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Published on January 26, 2014

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Welcome to the Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium 2014

Oil Shale is growing as a global phenomenon around the world, as more companies and governments increase their investment in oil shale exploration. JIOSS 2014 will provide in-depth insights into the oil shale reserves and the latest developments in exploration and commercial timeframes in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Jordan's vast oil shale reserves have prompted large interest amongst the industry, considered as holding the world's fourth largest reserves after the United States, China and Russia, with an estimated 100 billion barrels of shale oil. The JIOSS is the only Symposium to gather key investors, senior government representatives, policy makers, IOCs, leading engineers and researchers to discuss the various stages of oil shale production in Jordan and the industry's top challenges, projects timeframe's and commercialization plans in the following years.

Simultaneous translation provided in Arabic 14 – 15 April | Mövenpick | Dead Sea | Jordan #JIOSS2014 Securing key partnerships amongst industry stakeholders in working towards beneficial oil shale development in the region Jordan currently sits on 45 billion barrels of shale oil and it is estimated to be the world’s 4th largest oil shale reserve Commercial production of Shale Oil is scheduled for 2016/2017 Currently three Concession Agreements and six MOUs have been signed in Jordan, and two PPAs are also under negotiation Why you have to be there Key Speakers FROM  Hear the latest industry updates, from the most up-to-date MOUs just signed, technology developments, commercialization timeframes and oil shale market patterns NRA Ministry of Energy Jordan Enefit Jordan JOSCO World Energy Council Aqaba Petroleum Oil Shale Co Karak International Oil “KIO”, Fushon Mining Group Colorado School of Mines Ockham Energy Services SEPCO III …and many more  Meet the key decision makers across the value chain, from policy makers, industry players, financers, R&D to academics, researchers, geologists and engineers  involved in various project stages by building strategic relationships Get with the key oil shale industry players  Improve your competitor analysis and benchmarking, find out at what stage the latest oil shale projects are and increase your market visibility Gold Sponsor Gala Dinner Sponsor Support Sponsor Organised By Oil Shale Companies in Jordan Media Partners World ils

#JIOSS2014 Welcome to the Oil Shale is growing as a global phenomenon around the world, as more companies and governments increase their investment in oil shale exploration. JIOSS 2014 will provide in-depth insights into the oil shale reserves and the latest developments in exploration and commercial timeframes in the Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan’s vast oil shale reserves have prompted large interest amongst the industry, considered as holding the world’s fourth largest reserves after the United States, China and Russia, with an estimated 45 billion barrels of shale oil. The JIOSS is the only Symposium to gather key investors, senior government representatives, policy makers, IOCs, leading engineers and researchers to discuss the various stages of oil shale production in Jordan and the industry’s top challenges, projects timeframe’s and commercialization plans in the following years. The inaugural JIOSS 2012 brought together over 200 senior level representatives from across the oil shale industry, some of the leading names offered their opinions about the potential of oil shale in Jordan. Informative discussions included advanced drilling technologies for oil shale explorations and exploitation, facilitating competitive oil shale utilisation around the world, oil shale economics, investment and financing challenges, schedules for commercialisation and exploring the viability and future of oil shale. Who you will meet Energy Companies, Oil Shale, Energy, Exploration, Technology, Projects & Ventures, Commercialization, Business Development, Trading, Operations Financial Community & Private Investors 33% Oil Shale Working Groups & Committees 12% Engineers 11% Scientists 9% Academics & Researchers 10% 25% Who are the decision makers attending? Natural Resources Authority (NRA) Karak International for Oil (KIO) Saudi Arabian Oil Shale Corporation (SACOS) Jordan Oil Shale Company (JOSCO) Meet the advisory Board Jordan Oil Shale Energy (JOSE) National Oil and Electricity Production from Oil Shale Company (JOSECO) Global Oil Shale Holdings (GOSH) Whitehorn Resources Previous companies who have attended JIOSS 2012 gathered over 200 senior level delegates from across the oil shale value chain, some of the leading industry companies included: Shell Intek Inc. Enefit Hart Group Exxonmobil Upstream Research World Energy Council Total Kawar Group TTU Russaia Petrochina Global Oil Shale Sepcoiii Ministry Of Public Works & Housing Jordan Investment Board Tallinn University Of Technology Geophysical Services Center Sultani International Oil Petrobras …And Many More Josco +971 4 335 2437 +971 4 335 2438

Day One Monday 14th April 2014 08.30 Registration and morning refreshments 09.30 09:40 National anthem and reading from the Quran H. E. The Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources 09:50 Official opening of the JIOSS 2014 • Overview of current activities and updates from NRA, including all the MOUs and predicted timeframes • Government support, future strategies and the latest research • Participation in sustainable projects in Jordan and the training of locals Dr Mousa Alzyoud, Director General, Natural Resources Authority, Jordan Opening remarks from the World Energy Council H. E. Dr. Hisham Khatib, Deputy Chairman, World Energy Council International oil shale developments • Overview based on EIA projections for oil shale industry • Latest technological updates and commercialization of oil shale • Challenges, drivers and solutions for oil shale projects internationally and locally • shale’s place in the future, overview of its predicted market Oil and consumption Jeremy Boak, Director, Centre for Oil Shale Technology and Research, Colorado School of Mines, USA Opening Keynote 10:20 Panel Discussion Morning networking break & refreshments 11:50 IFC's overview on financing large oil shale projects • Overview of a commercial bank's financial support to energy mega projects worldwide • How financial institutions can work together with oil companies and governments • Assessing different financing models for oil shale projects 12:20 Panel 12:50 14:00 TRACK A Resource Assessment The Commercialization of oil shale projects There are currently 3 concession agreements, one under ratification by the cabinet and 6 MOUs that have been signed in Jordan and two PPA’s under negotiations. The panel discussion will cover the commercial aspects of the these projects and future steps in positioning Jordan as a supporter of the oil shale industry • Strategies to accelerate the commercialization of current projects, how companies, banks and governments can work together in ensuring projects are delivered • Overcoming financing and technological challenges • Assessing economic and sustainable solutions to oil shale mining and processing. Thomas A. Sladek, Director, Ockham Energy Services, USA 11:20 Keynote Presentation 10:10 10:40 Keynote presentation: Environmental impacts of the oil shale industry • Environmental challenges facing the oil shale industry • Lowering water usage and greenhouse emissions Panel: Exploring the viability and future role of oil shale Thomas Meijssen, General Manager, Jordan Oil Shale Company B.V. (JOSCO), Country Chair Shell, Jordan Andres Anijalg, Project Director, Enefit, Jordan Munther Akroush, Managing Director, Karak International for Oil (KIO), Jordan Lunch & networking TRACK B Oil Shale Resources and Opportunities 14:50 UWB EMI sounding for oil shale prospecting TTU are leading experts in the field of oil shale processing and the owner of the world leading oil shale processing technology based on the Galoter method (Solid Heat Carrier SHC) applied into UTT3000 installations. TTU are currently implementing complex "turn key" projects in mining and processing of oil shale worldwide. Comparing electricity and oil production in Jordan Al Balqa’a Applied University is one of the leading Universities in Jordan for endorsing scientific research for local communities’ and socio-economic development. Dr Jamal Othman joins us from the University in discussing oil and electricity production in Jordan. Jamal Othman, Associate Professor, Department of Engineering, Al Balqa'a Applied University, Jordan 15:10 JOSCO Greg Romanetz, Mechanical Engineer, UMATAC, Canada 15:30 Afternoon networking break (Poster Presentations) 16:00 Oil shale industry development in the light of changing environmental legislation One of the major topics today is the growing need for primary energy sources and the competitiveness of different fuels in light of changing environmental regulations. Tõnis Meriste, Environmental Development Manager, Enefit, Estonia 16:20 Developing Jordan's first oil shale fired power plant: The challenges of creating an environmental impact assessment Enefit is developing an oil shale fired power project in Jordan and paving the way for regulating the whole future of the oil shale industry. This presentation will give an overview of the process of creating the first Environmental Impact Assessment for an oil shale project in Jordan and the remediation plan, as well as sharing key challenges with other oil shale developers. Tobias Henrik Andersen, Environmental Expert, Enefit, Estonia 16:40 End of symposium 18:00 Trip to Mount Nebo 19:00 Hart Jdoudna (Madaba) dinner Environment +971 4 335 2437 Strategies and Policies +971 4 335 2438 Jordan's energy sector in 2014? Jordanian oil shale development This seminar will provide the audience with a clear picture of the way concessions have been awarded to date and are likely to be awarded in the future, whilst also addressing key concerns for investors. Discussions will include the desire to achieve best practices in removing the obstacles for investment and facilitating bankable structures. Additionally, there will also be a focus on flexible dynamic tax and royalty regimes, key contract terms, benefits to Jordan and the future for oil shale development in Jordan. Martin Amison, Director & Partner, Trowers & Hamlins LLP, UK We have limited sponsorship opportunities available. Contact Arshed Hussain on or call +9714 407 2715 / +97150 559 3922 to discuss your unique opportunity

Day Two Tuesday 15th April 2014 Registration and coffee 09.00 Opening comments from the chairman 09:10 Cooperation and support of the government authorities • Updates from Government Authorities in Jordan and incentives for encouraging investment • Improving industry communications with key stakeholders to promote oil shale as a diverse energy supply • Raising further financing for project development Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, National Electric Power Company , NRA 09:50 Financing oil shale projects • Considering different models of financing Oil Shale projects • Incentives for long term foreign investments • Opening a dialogue between governments Oil Shale Companies Morning networking break & refreshments 11:00 Technologies in operation, the latest developments and global projects • Discussing the latest technology developments in the last two years • Assessing the most up-to-date drilling procedures • Examining the main surface and in situ technologies, how they function, similarities, differences • Assessing commercialization of technology on an international scale, oil shale projects in China and Australia and other hot spot areas Enefit, ATP, ICP, PetroTer (VKG), UTT 3000, EcoShale In-capsule Panel Discussion 10:30 TRACK A Processing Keynote presentation from upgrading company • Latest technology employed by upgrading companies 12:00 Investment challenges ahead of the government Jordan has long remained a steady country amidst the political and social instability that surrounds it, and it has continued to foster a welcoming investment environment. • Creating effective communication strategies between government and private companies in order to ensure project delivery • Support frameworks and financing alternatives • Outlining updated or new licenses, regulatory developments and changes to environmental licences Presentation 11:40 12:20 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Panel Discussion 08.15 Innovation in difficult times, the financing of oil shale projects • Identifying locations where oil shale development can make valuable contributions to the security and prosperity of a host nation • Assessing financial challenges of controversial and long-term oil-shale investments • Examining various obstacles for the development of projects; the need to compete with conventional energy resources and risks associated with regulation Thomas A. Sladek, Director, Ockham Energy Services, USA 12:40 Keynote presentation • UTT3000 The latest modification overview Ruslan Salikhov, Deputy Chief Engineer Designer, OJSC ATOMENERGOPROEKT, Russia 13:00 Lunch & networking TRACK B Commercialisation 14:00 Jordan field experiment – JOSCO Jordan Oil Shale Company B.V. (JOSCO), a 100% Royal Dutch Shell company has been granted a 22,270 km2 concession in Jordan, in order to assess the potential of Upper Cretaceous/Paleogene Oil Shale strata for production via Shell’s proprietary In-situ Conversion process (ICP). Shell’s objective is to delineate one or more ‘sweet spots’ as well as to evaluate each ‘sweet spot’ for containment risk, geomechanical risk and quantify the energy required to convert and produce oil from the kerogen-bearing shale in a commercial project. Shareen Yawanarajah, Jordan Front End Development Manager, JOSCO, Jordan Commercialization of an oil shale deposit Surface processing of oil shale developments include mining, thermal processing, upgrading and waste management. The complexity of such projects can be overwhelming for most investors. A new approach is required to ensure that progress is made and returns available as soon as possible with the lowest risk profile. This sessions sets out an approach to establishing an oil shale industry simply and relatively quickly. The key benefits for the audience include 1. Give a guideline for a development strategy in a new deposit 2. Make them aware of some of the pitfalls 3. Provide an estimate of cost and duration of such an exercise. Jim Schmidt, Director, PROCOM Consultants Pty Ltd, Australia 14:20 Developing Jordan's first oil shale fired power plant: Project status overview Enefit is developing in partnership with YTL International Berhad and Near East Investments Ltd. The project is a 540 MW green field oil shale fired power project in Attarat Um Ghudran. Which will be the first of its kind in Jordan and relieve the Kingdom´s energy dependence. The presentation will give an overview of the current status of the oil shale fired power project and summarize the key findings and outcomes (technical, economical) of the various activities that are currently being performed Mohamed Yacine Layachi, Power Project Manager, Enefit, Estonia Selective oil shale mining The most common method for rock breaking is drilling and blasting. However various alternative mechanical excavation methods are available, especially when mining sedimentary rock, like oil shale. Surface miners should be considered as a good alternative for traditional drilling and blasting technology for oil shale mining in many geological conditions. It could be cost-effective or even an absolute alternative to drilling and blasting. Martin Kaljuste, Mining Engineer, Steiger Engineering LLC, Estonia 14:40 Daniel Melo, Professional Engineer, Industrial Processes, ThyssenKrupp Resource Technologies (UMATAC), Canada Recovery of shale oil condensate using flow through apparatus This session will review how four oil shales from different locations and origins were reacted in a flow through system at 4250C with N2 or H2 as sweep gases at 1 atmosphere pressure for 1 h or 5 h and the condensate collected. Mohammad Amer, School of Chemistry, Monash University, Australia +971 4 335 2437 +971 4 335 2438

Day Two Tuesday 15th April 2014 Poster sessions 15:40 Afternoon Break 16:00 Oil shale commercial drivers and future outlook: • Assessing the commercial aspects of using oil shale and future demand • Changing patters; oil shale as an alternative energy supply and what this means for the industry in the next five years? • Considering the best way forward; solutions in overcoming costs, environmental factors and technology • Geographical and Geopolitical factors; considering the drivers and challenges for different areas globally; focusing on the geopolitical differences Jamal M Alali, General Manager, Aqaba Petroleum for Oil Shale Co, Jordan Thomas A. Sladek, Director, Ockham Energy Services, USA Jeremy Boak, Director, Centre for Oil Shale Technology and Research, Colorado School of Mines, USA Jie Li, Assistant President & Executive for Overseas Business Development, SEPCO III, China Closing Panel 15:00 16:30 tour Day Closing remarks BOOK BEFORE 29 January 2014 & SAVE $150 WEDNESDAY 16th April 2014 Petra Amman and Jerash Join us for a private, post conference tour to Petra, the 8th wonder of Alternatively you may decide to join us for a private, post conference tour to Amman. Considered as one of the oldest and continuously inhabited cities in the world, it is the country’s cultural and commercial center. The tour will include some of Amman’s main attraction areas from Jabal Amman, Amman Citadel, the Roman forum and Roman theatre, as well as the cities ancient mosques. the world. Petra is considered the most famous and gorgeous site in Jordan. It is the legacy of the Nabataeans, an industrious Arab people who settled in southern Jordan more than 2000 years ago. Admired then for its refined culture, massive architecture and ingenious complex of dams and water channels, Petra is now a UNESCO world heritage site and that enchants visitors from all corners of the globe. Trip Tour Cost: $80 Trip Tour Cost: $175 Register for the Petra or the Amman excursion when booking your place at the conference. The tour bus will be leaving the venue at 08:30 am on 16th April 2014 pick up from the lobby of Dead Sea Mövenpick and drive you directly to your desired location. Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities with JIOSS 2014 Why should your company sponsor the 2nd Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium? The Jordan International Oil Shale Symposium 2014 will attract a large and influential audience. This gives you unprecedented networking opportunities to meet local & regional ministry representatives, key decision-makers, stake holders, opinion formers and industry peers. 9 things you will achieve by sponsoring or exhibiting at JIOSS 2014 Access Government And Industry Representatives Be A Partner To Oil Shale And Energy Development In Jordan Build New Business Contacts Our sponsorship and exhibition packages are flexible to meet your exact specifications and business objectives. We will be delighted to discuss strategies to maximize your business presence. Position your company, products and services in the presence of existing and potential partners with in your industry. Call us to strengthen your partnerships through this important event. Promote Your Company Amongst The Industry Network With Your Peers Strengthen Your Existing Relationships Raise Your Company Profile Through Dedicated Pr Activities Take To The Podium And Share Your Views On The Market Challenges Enjoy The Networking Breaks And Social Functions-Strengthen Ties +971 4 335 2437 +971 4 335 2438 To Discuss more contact Arshed Hussain on or call +971 4 407 2715 / +971 50 559 3922

14 – 15 April | Mövenpick | Dead Sea | Jordan #JIOSS2014 Five Easy Ways To Register +971 4 335 2437 +971 4 335 2438 IIR Holdings Ltd. P.O Box 9428, Dubai, UAE AY2021 Please þ the session/s you wish to attend: Book before 29 January 2014 Book before 24 February 2014 Book after 14 March 2014 On-Site GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE CALL: +971 4 335 2483 E-MAIL: Jordanian Companies $445 Save $150  International Companies $495 Save $100 $545 Save $50 $595 $745 Save $150 $795 Save $100 $845 Save $50 $895 $149  $149 $149 $149 Local Academic & Students  For sponsorship opportunities Contact: Arshed Hussain T: +971 (0) 4 407 2715 E: Conference fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive an Electronic Certificate of Attendance. All registrations are subject to our terms and conditions which are available at Please read them as they include important information. By submitting your registration you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in full. DELEGATE DETAILS First Name: Surname: Job Title: Company: Address: Postal Code: Country: Tel: City: Mobile: Fax: Email: PAYMENTS A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Please note that full payment must be received prior to the event. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid in full will be admitted to the event. AVOID VISA DELAYS – BOOK NOW EVENT VENUE: Please contact consulate of Jordan in you country of residence. Mövenpick | Dead Sea | Jordan Tel: +962 5 356 1111 CANCELLATION ACCOMMODATION DETAILS If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be welcome in your place. Registrations cancelled more than 7 days before the Event are subject to a $200 administration charge. Registration fees for registrations cancelled 7 days or less before the Event must be paid in full. Substitutions are welcome at any time. We highly recommend you secure your room reservation at the earliest to avoid last minute inconvenience. You can contact the IIR Hospitality Desk for assistance on: Tel: +971 4 407 2693 Fax: +971 4 407 2517 Email: PR/DD OE Energy © Copyright I.I.R. HOLDINGS B.V. OJ All registrations are subject to acceptance by IIR which will be confirmed to you in writing. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the programme may change and IIR reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers or topics.

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