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Information about JRS_Scafffolds_System

Published on November 23, 2017

Author: jrsscaffolding

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: BREIF INFORMATION JRS SCAFFOLDS SYSTEM AND PRODUCTS Raw Material at C-109: Raw Material at C-109 Pipe : DIN 17100 Grade ST 52.3/EN 10219-1/2 Grade S355J0, S355J2H. Rosette : DIN 17100 Grade ST 52.3/EN 10219-1/2 Grade S355J0, S355J2H. Ledger and Brace ends C-25 Raw Material Specification at C-109: Raw Material Specification at C-109 Jack Nut : Forging AISI 1025 Base Plate : Grade S235 Wedge : EN 10083 Grade C-45 Steel planks . Perforated Steel plate, Grade S235 Slide 4: Rosette provide up to 8 connection in one plane . 4 Narrow punched accommodate to Ledger at right angle. 4 wider holes permit alignment of Braces at the angle required. Material is used ST 52 or S 355 , Thickness 9.5mm, , O.D. 123MM Weight 0.450 Kg. JRS Ring System - Rosette JRS Ring System - Standard: JRS Ring System - Standard It is a vertical member of the system. Material ST 52 , TUBE SIZE 48.3X3.2MM, LENGTH 0.5 M. UP TO 3 MTS. Visual appearance must be no spatters , No blow holes , no over welding . Finish – self, HDG . JRS Ring System - Ledger: JRS Ring System - Ledger It is the horizontal Member of the system. Material - ST 52/S355 , TUBE SIZE 48.3X3.2MM. Fitted with C-25 steel casting ledger ends & C-45 wedges is used to connect vertical to each other to create a plate form . Thus gives advantage of quick assembly as the wedge automatically slips in to position and is secured easily with hammering action. Weight of ledger End (assembled) - 520 gms . JRS Ring System - Brace: JRS Ring System - Brace Tube Material ST 52/S355 , TUBE SIZE 48.3X2.5MM. Used with steel casted ends having left and right sizes. Weight of brace end (assembled) is 700 grams /pc . JRS Ring System – Base Jack: JRS Ring System – Base Jack Material used : S235 Function : Leveling of the structure . Forged nuts gives longer life of the Base jack , we can use casting nut also. Threads are formed by cold rolling system which provide a greater load capacity of the jack . Tube Diameter: 32, 34 & 36mm,Length 450, 500, 610, 700 mm. Thread : 4 TPI . ACME Plate size : 150x150x5mm. Nut : Casted or forged, Weight 430-450 gms (Forged) FINISH : Electro Zinc or HDG. JRS Ring System – Jacks types : JRS Ring System – Jacks types TYPES : Hollow , solid , U head screw jack , Universal Screw jack , Swivel adjustable base jack , Four way head screw jack SOLID BASE JACK : Made by solid Rods which increase the load bearing capacity of the jack . UNIVERSAL SCREW JACK : It is used without any base and is adjustable to any type of base on requirements . SWIVEL BASE JACK : Has adjustable base plate which is used to align structure on the slop. JRS Ring System – Base Collar: JRS Ring System – Base Collar Tube diameter - 48.3x3.2mm,60.3x5mm, length 230 /330mm, material ST 52 . Fitted with a rosette. It is link between base jack and vertical. Fitment : The 48.3 mm tube of Base Collar fits over the Base Jack tube while the 60 mm tube encloses the tube of the standard. Hot Dip Galvanizing: Hot Dip Galvanizing 7 Tank Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) plant with capacity of 70 ton/day. Final product pass on for Hammer Test, Knife Test, Preface Test, Mass of Zinc test according to finish. HDG coating thickness is minimum 80 microns. Zinc used is 99.995% pure. 7 tanks Hot Dip Galvanized capacity of 70 Ton /DAY . Capacity of the Plant to manufacture 9500 M.T. / Year . : 7 tanks Hot Dip Galvanized capacity of 70 Ton /DAY . Capacity of the Plant to manufacture 9500 M.T. / Year . WELDING INSTALLED IN PLANT :: WELDING INSTALLED IN PLANT :   AUTOMATIC WELDING SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINES WITH 25 POWER SOURCES IMPORTED FROM OTC DAIHEN JAPAN . GOOD QUALITY MIG WELDING ENSURED BY GAS MIXTURE OF 80% CARBON AND 20% ARGON. BEFORE DISPATCH WE SHOULD CARE : BEFORE DISPATCH WE SHOULD CARE Extra care to supply quality Goods: Calibration of Tools with regular interval . PDI done by marketing persons before dispatch of the goods for shipment . Video of the stuffed goods in containers for future reference . Zero mixing , use of Tags and packing in re useable steel pallets . PDI SHOULD BE DONE BY MKT PERSON: PDI SHOULD BE DONE BY MKT PERSON Final Packing and Dispatch: Final Packing and Dispatch

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