JPMorgan Chase's Political Contributions

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Information about JPMorgan Chase's Political Contributions
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Published on October 22, 2013

Author: johnmaxfield376



This presentation reveals eight interest facts about JPMorgan Chase's political activity.

JPMorgan’s Political Donations Revealed

Total Political Donations JPMorgan Chase has spent a total of $33.9 million on political contributions since 1989 and $80.2 million on lobbying since 1999.

It Ranks 3rd among all corporations

It generally tilts Republican JPMorgan has given the GOP 52% of all political donations since 1989 versus 48% to the Democratic party.

Contributions have increased over time

2012 Presidential Election In the last presidential election, JPMorgan Chase’s political contributions favored the Republican candidate by a factor of almost three.

Largest Senate Contributions (2012)

Largest House Contributions (2012)

# of politicians that own JPM’s Shares

The 1 stock Warren Buffett wishes he could own but can’t

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