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Published on March 15, 2008

Author: mark.briggs



These are slides from a presentation by Mark Briggs at an regional conference for the Society of Professional Journalists in Pittsburgh (March 15, 2008).

Journalism 2.0 Mark Briggs | The News Tribune Eye on the Future 1

Future Set ✦ It’s a mobile, global world ✦ Think globally; report, produce and edit locally ✦ Glimpse emerging interactive/digital trends ✦ Journalism | community | news | information Eye on the Future 2

Why is Digital Exploding? ✦ Global interconnectedness ✦ Global communication, conversation ✦ Participatory and user generated media ✦ Creating an ongoing conversation around a brand, an idea, a shared experience -- social capital ✦ Mobile reach and experience Enhancing product-based interaction — tablets, kiosk Journalism 2.0 ✦ 3

Global Interconnectedness ✦ Information/Data Everywhere ✦ Automation of Data Feeds ✦ Multiple Display Points ✦ Multiple Audience/Brand Interaction Points Journalism 2.0 4

Global QuickTimeᆰ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture. Communication Communication ✦ Global Companies QuickTimeᆰ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture. ✦ Global Audiences ✦ Speed of Diffusion ✦ Local Understanding Journalism 2.0 5

Participatory Media 1 10 ✦ Media is Everywhere ✦ 1-10-100 Rule* 100 ✦ 1 Creator ✦ 10 Synthesizers ✦ 100 Consumers ✦ Fluid changes in media participation from Creator to Synthesizer to Consumer * via Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo Journalism 2.0 6

Core resources If the Internet teaches us anything, it is that great value comes from leaving core resources in a commons, where they're free for people to build upon as they see fit. - Lawrence Lessig Journalism 2.0 7

Social Capital ✦ “The advantage created by a person’s location in a structure of relationships” ✦ Becoming the “trusted center” and/or becoming allied to the “trusted center” through digital communication ✦ Leveraging networks to build the brand ✦ Trust guides - the importance of transparency Eye on the Future 8

Beyond Storytelling Explain Experience Inform Engage Episodic Encyclopedic Text Sound / image Read it Play it Column Creative design Journalism 2.0 9

Did you know ... 10

RSS Really Simple Syndication Merchants of information Data obese vs. information starved Journalism 2.0 11

Journalism 2.0 12

Any questions? 13

Multimedia Video Audio Photography Graphics Text Journalism 2.0 14

Multimedia Does it have an audience? Who is it? Do we have the resources? Specifically who and how will it get done? Will it provide a service to the reader and/or have a long shelf life? Journalism 2.0 15

Text journalism Breaking news | News updates Blogging | Reverse publishing Liveblogging Journalism 2.0 16

Breaking news Simple declarative sentences - with style Stop and send Tell readers what you don’t know Tell readers there will be more Journalism 2.0 17

Blogging Reverse publish blog posts in print (with comments) Include photos, screenshots or other art Get creative and have fun Journalism 2.0 18

Liveblogging Use at events readers already know about but can’t get to Create and update a single post Include photos Run comments in next day’s print coverage Journalism 2.0 19

Headlines Search engine optimization (SEO) Two audiences: readers and robots Web headlines have no friends What keywords would you use? Be conversational, engaging Journalism 2.0 20 21

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