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Information about journalismjeopardy

Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Venere


Slide2:  $100 $400 $300 $200 $400 $200 $100 $100 $400 $200 $200 $500 $500 $300 $200 $500 $100 $300 $100 $300 $500 $300 $400 $400 $500 First Amendment Ethics Information Gathering Newspaper Content Style Rules 1st Amendment:  1st Amendment Ethics:  Ethics News Gathering:  News Gathering Newspaper Content:  Newspaper Content Style Rules:  Style Rules Slide8:  First Amendment Ethics Information Gathering Newspaper Content Style Rules $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $ Slide9:  1st Amendment - $100 Religion, speech, press, assembly, petition Slide10:  1st Amendment - $200 The U.S. Supreme Court case that stated that students did not give up their First Amendment rights at the school house door. Slide11:  1st Amendment - $300 Fighting words, obscenity, speech that will cause imminent danger, defamation of character Slide12:  1st Amendment - $400 This organization advises student journalists about their First Amendment rights. Slide13:  1st Amendment - $500 This U.S. Supreme Court decision states that a student newspaper that has not been designated a public forum can be censored for pedagogical reasons. Slide14:  Ethics - $100 A statement of principles detailing how certain situations will be handled by members of a profession Slide15:  Ethics - $200 Using all or portions of someone else’s work without attribution and claiming it as your own Slide16:  Ethics - $300 Reporter who made up all or portions of over 40 articles he wrote for The New Republic Slide17:  Ethics - $400 Published defamation of character Slide18:  Ethics - $500 The organization which publishes the most widely used journalist code of ethics. Slide19:  Information Gathering - $100 A regular route or set of phone calls made to people in charge of or knowledgeable about certain news topics. Slide20:  Information Gathering - $200 Asking questions to obtain information for a story. Slide21:  Information Gathering - $300 Before an interview, this is conducted by reading previously published stories or looking up information on the Internet. Slide22:  Information Gathering - $400 Asking questions of a panel of experts to get their opinion about a particular subject for an article. Slide23:  Information Gathering - $500 This ABC employee is known for her interviewing skills. Slide24:  Newspaper Content - $100 The page of the paper that contains the newspaper’s stance on an issue. Slide25:  Newspaper Content - $200 These items give information on products and services offered to the public. Slide26:  Newspaper Content - $300 An illustration which expresses the opinion of the artist Slide27:  Newspaper Content - $400 Found on the front page of the paper, this item bears the name of the newspaper and other pertinent information. Slide28:  Newspaper Content - $500 Information that is important for people to know whether or not they find it “interesting” Slide29:  Style Rules - $100 This is considered the journalists bible by many. Slide30:  Style Rules - $200 Mr., Miss, Mrs., Ms. Slide31:  Style Rules - $300 Use them for addresses, scores, ages, money. Slide32:  Style Rules - $400 Never put this before the word “and” in a series. Slide33:  Style Rules - $500 Capitalize these if they come before the person’s name, but not if they come after. Slide34:  1st Amendment - $100 What freedoms are granted in the First Amendment? $ Slide35:  First Amendment - $200 What is Tinker v. Des Moines? $ Slide36:  1st Amendment - $300 What are some types of speech not protected by the First Amendment? $ Slide37:  1st Amendment - $400 What is the Student Press Law Center (SPLC)? $ Slide38:  1st Amendment - $500 What is Hazelwood v Kuhlmeier? $ Slide39:  Ethics - $100 What is a code of ethics? $ Slide40:  Ethics - $200 What is plagiarism? $ Slide41:  Ethics - $300 Who is Stephen Glass? $ Slide42:  Ethics - $400 What is libel? $ Slide43:  Ethics - $500 What is the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)? $ Slide44:  Information gathering - $100 What is a beat? $ Slide45:  Information Gathering - $200 What is an interview? $ Slide46:  Information Gathering - $300 What is background research? $ Slide47:  Information Gathering - $400 What is a symposium interview? $ Slide48:  Information Gathering - $500 Who is Barbara Walters? $ Slide49:  Newspaper Content - $100 What is the editorial page? $ Slide50:  Newspaper Content - $200 What are advertisements? $ Slide51:  Newspaper Content - $300 What is an editorial cartoon? $ Slide52:  Newspaper Content - $400 What is a nameplate (or flag)? $ Slide53:  Newspaper Content - $500 What is “hard” news? $ Slide54:  Style Rules - $100 What is the Associated Press Style Book and Libel Manual? $ Slide55:  Style Rules - $200 What are courtesy titles? $ Slide56:  Style Rules - $300 What are numerals? $ Slide57:  Style Rules - $400 What is a comma? $ Slide58:  Style Rules - $500 What are official titles? $ Slide60:  FINAL CATEGORY $ Slide61:  FINAL CATEGORY INSERT FINAL QUESTION (ANSWER) HERE $ Slide62:  WHAT OR WHO IS THE FINAL ANSWER? FINAL CATEGORY $ END OF GAME:  END OF GAME Daily Doubles and usage notes follow... Slide64:  $ Slide65:  $ Slide66:  $ Slide67:  $ Slide68:  Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Contestant 3 $ $ $ JEOPARDY! Slide Show Setup:  JEOPARDY! Slide Show Setup The font for the question & answer slides is “Enchanted;” a copy of this font in located in the “REAL Jeopardy Template” folder or included in the “” file. (This font will need to be installed in the C:/WINDOWS/FONTS folder of the computer running the show.) In order to keep all of the sounds and fonts together, copy the entire “REAL Jeopardy Template” folder or “” file. To change the categories: 1. Go to the “Edit”menu and choose “Replace…” 2. In the Find box, type CATEGORY X (X being 1 through 5) (all caps). 3. In the Replace box, type the category in all caps (for example, PRESIDENTS). 4. Click Replace All… To change the dollar values (for example to create Double Jeopardy): 1. Go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Replace…” 2. In the Find box, type $X (the dollar value you want to change). 3. In the Replace box, type the new dollar value (with $). 4. Click Replace All... JEOPARDY! Slide Show Setup continued:  JEOPARDY! Slide Show Setup continued To set up the Daily Double: 1. Choose which dollar value(s) to set as Daily Double (normally, Jeopardy has one Daily Double, and Double Jeopardy has two). 2. Go to the Game Board slide (Slide 8), right click once on the dollar value for the appropriate question, choose Hyperlink, and choose Edit Hyperlink. 3. In the Edit Hyperlink window, go to “Named location in file” and click “Browse…” 4. In the Hyperlink to Slide window, scroll down to the appropriate slide; Slides 64 and 65 are regular Daily Doubles, Slide 66 is an Audio Daily Double, Slide 67 is a Video Daily Double. Click “OK.” 5. Go to the Daily Double slide just linked to, and right click once on the answer arrow at the bottom right, choose Hyperlink, and choose Edit Hyperlink. 6. In the Action Settings window, make sure the Hyperlink button (to the left of “Hyperlink”) is selected, and in the select box underneath choose “Slide…” 7. In the Hyperlink to Slide window, scroll down to the appropriate question slide (the original slide number of the question). NOTE: Using the Audio and Video Daily Doubles requires adding audio or video/picture clips to the question slides. If you are not familiar with doing this in PowerPoint, do not use those Daily Doubles. Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show:  Running the JEOPARDY! Slide Show On the game board with the categories on top (Slide 8), click on the desired dollar value. (The first game board is used only to blink in the dollar values like the show.) The question slide will pop up; the slides are timed with an eight-second timer. At the end of the timer, an alarm will chime. ICONS: ? Go to the answer screen. House Go back to the game board. Right Arrow (on Daily Doubles) Go to the question screen. Right Arrow w/ Bar (on Game Board) Go to the Final Jeopardy category. Turned-up Arrow Reload question screen after incorrect guess. $ Go to the Scoreboard slide. Left Arrow (on Scoreboard) Go to the previous slide. Slide72:  “Jeopardy!” Powerpoint Template Designed and Created by Jeffrey White Journalism Jeopardy Designed and Created by Dianne Smith Copyright © 2006 Version 1.0 The graphics and sounds used in this template are recorded from the “Jeopardy!” television show, were obtained from the “Jeopardy!” website, and are the property of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Visit for updated versions!

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