Joseph Samra Believes in Kindness

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Information about Joseph Samra Believes in Kindness

Published on November 10, 2018

Author: josephsamra


PowerPoint 演示文稿: Joseph Samra: A Life-Long Learner PowerPoint 演示文稿: Believes in Kindness Joseph Samra believes that kindness is the way to help people with their problems. His personal philosophy is “Do the best you can, while you can, with what you’ve got.” This philosophy has led him to use kindness while practicing law with his clients, as well as in his personal life. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Family Values Joseph Samra knows the importance of family. He grew up in a large family and lost his father at a young age. He hopes to do more with them over the next 10 years, traveling, hiking, boating and more together . PowerPoint 演示文稿: Love of Travel Joseph has a passion for travel. He loves visiting different areas of the world and experiencing the cultures. He has already visited places around the globe like China, Greece, Italy, France, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. PowerPoint 演示文稿: Contact Us For more information visit here:

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