Joshua and the Shimbly and the Deep Question

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Information about Joshua and the Shimbly and the Deep Question

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: AJHunter1



Joshua and the Shimbly travel many leagues to help clear up some confusion.

Joshua and the Shimbly and the Deep Question by AJ Hunter

One day, Joshua and the Shimbly decided to enjoy a relaxing drift along the ocean currents. "Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A pirate's life for me..."

Suddenly, something bumped them from beneath their raft. Joshua and the Shimbly were both knocked into the ocean! "My wife pwesewvew!"

Once under water Joshua saw what had knocked them off the raft. It was a Bubble Fish, the biggest Bubble Fish Joshua had ever seen! "Sorry for the bump" it bubbled. "But I need you for something important..."

The Shimbly propelled itself towards Joshua and the Bubble Fish. "I'm here! I had to replace my petal again..." "Aaargh!" A soon as the Shimbly arrived it watched the Bubble Fish swallow Joshua whole!

What the Shimbly didn't know was that the Bubble Fish was actually helping Joshua! By creating a bubble around him, Joshua could remain under water for a long time. "That was traumatizing!"

The Bubble Fish led them down to the ocean floor where some objects from dry land had fallen. Nobody from the ocean knew what they were.

Once at the ocean floor, Joshua and the Shimbly met a pair of Seedweas. "Check out what we got!" waved the first Seedwea.

"I think it's a giant crocheting kit" swayed Seedwea One. "No...they are ancient gladiator weapons!" wafted Seedwea Two.

Joshua couldn't believe how fast the Seedweas got upset with each other. Soon they weren't even fighting about the items. "...oh yeah? Well you snore!" "You've got bad breath!"

The Bubble Fish showed Joshua the manual that came with the items. Nobody from the ocean could read it. "Oh! Nice shot!"

It was a volleyball net! Once the Seedweas calmed down Joshua taught them how to set it up. The Bubble Fish was even able to make a volleybubble! "Maybe the Seedweas won't fight as much now they have a game to play" blurped the Bubble Fish.

The end. "Think fast!" "Oof!"

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