a).toBe(b); expect(a).not.toBe(null); expect(message).toMatch(/bar/); expect(message).toMatch("bar"); expect(message).not.toMatch(/quux/);

Basic operators, Mocha back to the demo

Basic operators, Jasmine ● It can be complex scenarios and matchers, any kind of dynamic code built with JavaScript.

Listeners, Spies: Mocha No need for spies and listeners Just use callback

Listeners, Spies: Jasmine ● You can use Spies to check function calls spyOn(foo, 'setBar'); foo.setBar(123); expect(foo.setBar).toHaveBeenCalled(); ● You can mock Ajax calls via Ajax.js jasmine.Ajax.install(); var doneFn = jasmine.createSpy("success"); var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

Listeners, Spies: Mocha

Listeners, Spies: Jasmine … expect(jasmine.Ajax.requests.mostRecent().url).toBe ('/so/cool/');

More advanced examples, Jasmine Some sugar: Adding Matchers (awesome) describe('Hello world', function() { beforeEach(function() { this.addMatchers({ toBeDivisibleByTwo: function() { return (this.actual % 2) === 0; } }); }); it('is divisible by 2', function() { expect(gimmeANumber()).toBeDivisibleByTwo(); }); });

About @Tung Vu Author: Tung Vu@: You can follow me at: ○

About @Nicolas Author: Nicolas Embleton @: You can follow me at: ● ● And the Javascript Ho Chi Minh City Meetup: ● ● ● ○ Our group is looking for Projects to mentor. If you have a project you want support for, contact me

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