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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: JohnNapierPMP



JP Morgan Data Center Technology Town Hall 2008 John Napier.

Global Technology Infrastructure Data Center Technologies Town Hall January 30th, 2008 v1.0F

Agenda Agenda Topic Presenter Time  Welcome John Napier 5 minutes  2008 DCT Game Plan John Napier 10 minutes  Data Center Operations Mike Gotimer 10 minutes  Enterprise Computing Services Doug Rennie 10 minutes  Regional Management - EMEA Andy Maxey 10 minutes  Architecture / Infrastructure Technology Management Adam Richards / Otto Noack 5 minutes  Business Management / Risk & Resiliency David Johnson 5 minutes  2008 DCT Promotions & Recent Appointments John Napier 10 minutes  Questions & Answers -- 25 minutes Data Center Technologies 2

January 2008 DCT Townhall Welcome & Review of Firm’s ’07 Results John Napier Data Center Technologies 3

Review of 2007 Financial Highlights 2007 Full Year Financial Highlights  Record earnings of $15.4B on record revenue of $74.8B  Record EPS of $4.38 up 15% from 2006 on continuing operations  Return on tangible common equity of 23%  Total credit reserve increased by $2.3B to $10.1B    Wholesale credit reserve strengthened by $769MM to $4.0B; 1.67% of loans Consumer credit reserve strengthened by $1.5B to $6.1B or 2.01% of loans Maintained strong Tier 1 capital ratio of 8.4% (estimated) 4Q07 Financial Highlights  Earnings of $3.0B on revenue of $18.3B  EPS of $0.86, down 21% from 4Q06 on continuing operations Data Center Technologies 4

FY 2007 Managed Results Data Center Technologies 5

4Q’07 Managed Results Data Center Technologies 6

January 2008 DCT Townhall 2008 DCT Game Plan John Napier Data Center Technologies 7

2008 Key DCT Themes & Financial Goals Themes Themes    Increased standardisation across products and processes Significantly reduce problems and improve/automate technology resiliency/failover Innovate with new technology & scale-up (Carlstadt, Belleville, Sydney, Site Consolidations, MF2010)     Optimisation of assets and automation Drive increase in efficiency, utilising automation and faster cycle times (i.e. server installs) with improved quality of end-to-end process Reduce cost and maintain focus on quality and control Continued excellence in people development, diversity, skill acquisition, and reward/recognition Financials Financials Data Center Technologies 8

2008 Key DCT Metrics Service Delivery ’07 Baseline ’08 Target  Reduce P1S1 Volume by 20% 41 33  Reduce P2/P3 Volume by 30% -- 30%  Improve ATTR (P1S1s) – mins.  Improve Production Change Success 119 90 (‘07 avg) (by Q4) 99.77%  ECS: Somerset Exit, MF2010, SBPlex Resiliency  DCO: Carlstadt, Belleville, Sydney, TPrime  SDCM: 4,000 Servers Migrated, 7 DCs exited  Asset Optimisation, Sustainability and Utilisation  Establish Merger Playbook  ’08 Target On time, within Budget and within scope ’08 Target People Development Monthly & Full-year Budget Actuals to Plan Variance +/-3%  Drive an average of 20-40 hrs of appropriate Training to DCT Employees 80% Close Financial Plan Gap to Target $33MM  Deliver Metrics Training to DCT Employees 50%  Goals, Development Plans, and Direct & Actionable Mid-year / Year-end Reviews Completed 100% Financials / Controls  99.85% Project Execution  CSAs/SOX/Risk Action Plans completed on time (original date pre-extensions)  Internal/External Audit (inclu. SAS70s) issues identified during prior CSA/SOX testing 95% 95% Data Center Technologies ’08 Target 9

January 2008 DCT Townhall Data Center Operations Mike Gotimer Data Center Technologies 10

2008 Key Themes & Financial Goals – DCO Themes Themes       Project Execution: Builds - Carlstadt, Belleville, 340 McCoy, NOCV, MCC, CDC Restack; 7 Exits, 2,200 SDCM Migrations, 1 Workflow Toolset Prime, 1 DCO Monthly Report Controls: T+1 Tape Handling with <1% internal break rate, 1 Tape Tracking System (ETRS) with a continuation of C2B, R2C Phase II/III and the Failed Drive Program Focus on RSO Locations: migration to strategic DC’s over 2,200 servers, 300+ sites People Development via Skills Assessment and Rotational Assignments DC Sustainability and the Syracuse DC Working LAB Programs Focus on Project Mgmt and Key Metrics leading to staff reallocation and saves Financials Financials Data Center Technologies 11

2008 DCO Project Execution Data Center Builds Q1’08 Q2’08 Q3’08 Q4’08 Aug 15: Belleville Production Ready (65K sq.ft.) June 30: NOC5 Production Ready (2 Containers) Sep 2: Carlstadt Production Ready (120K sq.ft) Jul 15: 340 McCoy Production Ready (4 Containers) 3CMC Media Bunker: Tape Migration Complete TPrime Rollout Strategic Data Center Migrations 1201 N. Market (DE) Exit 4NYP 7th Flr. Exit IBM North Harbour (UK) Exit 1111 Fannin 9th Flr. Exit 73 Tremont Exit 10 Aldermanbury (UK) Exit London Wall (UK) Exit Data Center Technologies 12

2008 DCO Service Stability Plan DCO Service Stability Plan  Improve Customer Experience with the installation of PRIME - globally      Enhance Capacity Management Metrics     Enhance metrics to allow more detailed view of demand trending (historical, forecast, and actual PRIME’s) vs. power/space/rack unit capacity Working with CREGS – enhance allocated to actual metrics to demonstrate use of built data DCS reporting on server utilization & mapped to power allocation to ensure sweating of assets Reduce Control Issues and Improve Operations of RSO Locations     One Toolset, One Process Define & track exceptions on ‘hard demand’ submission within 90 days (partnering w/ ICP) Based on 2007 end to end review, the target for rack mounted install will move to 10 days Track delivery to commitments made for custom/free standing installations CSA for all DC and RSO sites under management with improvement programs Apply consistent processes across all sites and expand to LOB managed sites Drive the migration of work out of RSO sites and into strategic sites Implement the Core 2 Bunker and Remote 2 Core Program – Phase II/III    Reduce risks of lost data Speed the delivery of restoring data Continue Failed disk and shredding program Data Center Technologies 13

2008 Key Metrics – DCO ’08 Target Service Delivery  Accuracy of Install/Decom. Demand Volume to Forecast 95% Accuracy of Install/Decom. Demand - % Forecast submitted ’08 Target 95% Reduce Problem Tickets via analysis, preventative programs & elimination Project Execution  10%  Improve average number of days to install a server  Reduce Third Party Vendor obligations associated with Tape  Realize reduced expenses associated with Site Consolidations 100%  Exit 7 Data Centers in 2008 100% Execute on the forecasted 2,200 migrations to support DC strategy 100% 10 Days ’08 Target Financials / Controls Deliver 2008 Planned Data Center Builds: 200,000+ Raised Sq. ft.    People Development ’08 Target 15%  Complete skills assessment & target individual programs for staff 80% $12+MM  Job Rotations 10% Data Center Technologies 14

January 2008 DCT Townhall Enterprise Computing Services Doug Rennie Data Center Technologies 15

2008 Key Themes & Financial Goals – ECS Themes Themes  Service Delivery Improvement to the Business  Key Program Management Execution (Somerset Exit, North Harbour Exit, MF2010, Software Rationalization Program, iSeries Consolidation)  Efficiency Agenda (Resource Strategy, Demand Reduction with LoBs)  Product Governance and Financial Transparency Financials Financials Data Center Technologies 16

2008 ECS Project Execution Evergreen Software Rationalization Program Consolidations LOB Events Q1’08 ER207B ‘Go-Live’ Q2’08 Q3’08 Q4’08 ER108 ‘Go-Live’ Collegiate Funding ‘Go-Live’ PB Rehost Complete IWP: STAR ‘Go-Live’ Vision Drive Tape Media Clean up HP OpenVMS Site Consolidation: ‘Go-Live’ HP OpenVMS IDSS-G ‘Go-Live’ Somerset HP Decom. Complete Convert BMC AutoOperator to IBM SA/ZOS Somerset: ECS Equipment Install Complete Cast Manager Stratus: Decom. Complete HP OpenVMS Site Consolidations: Ph2 ‘Go-Live’ MOBIUS US Exit Convert BMC Mainview Monitors to Omegamon BMC Data Accelerator to IBM SMS CMCz Production Cutover CHF: z/OS 1.7 Upgrades Complete MR2-07 Implementations File App. Server: Implement Perf. Application on OVMS System Somerset Mainframe Migration ‘Go-Live’ Diversified JobScan Conversion to CAJCLCheck Somerset Site Exit Automon/RDO to ASG CATS Conversion Compuware Exit Network: Remediate HODS MR1-08 Implementations Network: Remediate 3745s, SNAsw Data Center Technologies 17

2008 ECS Service Improvement Plan ECS Service Improvement Plan  Service Delivery Improvement will be ECS’s #1 Objective  A formal program structure is being established & will be led by Barry Scheetz and Mary Kropczynski  Goal of program is to significantly improve service delivery to the businesses by reducing P1S1s, MTTR, & Customer Impacts  Implementation items will be cross-ECS to ensure consistency and effectiveness of execution  Program deliverables to be communicated in February Data Center Technologies 18

2008 Key Metrics – ECS Service Delivery ’07 Baseline ’08 Target 987K 691K  Reduce # of External Customer Impacts  Reduce P1S1 Volume by 20% 37 30  Reduce P1S2 Volume by 20% 14 11 Project Execution ’08 Target  Key Projects completed on time and on budget 90%  Project Governance - Projects w/ monthly governance meetings 100%  PM Feedback – Projects w/ survey responses 100% ’08 Target People Development Monthly & Full-year Budget Actuals to Plan Variance +/-3%   Recover all Products on a full year basis 100%  Risk Action Plans closed on or before original due date 90% Financials / Controls   ’08 Target Goals, Development Plans, and Direct & Actionable Mid-year / Year-end Reviews Completed 100% FTEs engaged in zUniversity program 4 Data Center Technologies 19

January 2008 DCT Townhall Regional Management: EMEA Andy Maxey Data Center Technologies 20

2008 Key Themes & Financial Goals - DCT EMEA Themes Themes         Improve the stability, resiliency and predictability of service delivery; inclu. 24X7 onsite support for all UK Data Centres Exit of North Harbour DC and build out of in-house Tape Bunker at Basingstoke Consolidation to new i570/DS8300 environment & deployment of z/Linux Roll out integrated TPrime toolset under ITAM SDCM: decommissioning & removal of 973 servers, install 420 servers & forklift 285 servers Software Rationalisation and Standardisation DC Optimization: instigate best-in-class power efficiency ratings across data centers Evergreen Deployments: z/OS, Adabas, MQ, CA-Spool, NDM, XCOM, CICS Web, NPP, etc. Financials Financials Data Center Technologies 21

2008 EMEA Project Execution Q1’08 Q2’08 Q3’08 Q4’08 DCO 24 x 7 Support SDCM Media Library Basingstoke Media Library Construction Complete North Harbour Application Exit Complete Media Movement Complete 10 Aldermanbury Application Exit Complete London Wall Application Exit Complete 24 x 7 Live 33% Staff Accredited 66% Staff Accredited Site Ready iSeries z/Linux North Harbour Exited Omegamon z/OS and CICS Live SRS & SM/SA NHBR ECS iSeries Infrastructure Ready TADDM Deployed North Harbour Exited Production Ready Status VPS, $AVRS, and ViewDirect Migrated Omegamon MQ, DB2 and Networks Live Refresh Complete Omegamon, MQ, and NDM Production Deployments Commence Data Center Technologies 22

2008 Key Metrics - DCT EMEA Service Delivery ’07 Baseline ’08 Target Project Execution ’08 Target  Reduction of Problem Tickets by 20% (no more than 12 P1Sx) 2,961 2,369  North Harbour Exit (application) 6/08  Improve ATTR (P1S1s) by 30% Mins. 278 195  Basingstoke Media Library 7/08  Improve Production Change Success 99.7% 99.85%  iSeries Consolidation/Migration 11/08 ’08 Target Financials / Controls  Deliver on Regional EMEA Productivity $5MM  Plan Reduction Target (BAU & Initiatives) >$5MM People Development ’08 Target  Objectives and Development Plans in PMC & agreed by end of February 100%  All Staff to have Two Appraisal Reviews 100% Data Center Technologies 23

January 2008 DCT Townhall Architecture / Infrastructure Technology Management Adam Richards / Otto Noack Data Center Technologies 24

2008 Key Themes – Architecture / ITM Themes --Architecture Themes Architecture        Leadership role for the GTI architecture forum (AF) Leverage the strategic technology themes to produce an integrated, multi-year GTI technology plan Facilitate cross-tower architectural planning; produce reference architecture designs Advise the GTI management team on project/investment prioritization Engage the firm-wide AB to ensure alignment with LoB requirements Engage the EB to turn architecture designs into engineered solutions Cultivate relationships with key technology suppliers; influence product development Themes --ITM Themes ITM       Continue to provide basic infrastructure technology governance Renovate the Engineering Board: membership, meeting format and content, focus Commitment to develop enterprise-wide solutions: focus areas determined on 2/27 Drive cost/energy efficiencies through the Optimization steering committee Host EB technology briefing series: timely, relevant topics by industry leaders Innovation leadership: IT industry research Data Center Technologies 25

January 2008 DCT Townhall Business Management / Risk & Resiliency David Johnson Data Center Technologies 26

2008 Business Management / Risk & Resiliency Themes & Metrics Themes Metrics ’08 Target    Business Management      Risk & Resiliency   Enhance DCT metrics to include predictive/projected modeling Implement a Balance Scorecard for DCT Optimise the Global Business Management Agenda to deliver efficient products and services Market, internally and externally, the successes of and the challenges overcome by the DCT organisation Maintain fundamental control and risk focus for operations (CSA, SOX) Improve accuracy of action plan timeline to close issues (Audit, CSA, SOX) Ensure all projects are built in compliance with all IT Risk policies and standards (Secure from the Start) Perform operation and control threats/vulnerability assessments and deep dive risk reviews Implement risk monitoring utilities (ESM) and remediate exceptions Monthly effort and cost efficiency coverage >90%  Monthly and End of year resource actuals versus forecast/plan <1%/2%  Delivery on new productivity $20MM  Execute on communication events across DCT, within group and region (completed) >90%  CSA/SOX tests, in all cycles, completed on-time 100%  Action plans completed on/before their original due date >95%  Pre-identification of issues raised by non-DCT reviews >95%  Open SOX SAD items by the end of 2008 0  Major projects assessed against SFTS by 4Q’08 Data Center Technologies 100% 27

2008 DCT VP & Associate Promotions Vice President DCO           ECS Matthew Aldridge Thomas Farruggia Bernard George Donald Hunker Robert Jones Jeff Lang Paul Mason Laila Sholy Michael Trakan Darryl Wylie         Patrick Androsik Joseph Franze Clifford Gerber Douglas Greenleaf Martin Hastings Sherill Holston Jr. Robert Husted Dave McFadden SDCM Anthony J Montera Jeffrey Osick Stephen Rees James Schleter Thomas Skeen Mohammed Khalil Ullah  Joseph Varanelli        Jill Alves  Sandi Robbins Associate DCO       Jereme Buuck Gary Chapman Kimberly Delaney Mark De Villiers Michael Murdoch John Oliver       ECS Shaikh Qadeer Tyler Rigby Cynthia Smith Terrence Vickers James White Robert Wilkerson        Babar Ahmad Simon Casey Sandra Hague Catherine Hall Nathaniel Hurley Octavia Ratliff Jason Warner Data Center Technologies 28

2008 Key Appointments Welcome Sunil Khatri -- new head of Data Center Technologies, Asia Pacific effective February 1, 2008. Data Center Technologies 29

2008 DCT People Agenda Calendar Data Center Technologies 30

January 2008 DCT Townhall Q&A Data Center Technologies 31

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